Preacher Curl vs. Bicep Curl: Which Builds Bigger Biceps Faster 

Preacher Curls and Bicep Curls: Which Builds Bigger Biceps Faster | The Enterprise World

When it comes to shaping great biceps, preacher curls and bicep curls are two prominent exercises that often make their way into workout routines. These workouts mainly target the biceps brachii, one of the body’s most noticeable and desired muscular groups.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the mechanics, advantages, and variations between preacher curls and bicep curls to help you make an informed decision about which exercise suits your fitness goals best. 

Anatomy of the Biceps 

Understanding the biceps’ shape is crucial when comparing the preacher curls and bicep curls. The biceps brachii, or biceps, is a muscle in the upper arm that has two heads. The long head and the short head are the two primary parts. 

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  • Long Head 

The long head of the biceps travels along the outside of the upper arm and is principally responsible for the biceps’ peak when flexed. 

  • Short Head 

The biceps’ short head is placed on the inside of the upper arm and adds to the biceps’ overall thickness and width. 

When comparing the efficiency of the preacher curl with the bicep curl in increasing bicep size, it is necessary to take into account the different degrees to which they activate these muscle heads. 

The Preacher Curl 

In order to do the preacher curl, you’ll need a preacher bench, an EZ curl bar, or a pair of dumbbells, all of which are common weight training equipment. The procedure is as follows: 

  • Sit on the preacher’s bench and rest your upper arms on the angled pad. 
  • Using an underhand grip, grab the EZ curl bar or dumbbells slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. 
  • When your arms are completely extended, your biceps will get a good stretch as you lower the weight. 
  • Lift the barbell by squeezing your biceps and curling it up to your chest. 
  • Slowly return the load to its original resting position. 

Advantages of Preacher Curls 

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  • Preacher curls are a great biceps isolation exercise since they focus just on that muscle area. The biceps, in particular, can benefit from this separation, leading to enhanced muscular activation and growth
  • By eliminating the possibility of leveraging momentum or other forms of trickery, the preacher bench guarantees that your biceps are doing the majority of the work. 
  • The entire range of motion afforded by preacher curls allows for the efficient targeting of both the long and short heads of the biceps. 
  • Using a preacher curl variant, such as one with a wider grip, dumbbells, or cables, can help you exercise your biceps in a variety of ways and avoid training plateaus. 

The Bicep Curl 

Bicep curls can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, or a cable machine, making them a versatile staple of any strength training routine. In addition to the standard underhand grip, other options include the hammer grip and the reverse grip. Typically, it goes like this: 

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the barbell, dumbbells, or cable attachment with your arms fully extended and palms facing forward. 
  • Curl the weight upward, bringing it near your chest while squeezing your biceps. 
  • Return the weight to the starting position in a controlled manner. 

Advantages of Bicep Curls 

  • Bicep curls can be done in a variety of ways using various equipment and grips, adding diversity to your workout routine. 
  • When done with a barbell, bicep curls become a complex exercise that targets not only the biceps but also the forearms, shoulders, and upper back. 
  • Exercises like bicep curls assist in building functional strength since they are similar to real-world lifting movements like picking up things. 

Comparison and Analysis 

Now that we’ve looked at the mechanics and benefits of both preacher curls and bicep curls, let’s evaluate how successful they are at building bigger biceps quickly. 

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  • Range of Motion 

The preacher curls and bicep curls both have their unique advantages when it comes to targeting the biceps. The preacher curl allows the biceps to go through their complete range of motion, working both the long and short heads of the muscle.

On the other hand, bicep curls can be performed with a wide range of motion, depending on the apparatus and grip used. However, there are several variables that may prevent you from achieving a complete range of motion.

  • Variations 

Preacher curls let you freshen up your routine and target different parts of the biceps by varying your grip width, dumbbell or cable usage and unilateral training. 

Bicep curls provide even greater variety, with different grip alternatives and equipment options, allowing you to tailor your exercises to your tastes and objectives. 

  • Stability and Cheating 

The preacher bench ensures proper technique and bicep isolation by providing stability and discouraging cheating. 

Standing bicep curls might allow for greater cheating or the utilisation of momentum, which can compromise precise technique and lessen bicep isolation. 


Whether you choose between preacher curls and bicep curls depends on your goals. While preacher curls are great for isolating the biceps for aesthetic growth, bicep curls are great for developing both aesthetic and practical strength. When combined, these two workouts can help you build stronger biceps and break through training plateaus. If you want bigger biceps, it doesn’t matter whatever method you use – what matters most is that you stick to it consistently and use the perfect technique.

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