7 Safety Tips an Employer Should Follow to Prevent construction site accidents

Follow to Prevent construction site accidents|7 Safety Tips | The Enterprise World

Did you know that 1.7% of construction workers in the US experience a serious injury that requires them to leave work every year? According to an NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) report, construction companies have a 71% greater construction site accidents rate than all industries combined.

From moving parts, huge machinery, falling debris, unattended electrical equipment, working at heights, and continuous heavy lifting, construction employees are always at risk of construction site accidents that can lead to broken bones, burns, exposure to chemicals, and brain and spinal injuries.

It is exactly why employers must do everything to create a safe work environment. The best way to do this is to follow the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) protocols. Garden City, NY, is a city where many Construction Accidents occurred in 2020 due to poor safety measures. Luckily, many experienced Garden City construction accident lawyers are out there to help the victims of construction site accidents get compensation for their losses.

7 Safety Tips an Employer Should Follow to Prevent construction site accidents;

1.  Adequate Training and Education

Follow to Prevent construction site accidents|7 Safety Tips | The Enterprise World

The construction site will never be safe until and unless your employees know how to care for themselves. To do this, conduct safety training workshops and provide your employees with handbooks on workplace safety, spotting hazards, and safely handling equipment and operating machinery.

2. Provide Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is the employee’s first line of defense at a construction site. It is important to ensure all your employees wear proper PPE before entering the site. This includes earplugs, steel-toed safety boots, safety goggles or glasses, waist belts, a helmet or hard hat, and gloves.

Tip: Ensure the PPE equipment is regularly maintained and tested to determine its reliability and efficiency.

3. Proper Maintenance of Equipment

Faulty equipment or machinery is one of the leading causes of construction site accidents. As an employer, you have to conduct routine equipment and machinery checks and maintenance to ensure that everything is up-to-date.

In case of faulty equipment, hire a repair expert or get it fixed immediately. A good employer will always alert workers of defective machinery and document all maintenance and service records.

4. Conduct Routine Safety Inspections

When employees work at “Your Construction Site,” “YOU” are responsible for their safety. Therefore, you must conduct daily safety inspections to ensure all the safeguards are in place and everyone follows safety protocols.

Follow to Prevent construction site accidents|7 Safety Tips | The Enterprise World

Tip: Encourage a safe workplace culture by rewarding employees who meet safety standards.

5. Schedule Regular Meetings with the Employees

Creating a safety culture is the key to having a safe construction site. The easiest way to do this is to conduct regular safety meetings with employees. You can test their knowledge about the safety precautions, teach them new protocols, and ensure that all employees follow them. Don’t forget to encourage employees to take breaks.

6. Establish an Easy Way to Report Issues

Unlike your employees, you will not visit the construction site every day. Therefore, you must create an open channel for employees to report risks, malfunctions, and hazards. Also, maintain a record of all the illnesses and injuries so the employees can learn about them and take the necessary preventative measures.

7. Provide Wall Protection and Storage Solutions

Falling is the leading cause of workplace accidents, accounting for 36.4% of fatalities. At a construction site, employees spend most of their time working at heights. Thus, employers are responsible for providing fall protection by covering all floor gaps and installing guardrails to prevent construction site accidents.

Follow to Prevent construction site accidents|7 Safety Tips | The Enterprise World

You also need to ensure that all hazardous chemical substances, heavy-duty equipment, and items are stored properly. It will prevent objects from falling and reduce construction site accidents.

Final Thoughts

construction site accidents are unplanned and can result in illness, injuries, and death. Due to their work nature, construction sites are among the most dangerous places on the planet. In addition to following OSHA guidelines, employers should provide PPE, proper training, and education, conduct routine safety inspections, place signage, conduct regular meetings, and employ wall protection to minimize the risk of construction site accidents.

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