Leaked ChatGPT Update Unveils Exciting Features

Leaked Chatgpt Update Unveils Features as Openai Gears Up for Eveloper Conference | The Enterprise World


As OpenAI gears up for its inaugural developer conference, a substantial ChatGPT update has been inadvertently unveiled to the public. Leaked information, as reported by The Decoder, includes screenshots and videos showcasing a customized chatbot creator empowered by the advanced capabilities of GPT-4. These newfound features range from web browsing to data analysis, promising an enhanced conversational experience. Additionally, OpenAI appears set to introduce a novel marketplace where users can share their self-designed chatbots or explore those created by others.

This revelation was initially brought to the forefront by a user named Choi, who shared a summary of the rumored updates a few days ago. The excitement escalated when SEO tools developer Tibor Blaho shared a video illustrating the user interface in action. Within the video, a “GPT Builder” option becomes evident, enabling users to input prompts to generate a chatbot. The example provided reads, “create a chatbot who helps generate visuals for new products.”

Detailed Insights into the Chatbot Creation Process

The chatbot creation process within this forthcoming update is expected to be highly customizable. The “Create” tab offers users the opportunity to select a default language, tone, and writing style for their chatbot. In the subsequent “Configure” tab, users can assign a name, provide a description, and issue specific instructions to define the chatbot’s capabilities and limitations. Notably, users can also upload files to create a bespoke knowledgebase and toggle features such as web browsing and image generation. Furthermore, a customizable actions section will allow users to incorporate unique functionalities into their chatbots.

Adjacent to the configuration options lies the “Preview pane,” which acts as a real-time testing ground for users to evaluate their chatbot’s responses as they make adjustments. Detailed insights and a comprehensive breakdown of the GPT Builder feature were shared by Braho in a LinkedIn post, offering a sneak peek into the tool’s potential.

OpenAI’s Future Plans and Upcoming Developer Conference

In addition to the anticipated GPT Builder tool, Choi has revealed OpenAI’s plans to introduce an enterprise-level subscription plan known as the “Team” plan. This subscription model is set to offer “Flexible” and “Annual” options, catering to the diverse needs of users. A leaked screenshot detailing the Team plan suggests that it includes unlimited access to high-speed GPT-4 and the ability to maintain context four times longer than before. The monthly cost for this subscription is reportedly $25 per user, with a slight increase to $30 for the non-annual option. It’s worth noting that both subscription plans mandate a minimum of three users.

Recent additions to the ChatGPT beta have included live web results, image generation, and voice chat. OpenAI has confirmed that it will unveil new tools during the developer conference scheduled for Monday. This much-anticipated event is likely to shed light on the accuracy of the rumors and provide further insight into the future of ChatGPT. As the tech world eagerly awaits the official announcements, these leaked details have already generated significant excitement and anticipation among developers and users alike.

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