What has changed in the Gambling Industry in Poland?

What has changed in the Gambling Industry in Poland

Gambling has undergone tremendous improvements since it was introduced a few centuries ago. Today, nothing seems closer to the hearts of people than gaming. The iGaming industry has embraced technology that has fastened convenience and security in the industry. With a touch of a button on their phones, players can access various games.

Poland as a country has boarded the moving wagon by making various changes in the gambling industry.  Over the decade, Poland has grown to a powerful gaming manufacturing nation racing behind Japan, China, and the United States. Our expert Jacek Michalski (view profile) sheds light on the history of the gambling industry in Poland.

The First Casinos

The first casino in Poland opened its doors on 6th August 19, 1930, at Sopot city. The sandy beach in Sopot city created a perfect spot for the casino, and within no time, tourists flocked in large numbers. The casino offered Roulette and Blackjack games and only allowed adults aged 18 years and above. Tourism in Sopot city improved and brought revenue to Poland. The result led to the redesign of the casino to an entire resort hotel with accommodation.

Casinos later increased in numbers, such as Zopoter Casino G.m. B.H. Gambling in casinos attracted everyone from the ordinary to VIPs.

The gambling industry was hit hard by the world war. The Red Army destroyed casinos in Poland, resulting in tourism and revenue deterioration. Although Artillery from the Red Army destroyed most casinos during the world war, the Casino Hotel of Sopot City survived by acting as a field hospital. When the world war ended in 1946, the casino was named Grand Hotel, and Orbis Casino Group later purchased the casino.

The Gambling Industry During the Soviet Rule

The Second World War ended in 1946, and the Soviets annexed many countries. Poland was not exceptional, and the strict gambling rules led to the closure of most casinos in the country.  The USSR banned all forms of gambling in its power, such as Casinos and sports betting.

The ban did not stop the rising gambling industry as Polferries, one Polish shipping company, discovered a loophole. After a short time, the company started offering blackjack and roulette games in the ferries traveling to Scandinavia. Polferries was able to deviate from the ban. The result increased the number of tourists with ferries growing more popular. In 1989, the Soviet Union grew weaker, and the ban could not last long either. 

The Gambling Industry after the Soviet ban

The Soviets reversed their ban in 1998, allowing casinos to operate throughout the USSR. Land-based casinos later opened after World War 2. Pod Roza in Krakow holds a great history of gambling in Poland, marking a new beginning of Polish gambling. Pod Roza casino gave power to more casinos that opened their doors to Polish gamblers.

1n the 1980s-1990s, gambling was at its best with fewer regulations on how casinos should operate. In 1992, the Polish government drafted and applied new rules on the gambling industry. Casino operators were required to have a license. The cities with under 250000 people could only operate in one casino.

History of Online Gambling Industry

Since the introduction of strict gambling rules, Polish online gambling has changed over time. Today, the Ministry of Finance regulates gambling forms, including online casino Poland websites. More stringent measures were introduced in 2009, making it more challenging for Polish gamblers to access online casino games.

Casino operators face loads of challenges while launching their online gaming platforms. Despite the country portraying a grey area in gambling, Polish gamers can access their favorite games through international legal casinos operating in Poland.

There are reputable resources that help Polish gamers to choose the best casinos. A good example is poker online resource that highlights the best sites, players, payment methods, and withdrawal processes.

Although there are few challenges affecting gambling in Poland, there are over 30 different game developers. We can also see the rise in Bitcoin gambling in Poland. Will parliament enact proposals heard in the house? Time will tell if gamers can sign up from websites created on their own and enjoy playing their favorite games.

Gambling in Poland has changed over the years, and we can learn through its remarkable history. The industry seems to make baby steps in the right direction. Despite the strict rules on online gambling sites, it is a matter of time we see Polish gamers enjoy playing on websites of their own.

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