OpenAI announces new plugins for ChatGPT, Here Are the Details

OpenAI announces new plugins for ChatGPT, Here Are the Details | The Enterprise World

OpenAI has announced the introduction of new third-party plugins for ChatGPT, which has generated a lot of buzz on social media about the company’s plans to expand its platform. In a recent blog post, OpenAI explained that the plugins for ChatGPT are tools designed to enhance the functionality of ChatGPT with safety as a primary consideration. These tools allow ChatGPT to access updated information, perform computations, and utilize third-party services.

Positives for Developers

Many people see OpenAI’s announcement as a signal of its ambition to turn ChatGPT into a developer platform. In response to the announcement, Marco Mascorro, co-founder of Fellow AI, tweeted, “OpenAI is seeing ChatGPT as a platform play.” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman also expressed his excitement about the plugins for ChatGPT and said that developers can install them to help with a variety of tasks.

The company is offering two plugins, a web browsing plugin and a code execution plugin. It is also open-sourcing the code for a retrieval plugin. Altman admitted that the plugins are still in the experimental stage but said that “we think there’s something great in this direction; it’s been a heavily requested feature.”

OpenAI has invited developers who have been on the company’s waitlist to use its documentation to build plugins for ChatGPT. Several companies, including Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, OpenTable, and Zapier, have already created plugins. For instance, Expedia’s new plugin simplifies trip planning for ChatGPT users. Travelers can now create a trip itinerary through a conversation with ChatGPT and then bring it to life with information from Expedia’s travel data, including real-time availability and pricing of flights, hotels, vacation rentals, activities, and car rentals. When they’re ready to book, they’ll be redirected to Expedia, where they can log in to view personalized options and member discounts.

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New Possibilities for The Future

The introduction of these plugins for ChatGPT represents a significant milestone in the development of AI chat as a platform for accessing and interacting with the internet. ChatGPT is no longer just a service; it has created an ecosystem where developers can create and distribute their own plugins for users. This is similar to how Apple’s App Store revolutionized the mobile industry by allowing third-party apps to flourish on its devices. ChatGPT’s plugin feature could potentially open up new possibilities and markets for AI chat in the future.

OpenAI has stated that it will begin extending alpha access to users and developers from its waitlist and plans to roll out larger-scale access “over time.” This move is likely to attract more developers to the platform and further enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT. The potential applications for AI chat technology are vast, and it is exciting to see OpenAI taking a leading role in its development.

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