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Legal sports betting in Pennsylvania has evolved considerably since its inception in 2017. Sports betting has been embraced by the state, which is well-known for its deep-rooted sports culture, with retail online sportsbooks and betting sites now easily accessible to all. Let’s take a closer look at the rise of Pennsylvania’s Sports Betting, how it has become a significant part of the state’s gaming industry, and what the future holds in store.  

Let’s dive into thriving Pennsylvania’s Sports Betting scene:

Pennsylvania’s Sports Betting Journey 

Sports betting in Pennsylvania became a reality in 2017 when it became legalized in the state, and sportsbooks first began operating within its borders a year later before online sports betting emerged in 2019. Unlike in many other states and countries, Pennsylvania’s sports betting regulations require sportsbooks operating in the territory to be affiliated with actual land-based casinos, which is intended to improve oversight of the practice and improve security measures across the board.  

Pennsylvania has grown to now stand as one of the top five sports betting markets in the US, ranking narrowly behind the likes of New York and New Jersey, along with a handful of others, since its legalization. It is understood that the sportsbook in the state sees over $700 million in total money wagered in peak betting months and during special events, with major players such as FanDuel and DraftKings standing out as the industry leaders.

In addition, the betting industry as a whole contributes massively to the state’s economy, bringing in well over $200 million per year in tax revenue. SportyTrader, a well-known partner with many of these betting sites, provides in-depth reviews of the best sportsbooks available to bettors in PA, which viewers can use to compare and contrast benefits and suitability, as well as verify their legality.  

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In Pennsylvania, there is no shortage of betting options to choose from. Among the most popular teams from the state are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers, and Pirates, who tend to attract the most betting interest. However, it is not just pro sports teams that are closely followed, with schools such as Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh included in all major betting markets for basketball and football, among other sports.  

Benefits of Legal Sports Betting 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of legalizing sports betting in Pennsylvania is the increased convenience and accessibility it now brings to sports bettors in the state since punters can now place their wagers from anywhere and anytime, eliminating the need to visit a physical betting establishment to place their bets. Next, the economic advantages that sports betting creates in the state are significant as the tax income realized from the industry provides a huge injection toward other vital public initiatives, including education and healthcare.  

The adoption of legal sports betting also brings with it increased protection for bettors in the state since licensed and regulated platforms continuously aim to create an environment that promotes fair play and secure transactions. This safer environment also enables bookmakers to provide their customers with better and fairer odds, in addition to legal giveaways and promotions for new and existing users that increase the potential for better returns on winnings. 

Based on the last six years, there is no denying that sports betting in PA has come a long way, and the future of the industry is extremely bright. In addition, with a robust and well-maintained regulatory framework in place, Pennsylvania’s sports betting arena is positioned for sustained growth for years to come.  

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