Innovative Hiring Techniques: Enhancing the Restaurant Jobs & Networking Platform With Digital Marketing Tools 

Enhancing the Restaurant Jobs & Networking Platform With Digital Marketing Tools: Innovative Hiring Techniques | The Enterprise World

If you’ve ever attempted to hire someone for a restaurant position, you have probably noticed that some people are more suitable for peeling onions and talking to guests than others. The arsenal of available Digital Marketing Tools empowers businesses to optimize their online presence.

Imagine a bored waiter with an unpleasant demeanor. A brand-new hire who’s not sure how to make an omelet (despite presenting you with a lengthy, stellar CV that would make you think you’re hiring Gordon Ramsey). Or, how about another waiter forgetting orders and making customers wait for 20 minutes? 

A person not well-suited for the role of a waiter, manager, or cook can do more harm than good to your restaurant business. 

Following what was the worst pandemic in quite a long time, both employers and employees are finding themselves confused about approaching the work market. 

To hack the confusion away, what you may want to do is get a brand-new approach to the hiring process that will help you eradicate the bad fits for your business and attract the right kind of worker. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the innovative hiring techniques you can employ to get your dream waiter, cook, and staff manager that will propel your business to new heights. Also, we’ll talk about the apps you can use for this purpose. 

The Problems With the Hiring Process 

Accidentally hiring an underqualified or otherwise unfit candidate can happen to even the best of hiring managers. 

Enhancing the Restaurant Jobs & Networking Platform With Digital Marketing Tools: Innovative Hiring Techniques | The Enterprise World

That said, there are forces out there on the market that can be rather tough to foresee, which can make finding the right person for waiting tables and cooking broths way more difficult than it would otherwise be. 

From President Biden showering everyone with cash and inadvertently discouraging the populace from seeking work, to candidates lacking in talent or willingness to learn, the present-day employment landscape leaves much to be desired. 

In the passages below, we will talk about the ongoing problems with the hiring process that many employers can unfortunately relate to. 

Unemployment Benefits 

First things first, following the catastrophic worldwide phenomenon of COVID-19, the global economy started going topsy-turvy as no one was sure how to approach hiring new people after the whole thing was sort of over.  

As a result, many countries decided to hand out cash handouts to jump-start their economy and get people to buy more products. That said, some governments implemented versions of this general plan that worked better than others. 

When it comes to the United States, Biden’s rather pricey $1.9 trillion ‘American Rescue Plan’ included sections that gave people more than they would earn working a minimum wage job. Thus, the incentive to find work was virtually demolished overnight.  

As more and more states see the errors of giving people free money, however, so will the legislation whimper down to a more reasonable amount dedicated to benefits. 

Talent Shortage 

Finding the right people to work in your restaurant is not just about picking someone off the street, dressing them up in a waiter’s costume, and having them serve someone a coffee. 

Depending on your restaurant’s policy, you may be looking for younger people or folks with tattoos and a bicycle collection that also likes home-brewed beer. 

Enhancing the Restaurant Jobs & Networking Platform With Digital Marketing Tools: Innovative Hiring Techniques | The Enterprise World

Following the pandemic, there’s been a massive shortage of workers suitable for the restaurant business. Therefore, it is now more useful than ever to find a new way of hiring that will allow you to uncover new workers as well as digitize and automate certain parts of your restaurant business. 

Faulty Recruitment Tactics 

Last but not least, failing to utilize modern technology to your advantage when it comes to updating your recruitment tactics can lead to all sorts of unnecessary frustrations. 

The talent pool has shrunk and the job market is rough for everyone at the moment, but at least you can maximize your chances of finding suitable candidates by using every digital marketing tools at your disposal. (And there are quite a few of these around nowadays.

In the section below, we will talk about some of the most notable digital marketing tools that you can get your hands on. Some are part of a broader spectrum of big corporation tools (such as Google Analytics), while the others are smaller, independent-made apps that you can use for the same purpose. 

6 Different Digital Marketing Tools to Easily Enhance a Restaurant Business:

Digital Marketing Tools play a pivotal role in targeting specific demographics with tailored campaigns. Whether it’s receiving takeout orders from regulars online, or allowing your customers to book the best seats for their anniversary, digital marketing tools can add an additional layer of interest to your business. 

The same goes when it comes to hiring new people. 

If you can get existing customers to communicate with your business via the Internet, what’s stopping you from finding new potential waiters in the vast talent pool of the World Wide Web?  

Below are some of the most useful apps that you can use to further your restaurant With Different Digital Marketing Tools

1. Olo 

If you’re looking for a platform that you can use to provide your customers with a way to order food online, pay online, and (hopefully) leave a flattering review of your food and services online, too – you have to open up an account on Olo. 

This curious platform makes it easy for guests to visit your premises, browse through the different meals that you make, and pick the spicy chicken and rice that they like. After they’ve completed the transaction and the order has been placed, they can receive their meal via a separate courier service while it’s still hot and steamy. (Meaning the meal, not the courier service.

Olo integrates three major parts of running a restaurant business—a POS system, a customer engagement program, and a payment provider setup. 

2. Facebook Ads Manager 

Targeting a large pool of local potential guests and customers is considerably easier if you employ an advanced system of advertisement creation called Facebook Ads Manager. 

Spanning two major social media platforms—Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Ads Manager is a must-use app for a restaurant owner. It allows you to create complex ad campaigns that can put your restaurant on the map of local eating-out attractions. 

Also, for the folks looking for a way to order food online—finding ads that can help them do so via Facebook or Instagram will make them more likely to pick your restaurant over someone else’s. 

3. Tint 

Imagine a platform that allows your satisfied customers to take pictures of them having fun at your restaurant and then post the said pictures online for everyone to see. 

Many social media marketers would kill for an app like that, as it would make their jobs considerably easier. 

Well, no need to murder anyone if your job is to take awesome pictures of a restaurant doing well. Tint is an app that allows your customers to share the joy of dining at your restaurant. Representing a special pioneer in the world of CGC (consumer-generated content), Tint is a proper machine for making a social media campaign with a simple premise of satisfied customers sharing their joy with other, potential customers. 

4. MailChimp 

Email marketing represents a major part of any digital marketing tools nowadays. 

Even though social media platforms have assumed their rightful place as yet another mighty motor for attracting new customers for businesses, email is still the preferred way of communication for many developed companies across the world. 

This is where the cheekily-named Mail Chimp app comes in. 

Enhancing the Restaurant Jobs & Networking Platform With Digital Marketing Tools: Innovative Hiring Techniques | The Enterprise World

Representing a unique email automation tool that can create endless emails with great content, Mail Chimp is an app that allows you to get creative when it comes to concocting emails for your guests. Even if you don’t have enough hands on the deck to type out each and every message individually, Mail Chimp will get you there with the help of his metallic AI brain made out of zeros and ones. 

5. Google Analytics 

Representing a platform that you should make good use of if your restaurant has a website. (Which it totally should.

What this rather impressive app does is collect data from your visitors and record their visits and the parameters such as length of stay and buying practices. Once this app has collected enough data, it will also analyze it and produce a solution in the shape of a report. 

You can use these reports to fix your ad campaign, update your content, or change your marketing strategy entirely. 

6. Oyster Link 

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for work in the restaurant business, or are looking to hire in this delicate niche—the upcoming Oyster Link might offer the solutions you’re seeking. 

This platform will concentrate solely on connecting people in the service industry—mainly restaurants and similar venues where food is served. 


All in all, finding the best people for your restaurant business has never been easy. Unless you have an extended family where everyone fills some role in your restaurant business, staffing is typically a process that lasts for months or even years. After all, in today’s dynamic digital landscape, gathering a team of trustworthy individuals with the skills needed to deliver the service that you require is not an easy thing to pull off—even for an experienced, senior recruiter.

This is where Digital Marketing Tools come into play. Leveraging these tools can significantly expedite your search for qualified candidates. With the right online platforms and strategies, you can reach a wider audience, precisely target potential candidates, and streamline your recruitment efforts, making the process more efficient and effective.

That said, with the right recruitment plan and with the help of AI and high-tech, you can get quite far in terms of enhancing your restaurant business so that it can compete at a high level.

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