Documenting a Pedestrian Accident in Philadelphia: Legal Advice for Gathering Evidence

Documenting a Pedestrian Accident in Philadelphia: Legal Advice for Gathering Evidence | The Enterprise World

Experiencing a pedestrian accident in Philadelphia can be a life-altering event. While focusing on your recovery and seeking care should always be your first priority, it’s also essential to accurately document the incident. This documentation can significantly support your case if you choose to pursue a personal injury claim later on. In this article, we provide a number of tips on collecting evidence to ensure you have the necessary documentation for your case.

Step 1: Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The first and foremost step following a pedestrian accident in Philadelphia is to seek medical attention. Your well-being should always be the first priority. What’s more, seeking medical care not only aids in your recovery but also establishes an official record of your injuries. It’s crucial to follow your doctor’s instructions diligently and attend all recommended appointments, as this will help determine the extent and severity of your injuries. Reputed law firms such as Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyers Wilk Law also assist their clients with receiving the necessary medical attention at the earliest.

Step 2: Notify Law Enforcement

Documenting a Pedestrian Accident in Philadelphia: Legal Advice for Gathering Evidence | The Enterprise World

When you are involved in a pedestrian accident in Philadelphia, it is vital to notify law enforcement as soon as possible. The police report generated by responding officers holds immense value as evidence for your case. Make sure you give an accurate report of the incident to the Philadelphia police officers. Include all available information about the person responsible for the accident, along with the contact information of any witnesses who were present and any other details that can help determine who is at fault.

Step 3: Documenting the Accident Scene

Take photos and videos of the accident scene as soon as possible. Capture images of the surroundings, traffic signals, crosswalks, and any potential hazards that could have played a role in causing the accident. Also, take pictures of your injuries after the incident and throughout your recovery process to document how they progress. All of these will play a role in demonstrating the extent of damages and injuries you’ve suffered, which can help you receive adequate compensation in court.

Step 4: Gathering Witness Statements

Documenting a Pedestrian Accident in Philadelphia: Legal Advice for Gathering Evidence | The Enterprise World

If there were people who witnessed the accident, it’s important to obtain their statements. Approach them and ask for their contact information so that you or your attorney can get in touch with them. Witness statements can provide support for your side of the story and help establish who is responsible for the accident.

Step 5: Preserving Physical Evidence

Preserving physical evidence is crucial when making a personal injury claim. If you happen to possess any items directly related to the accident, like damaged clothing or personal belongings, do not throw them away. These items might be useful in showing how severe the impact was and demonstrating the extent of your injuries. Keep them safe and inform your lawyer about them.

Step 6: Obtaining Surveillance Footage

Documenting a Pedestrian Accident in Philadelphia: Legal Advice for Gathering Evidence | The Enterprise World

As part of gathering evidence for your pedestrian accident case in Philadelphia, it can be valuable to obtain surveillance footage if there are any security cameras in the area. This footage can help establish fault and support your version of the events.

Step 7: Maintain a Personal Account of the Event

Keeping a journal is also important. By writing down everything you remember about the incident, including any pain or discomfort you experienced, medical treatments you received, and how the accident has impacted your life, you’ll have evidence to present when negotiating a settlement or presenting your case in court.

Step 8: Preserve Bills and Other Records

Make sure to gather all records and bills related to your Philadelphia pedestrian accident. This includes records from emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, physical therapy sessions, and any other relevant treatments. These documents will help demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the financial impact the accident has had on your life.


Properly documenting all aspects of your pedestrian accident in Philadelphia is crucial in supporting your injury claim and increasing the chances of a favorable outcome. By following these suggestions for collecting evidence, you can ensure that you have all the evidence necessary for your case and can accurately showcase the effects of the accident on your life. Remember to seek guidance from Philadelphia pedestrian accidents attorneys at Wilk Law who can assist you through the proceedings and safeguard your rights.

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