Nutrition and Productivity

Healthy Food, Healthy Mind

Sure eating healthy is important for your body, Because What You Eat Affects Your Productivity, but did you know it is as important for your mind? 

A healthy diet will not only help you to keep in check your body parameters, but it will also help to improve your concentration, productivity, alertness and problem-solving skills. 

Poor Diet

You are what you eat! A poor diet will lead to poor nutrition, which is often in the form of empty calories. Such a diet will not give you the energy you need to survive the day, and ultimately result in lower levels of productivity

Physical Health and Productivity

With work schedules so filled up, people often have any time left for any kind of physical activity. This leads to obesity in most of the people. According to researches, people with obesity generally face insomnia or sleep apnea, which later affects their daytime productivity. 

Cognition and Nutrition

Poor nutrition doesn’t only affect the energy levels of your brain. But many times you must have noticed that eating large amounts of processed foods causes irritability. This can increase the risk of anxiety and depression, making it difficult to concentrate at work. 

Effects in the Workplace

Though most people take productivity on a personal level, studies have shown that it affects globally. A poor worker health is probably the leading cause of low productivity worldwide. Developing nations face the problem of malnutrition, while developed nations face with health problems such as obesity and other related problems. 

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