Palworld Developers Announce New Measures to Combat Rampant Cheating

Palworld Developers Announce New Measures | The Enterprise World


Guns and Pokemon turned out to be a real winning combination when Palworld was released in early 2024. Unfortunately, it’s also faced the same issue as many online games – rampant cheating. In return, developers Pocket Pair have put out a Steam community post addressing the issues and what they plan to do about it. The good news is they’re being very transparent about what’s going on, and they have a good, concrete plan in mind to fix it for everyone.

What is Palworld?

Palworld is a massive online game with survival and crafting elements in the vein of Ark or Minecraft, Palworld is a little different. It takes the idea of Pokemon, catching and taming creatures with special powers you come across. Except it also gives them big freakin’ guns to shoot other Pals with. Oh, and it allows players to enslave the Pals to farm for natural resources or just build out a capitalist dystopia predicated on slave labor. It’s all in good fun though, the Pals love being enslaved! There’s absolutely nothing bad happening in the mines.

Throughout Palworld, players will find dozens of creatures so far that all carry different special attributes. Some will be better for combat, some for harvesting items, and others will just be good for travel. Pals are all over the place, but it’s going to take a good bit of skill if you want to tame them as your own friends. Naturally, to actually get the good Pals they want without too much of a grind, players have turned to cheats just like every other game. Unfortunately for other Palworld players, the cheaters are being real jerks and ruining the game for everyone else.

Cheating Online

Palworld Developers Announce New Measures | The Enterprise World

The hackers have come out in force when it comes to Palworld. The game has only been out for a few months, but even one month after release the problem was out of control. People were losing entire saves to cheaters, while also having whole multiplayer servers and player operations destroyed. Some players even gave up on the game, with many saying they wouldn’t come back until the rampant cheating was fixed. It seems Pocket Pair heard players loud and clear too, giving one of the fastest developer responses with an outlined road map to crack down on cheaters.

The problem isn’t going away overnight though, and many are still dealing with terrible cheating issues. Players are still finding their Pals stolen on occasion, with many that they’ve had to hunt down again after losing. Most of the hackers just take the pals for themselves to use, but others just kill the Pals out of pure malice. It’s always a toss-up if a cheater is in it to gain something or just burn the world down for others, but Palworld seems to have more of the latter.

Hacks in Palworld

The amount of hacks in Palworld is astounding, with something for almost every aspect of the game. Hackers have made changes to the code to auto-spawn whatever Pals they want, even some that are supposed to be locked behind special missions. Others will still at least try for somewhat of a challenge, but even then there are cheats to auto-catch any Pals you want. Instead of going through the typical routine of fight, weakening, and capturing, these players can press one button and have every Pal they want, whenever they want.

Meanwhile, other hackers just cause general chaos. Some will turn their firepower to the max, one shooting other characters and players. Others will have Pals just rampage, or spawn in landmarks that interrupt play. They’re still not as bad as the hackers that spawn into a server to just autokill every Pal they can find, but it’s still a pain for anyone who goes through it. The hacking problem in Palworld is getting a little out of control online, but thankfully the devs are working on a solution that pleases everyone.

Pocket Pair’s Response

Palworld Developers Announce New Measures | The Enterprise World

Developers Pocket Pair have taken a proactive response, saying they’re first implementing a player list feature. This makes reporting and finding hackers much easier from other players in the community, taking an approach like Smite. It does rely on players being honest and vigilant though, which is why a secondary measure is being put in as well. Although this seems to be in the form of a third-party anti-cheat software, Pocket Pair had some reassurances. They’ll be implementing the anti-cheat for public servers only to make sure online players don’t have the fun ruined.

Meanwhile, anyone playing a private game, single-player, or just co-op will still be able to use hacks and cheats. The developers love the modding community and still want people to enjoy what they bring to the table. This way everyone is happy, with hackers and players still able to take advantage of the burgeoning mod scene for Palworld. Cheats are also allowed, so feasibly anyone can build a whole server with the most powerful Pals with no problems, as long as it’s private. Just spawn them in and let them go.

Where to Find Palworld Cheats?

Palworld Developers Announce New Measures | The Enterprise World

Look, if the developers are cool with it, everyone should be. There are plenty of cheats out for Palworld already anyway and no way to put the genie back in the bottle. A lot of these make life a lot easier for those who don’t like the grind though, from spawning Pals and guns to just loading in equipment.

You can have your own operation up and running in no time with the hacks from VeteranCheats, which are guaranteed safe and working. On the off chance, that Palworld isn’t your thing, they also offer cheats for other popular games from Elden Ring to Valorant. Even just a one-day cheat suite pass will get everything you need to get started, not that you’ll. want to stop after that.

Palworld shows that Pocket Pair is definitely taking a more Valve-based approach as developers. They want the community to interact with their game in every way, with mods and cheats included. At the same time, they’re preserving the fun of online play in Palworld through some intensive anti-cheat. The latest game update even added the first Raid Boss for online players, leading to a massive new influx. Palworld may still have some issues, but the new measures are absolutely destroying the rampant cheating it had previously.

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