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In an era marked by progress and innovation, women are increasingly emerging as trailblazers across diverse fields, contributing their vision and expertise to reshape industries and drive societal change. Pia Arellano, a beacon of inspiration, stands at the forefront of this movement. Her dynamic leadership role at TransUnion, a global data-driven solutions provider, exemplifies how women are not just shaping but revolutionizing the business landscape. 

About Pia Arellano

Pia Arellano drives TransUnion’s operations in the Philippines. TransUnion is a global data-driven solutions provider with a strong foothold in the Philippines. As a prominent Credit Bureau and catalyst for financial inclusion, the company empowers businesses and individuals with informed decisions. 

With a strong nationalist spirit, Pia empowers lenders for credit access, fostering economic growth. TransUnion’s origin can be attributed to Pia’s educational foundation, industry expertise, and steadfast dedication to fostering financial inclusion.

TransUnion’s Founding Vision

TransUnion established its presence in 2011 as a prominent Credit Bureau in the Philippines. Backed by major banks including BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Citibank, and HSBC, TransUnion Philippines emerged as the sole private comprehensive credit bureau, facilitating the exchange of credit data among its members. Initially centered on Financial Services, its scope has expanded to include Non-Bank Lenders, Digital Banks, Fintech Lenders, and Telco, showcasing its evolution from risk management to uncovering growth opportunities within portfolios.

TransUnion’s mission is rooted in empowering businesses and individuals with informed choices. By delving into data to reveal unique narratives, trends, and insights, it equips clients to navigate risks effectively and empowers consumers to manage credit and personal data. Guided by the ethos of “Information for Good,” TransUnion Philippines serves as a catalyst for financial inclusion, aligning with the nation’s progress.

Formative Educational Years

Pia’s developmental years spanning through college were pivotal in shaping her leadership prowess and present identity. From early roles as a Class Officer to ascending to the Student Council Presidency at St. Pedro Poveda College at just 17, Pia imbibed the tenets of Servant Leadership and honed her ability to engage with a diverse array of individuals, enhancing her self-assurance and character.

Her university years at the prestigious University of the Philippines further underscored the value of humility. Interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds cultivated an open-minded outlook and an appreciation for differing viewpoints, enriching her personal growth and leadership journey.

Diverse Industry Experience

Pia’s versatile career has spanned diverse sectors, including roles in banking (Citibank, CTBC), global payments (Visa), remittance services (Western Union), and telecommunications (Bayantel, Islacom). This well-rounded journey has thoughtfully prepared her for a leadership role at TransUnion, a global data solutions enterprise.

At TransUnion, Pia acknowledges the significant role the company plays in nation-building. Empowering lenders to extend credit sets in motion a cycle of consumption, production, and job creation, ultimately contributing to economic growth and the well-being of Filipinos. Her varied industry background equips her to drive this vital task.

Notably, Pia’s achievements on the professional front include being the youngest Product Manager at Citibank, where she introduced the pioneering Ready Credit. Her current role at TransUnion echoes this journey, as she focuses on boosting credit access. By fostering confidence in lenders and encouraging financial inclusivity, Pia champions the cause of financial empowerment.

Notable Achievement

In 2020, Pia Arellano achieved a remarkable feat that fills her with immense pride. The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report showcased the Philippines’ impressive climb of 29 positions in the global ranking, reaching the 95th spot among 190 economies. TransUnion’s concerted efforts significantly contributed to this achievement, particularly in enhancing the Ease of Access to Credit.

The Department of Trade and Industry recognized this accomplishment, highlighting its substantial impact on the economy. The acknowledgment from the authoritative World Bank solidifies TransUnion’s pivotal role in propelling the nation’s progress.

Overcoming Challenges

Pia Arellano’s leadership philosophy is profoundly shaped by substantial wisdom. One prevailing piece of guidance advises her to “cultivate and nurture strong relationships.” This insight underscores the importance of forming equitable connections with individuals. Pia acknowledges the inherent strength of fostering enduring client relationships, recognizing their pivotal role in establishing a bedrock of trust—the very foundation from which loyalty springs.

Another invaluable piece of advice deeply resonates with Pia—an encapsulated mantra: “Who you are is how you lead.” This recurring reminder prompts her to consistently align her unyielding drive for achievement with her core values. Anchored in attributes like integrity, honesty, kindness, and compassion, these values coalesce to form her distinctive character. This counsel emphasizes the vital connection between personal virtues and the nuanced execution of leadership roles.

Advancing Digital Services

As digital transformation reshapes consumer expectations, lenders are compelled to rethink their service delivery methods. While seamless digital access has become the norm, the fusion of exceptional customer experiences with robust security measures is vital to protect against fraudulent activities.

TransUnion takes proactive steps with its comprehensive digital onboarding solution, combining identity verification, device authentication, and credit risk assessment. This empowers lenders to provide swift, secure decisions, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

A noteworthy achievement by TransUnion is the Credit Perception Index Report, a benchmark for gauging Filipino sentiments toward credit. This annual research initiative drives discussions and actions to erase credit-related stigma, promoting financial literacy and urging lenders to extend credit to the unbanked and underserved segments.

Path to Industry Passion

Fueled by her unwavering nationalist spirit and commitment to positive change, Pia is a visionary leader at the forefront of the Philippines’ business landscape. As the head of TransUnion’s Philippine operations, she champions the mission of using information to drive financial inclusion and societal advancement.

Beyond her corporate role, Pia’s heart lies in education. With a background as an educator, she took a hiatus from the corporate world to teach at The Ateneo de Manila School of Management, epitomizing her dedication to nurturing minds. Today, as TransUnion’s CEO, she extends her education advocacy, enlightening both businesses and consumers about the transformative potential of data.

TransUnion’s Enduring Legacy

At the core of all pursuits lies the unwavering vision of “Making Trust Possible” and the noble mission of “Information for Good.” These principles deeply influence every aspect of TransUnion’s operations, shaping not only its business conduct but also the nature of solutions tailored for its clientele. The impact of these principles reverberates globally, reflecting the organization’s commitment to effecting positive change both locally and on the international stage.

TransUnion’s renowned standing rests not only on its meticulous data accuracy and inventive intellectual property but also on a profound pride in its People and Culture. Within its ranks reside individuals of exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Furthermore, TransUnion nurtures its human capital, fostering innovation and collaboration that serves as the bedrock of its enduring success.

Wisdom from Life’s Lessons

Pia Arellano’s leadership journey is intricately woven with her personal experiences, weaving both challenges and triumphs into her approach. These diverse encounters have left an indelible impact, shaping her understanding of failure as a stepping stone to success and reinforcing the importance of a supportive network in times of adversity. Amidst these insights, Pia has embraced principles like the power of positive thinking as a creative force and the enduring significance of diligence and resilience.

Reflecting on influential counsel, Pia also underscores the importance of nurturing strong connections, acknowledging that trust and commitment are cultivated through shared affinity. She steers her pursuit of success in harmony with fundamental values like integrity, honesty, kindness and empathy. These enduring lessons highlight her character and the successful implementation of her leadership in TU.

Pia’s Journey through “The Power of Grace”

Pia Arellano’s perspective on success is encapsulated in the attainment of the elusive equilibrium between professional commitments and personal life. Her definition encompasses a harmonious allocation of time across three distinct spheres:

  • Devotion to her loved ones, encompassing family and close friends.
  • Dedication to her vocation, one that resonates with her ardor.
  • Allocation of time for self-care, fostering her physical, spiritual, and mental well-being, as well as nurturing creative endeavors.

If a biography were to encapsulate Pia’s journey, she envisions it titled “The Power of Grace,” cleverly incorporating her second name “Gracia” to signify the profound resonance of everyday kindness. This narrative intricately weaves personal anecdotes, illustrating the far-reaching impact of simple acts. The book delves into the foundational principles that guide Pia’s life: cherishing moments, nurturing relationships, fostering knowledge, and embracing curiosity, all deeply rooted in the virtue of grace.

Valuable Wisdom for the Younger Self

Offering guidance to her younger self, Pia Arellano shares perceptive wisdom gained through experience. She advises, “The compulsion to please everyone is not obligatory. Embracing the ability to assert oneself and decline is entirely acceptable.” Pia highlights that the act of declining signifies self-assurance and respect for one’s principles, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that upholds kindness while valuing self-worth. In the face of varied requests that life presents, Pia maintains that her inherent worth remains constant. She stresses the significance of resolute refusal in circumstances that don’t align, thereby forging a path toward embracing pursuits that truly matter.

Pia’s Aspirations and Vision for the Future

Pia Arellano envisions her future with an unwavering commitment to education and progress. One of her forthcoming ambitions is to establish TU University in the Philippines, an endeavor she aspires to engrave as part of her enduring legacy. Reflecting on the company she leads, Pia perceives a unique opportunity to cultivate knowledge and impact. She believes that TransUnion’s position is ideal for imparting education and influence, extending beyond the spectrum of member banks. This includes educating individual consumers and the broader market, and fostering enlightenment in areas such as financial literacy and responsible financial practices.

Concluding Pia’s Empowering Chronicle

Pia Arellano’s journey is a narrative of empowerment and positive change. From her formative years to her leadership role at TransUnion, she embodies the principles she champions—integrity, education, and inclusivity. Her story serves as an inspiration for those who seek to make a lasting impact, driven by the belief in the transformative power of information and grace.

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