7 Hacks to Improve your Productivity in the Afternoon

7 Hacks to Improve your Productivity

Hacks of making your afternoon less sleepy and Improve your Productivity

The afternoon is the most horrible time in the office. One always struggles to keep eyelids open and focus on a monitor screen. What makes the afternoon less productive? According to scientific studies, in a workday afternoon are most procrastinate. Let’s get into more details and get known to 7 hacks to improve your productivity in the afternoon.  

 The main reason for sleepy afternoons is not getting proper sleep in the nighttime. We work all day, travels from home to office and vice versa, this makes working professional exhausted. If we don’t get enough sleep a night, it is obvious that we feel sleepy in the daytime.

Food Coma is another reason for a less productive afternoon. You attend a series of important meetings, debates amongst your co-workers and clients since morning. This makes your body drained. You feel hungry and just wait for lunch break thinking of your favorite food you brought in a lunch box. After having a heavy lunch you just can’t ignore sleep.

According to scientific studies, your body loses glucose if you keep focusing on a particular thing for a long time. At the workplace, you keep working, discussing, debating, and making decisions, and all for long. This makes your body lose its glucose level which makes you feel more exhausted.

Here are 7 hacks of making your afternoon less sleepy and Improve your Productivity.

1. Schedule your work effectively.

Studies say that you feel more tired if the work needs a lot of brain use. Keeping such works that use more of mind efforts in the afternoon may make you feel more tired and sleepy. This directly reflects in your productivity. If you keep less mind-using and simple works in the afternoon, you don’t need to struggle to be awake. Important meetings should be done in the morning time only as your brain is more active after having enough sleep.

2. Food is not just a fuel, it’s way more than that.

While having a lunch break, if you rush to finish your food quickly and utilize that time to be more productive then you are completely wrong. That lunch break is assigned by your company in a particular manner to make the employee feel relaxed, charged and Improve your Productivity in the second half. One should not have his food alone. Sharing food makes the team more connected.

While having your food lonely, you might think about your bad times, situations, problems, etc. While having food one should be always happy, it makes that food tastier. As per the scientific studies, there should be more consumption of protein instead of carbohydrates as carbs are energy destroyers. Rather than having junk food, if you include vegetables, nuts, raw fruits, cheese, fish, meat, olive oil, and other good fats in your lunch then it will surely help you to maintain attention at work.

3. Save more to make more.

When you check in to the office, you are fully charged after having enough sleep, breakfast, etc. In the first half, if you invest all your energy in easier tasks then it’s obvious that you will face a hard time in the afternoon due to lack of energy. If you plan accordingly, you will increase Productivity.

4. Power Nap, a better solution than caffeine.

In a life containing issues, financial problems, conflicts, etc., and physical exertion, one may not get enough sleep. So, you can sleep in the office! Wait, the sleep is for 10 minutes only. The short 10 minutes sleep to store your mental alertness is called a power nap.

The power nap is a way better solution than excessive consumption of caffeine to avoid sleep. In an hour’s lunch break, one can manage 10 minutes for a power nap.

Being alert is key to Improve your Productivity.

5. Plan for the next day.

While feeling sluggish in the second half of your workday. Instead of wasting precious time checking the clock, again and again, you can plan for the next day. In that way, you can finish your pending work on the next day and can schedule the next day properly to avoid the burden of pending work. This will help to Improve your Productivity in the afternoon as well as any time of the day.

6. Short breaks always work.

If you got bored doing your work, it’s obvious that you can’t increase your production speed and quality. To get rid of such boring work, one should think of finishing it quickly. Long work hours may become hurdles for that. In that situation, short breaks always help. If you be in a different atmosphere than your desk for just 15 minutes, it’s going to be big profits for you as your mind gets refreshed and works faster to finish that boring work quickly. Also, chitchats, laughter with co-workers in these short breaks will help in boosting team spirit which is going to reflect on productivity and Improve your Productivity.

7. Willingness.

While thinking of doing all these things optimistically to improve your productivity, all you need to do first is to boost your willpower. If you think that nothing is going to change my afternoon schedule then actually nothing will help you. To boost up your willpower, motivation is the only key. Instead of stocking profiles of people on social media, if you read, watch or listen to inspiring content it will help to Improve your Productivity as well as willpower.

Any organization expects nothing but productivity from its employees. Whether it may be in the morning or afternoon, if the organization is paying you for the whole day time then they are not wrong asking for productivity from you. To earn economic benefits and growth, an employee should always try to improve the quality and quantity of his production. We hope that these hacks will help in your fight against afternoon sleep and Improve your Productivity.   

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