Obstacles in Writing Thesis Papers Due to a Pandemic

Obstacles in Writing Thesis Papers Due to a Pandemic

For a student’s research work to be successful, it requires a deeper understanding of the subject at hand, a proper plan, and working smart. At the college, students support each other and their instructors guide them too. Undergraduates specifically undergo various challenges when writing thesis papers. 

The problems are particularly intense during a pandemic due to restrictions in movements. Students have to write their thesis papers from home, where they have limited resources. It gets difficult to access support from other students, instructors, and resources from colleges.

The Process of Writing Thesis Papers

The challenge of writing thesis papers by undergraduate students during a pandemic start with the process. The challenge is equally problematic in a distance learning scenario. For a thesis paper to be successful, the student must select a topic they can effectively research according to their abilities. 

To help them gain insights for their thesis paper, it is recommended they read previous papers researched by former students and scholars. After this, the student creates a research plan and creates a strategy to answer the research question. All these processes help the student understand the best places to get information and their instructors guide them a lot at this level. 

If a student lacks guidance at this level, they might not create the best thesis paper. During a pandemic, this process is faced with huge obstacles because it is hard to receive guidance and access papers written by other former students. 

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Psychological Challenges

During a thesis writing process, a student would do better if they constantly interact with other students and their instructors. It encourages them to continue writing or work harder in their research process. During a pandemic, that essential support is never available due to various restrictions. The student gets no option but to work on their thesis paper alone or with restricted interactions. Their psychological health gets affected in various ways too.  Anytime they need support from their colleagues or instructors but they cannot get it, their emotions get affected and they can easily begin to lose focus. Their final drafts might never be of the quality they had initially desired.

Consistent Guidance and Feedback

Consistent guidance and feedback are important pillars during a thesis paper writing process. Guidance comes from various individuals but the most important are instructors, parents, professors, and fellow students. 

Students might not directly help other students write, but they can give them meaning and formative feedback that can help them to rethink their points and rewrite them. On the other hand, instructors and professors can help with guidance or ideas on what they expect from the assignment. Parents too give moral support and may also help with feedback and guidance. In the time of a pandemic, these benefits can be limited or entirely lacking, yet they are important in the process of writing a thesis paper and they can affect the outcome. 

Limited Access to Sources and Resources

More students tend to opt for distance learning during and after a pandemic. There is also restricted access to college resources that help students get credible sources for their thesis papers. The college library is an essential resource full of sources for information. 

Some of the sources a student can access from a college library are sample papers, academic books, professional journals, and reports. The college staff also form an important resource and they can help a student access other resources that can be helpful for an effective research process. In a distance learning scenario and during a pandemic, these resources and sources are not easy to access and a student gets highly challenged with their thesis writing process. 


The process of writing a thesis paper requires consistent support for a student. From the time they are creating a strong topic to the time of research paper and identification of sources, a student requires support from their instructors, colleagues, college staff, and parents. If any of this support fails due to a pandemic and distance learning, the outcome can get affected too. A student can be affected psychologically, and they may not access good information sources and resources. 

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