Hack your Brain to Boost-Up Productivity

Hack your Brain

Tricks to Hack your Brain

It is always better to focus on smaller goals to achieve bigger ones rather than waiting for bigger goals. Satisfaction is a form of success. It’s not necessary how much you work it’s all about how fine your work is. Productivity is not only in terms of quantity, but qualitative work is also more appreciated and that can be the way for your growth. Every organization or personnel always be in search of ways to boost up productivity. Have you ever heard of hacking your brain to boost up productivity? Here are some tricks to hack your brain to increase productivity.

The brain, the central processing unit of the body is one that controls your focus on work. If one gets the power to control or hack the brain then harder goals will turn into a simpler one. Productivity at workspace matters a lot in organizations and employees’ growth.

Following tricks, to Hack your Brain is going to help you.

1. Meditation

Imagine you woke up early in the morning to experience a fresh breeze and suddenly some thought about pending work hits your brain. A single thought spoiled your morning as well as a day. Firstly not getting enough sleep is the main reason for a distraction from work. To avoid such negative thoughts and create positive vibes, one should always meditate in the morning. Meditation is a way to look into ourselves.

Meditation is the best medicine to reduce all of your stress. Enhancing self-awareness is another important profit of meditation. Once you reset your mind by zeroing all of your stress then only you can plan for a day and work accordingly. The brain handles all of your emotions. Meditation helps to promote emotional health. Meditation is the very first step to hack your brain to increase your productivity.

2. Ultradian Rhythms

While working on the same thing for long makes it boring. In that case, you feel lazy and you may face a lack of creativity. Ultradian rhythms help to maintain a daily working cycle. Ultradian rhythms occur in 24 hours. If you work 90 minutes continuously and then rest for 20 minutes can help to boost up productivity. Planning your day according to Ultradian Rhythms will boost up productivity to Hack your Brain.  

3. Make your phone smarter than before to Hack your Brain.

One always loses focus on his work whenever a phone shows up notification. Whenever you get a notification an amine called Dopamine gets secreted in your brain. Dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter which means it is chemically released by neurons to send signals to other nerve cells. Whenever you get a notification on your phone dopamine distracts you from work and forced to check the phone. It is seen that 50 % of the notifications you get on your phone are useless.

To avoid useless notifications you can set priorities on your phone and permit your apps to access the notification area in settings accordingly. Getting notifications of useful E-mails and important messages can be set as priorities. Making your phone smarter can help you to boost up creativity.

4. Think Good!

In the middle of working if you get a single bad thought that can ruin your focus, you established after a long struggle. Getting bad memories while working can add a break to your work cycle. The assignment you are working on is the first thing that you should think about while working. Ignoring such bad memories can help you to be focused resulting in increased productivity. Good Thinking is the step for Hack your Brain.

5. Plan accordingly

If a particular work is meant to be completed in a day, it will take a whole day. But if you try to do the same work in the morning time, it can be done within a few hours. If the submission of crucial work is scheduled in the evening and so that you kept that work in the second half to get completed that work can remain unfinished to Hack your Brain. Procrastination at your work can become a big barrier to productivity.  

6. Prioritize work that you enjoy

Work the word itself may sound boring to many of us. If you finish the work that you enjoy most and then move towards work that you don’t enjoy that much can help to reduce your workload. Once you reduce your workload, surprisingly you will enjoy any kind of work whether it may be simple or crucial. Prioritizing work helps to boost up productivity to Hack your Brain.

The human body is not a computer that runs on commands. If it is so then everyone will be more productive. Many hacks you will get, but hacks only work with the help of willpower. Dedication is key to controlling your mind with the help of these hacks. Once you get your psychology back, you will surprisingly experience a boost in productivity.

Happy Working!

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