8 Vital Roles of Human Resources Department.

An organization’s work process and growth completely depend on its employees. A skilled, expert, and most importantly a happy employee is a key factor in every organization’s success. All these employees are recruited and managed by a specially dedicated department called human resources.  

In other words, the Human Resources team make up the workforce for an organization, business or economy. The management team cannot make time to solve the problems of all the employees; management team cares about the benefits and rights of his valuable employees but cannot have one on one interaction.

If you are running a big organization or business you cannot make time to recruit a well-skilled employee or can’t make time to manage who is leaving the organization and all. Here we can realize the importance of the HR department. The HR department does it all for the organization. It’s a bridge between employees and the management team.

Here are 8 important roles of Human Resource department –

1. Recruitments –

HR is responsible for recruiting best, experienced and well-trained employees for an organization. Posting job vacancies in different social platforms and follow the Human resources department runs recruitment processes, in which recruitment exams, various rounds of interviews, panel interviews as well as group discussions are included.

2. Boost up employee’s performance –

In the main duties of HR, one is to arrange activities and training programs for employees. This helps in boosting up a team spirit as well as developing skill sets in employees to improve their performance.

To increase the quality & quantity of the company’s production, to cut down the time required for production and to make more use of employee’s valuable time, this kind of activity and training programs are very essential.

3. Compensation and benefits management –

The HR department is responsible for making all the decisions regarding salary packages of new hires. The HR department also cares about incentives, rewards as well as compensations of an employee.

4. Handling Issues and legal actions –

If there is any case of woman harassment in office; HR is responsible to take actions accordingly. The HR department is responsible for handling employee unions and non-union demands and issues. HR helps an employee if he feels like standing alone from the team or anyone treats him or her in that way.   If there are some conflicts between team members; the HR department handles it and tries to maintain a peaceful environment in the workplace.

5. Risk Management –

The department which manages the most important resource in any organization i.e. people, takes care of employee’s safety. All required precautions, especially for woman safety are taken care of by the HR department. Also determining risk factors from the particular thing and work accordingly to avoid any kind of harmful situation for employees as well as the organization.     

6. Supervise performances –

An important role of the HR team is to supervise performances by employees. On the bases of different parameters like Discipline, time, completing projects, time is taken for completion, quality and quantity of productions HR determines if the employee is working well or not.     

7. Giving equal opportunities-

Every employee works for an organization for its welfare as well as his profits and growth. Depending on the performance by the employee, HR gives equal opportunities like promotion, salary hike, and other benefits. To do all this process without any partiality HR supervises and tracks performances by employees’ every time.

8. Create employee records and personal policies –

Employees must know how they should act on the job, personnel policies help managers handle disciplinary issues and can provide companies some legal protection. HR team plays a very vital role in making personnel policies of an organization. While hiring an employee HR checks candidate’s background in previous organizations he worked. There are many policies such as termination policy, job roles, scheduling means whether the job is temporary or permanent, performance assessment and record cum data-related policies such as how to and where to use the company’s data appropriately.

Every department and everyone working in it cannot be the same. Many times conflicts between HR and employees fire up and ends with the harm to both. While maintaining a healthy work environment, someone may find HR being rude. But that’s not him, that’s the situation. There are dozens of HR-Employee memes/jokes on social media. While working as a team, everyone should know how to behave at your workplace. If everyone knows it; employee and HR conflicts will surely drop their numbers.

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