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“Look Younger. Feel Better. Live Your Best Life.”

PÜR LIFE Medical is poised to bring about a revolution in the fields of diagnostics, biotechnology, and regenerative medicine. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it to The Best Franchises To Buy in 2023. 

PÜR LIFE Medical is a franchise that partners with doctors and other health and wellness providers to offer add-on services such as pain management anti-aging & aesthetics treatments, neuropathy treatment, weight loss, hormone therapy, and more. The franchise model fills a niche in the market by providing affordable, relevant brick-and-mortar regenerative wellness treatments and protocols.

With its range of cutting-edge technologies and personalized treatment protocols, the franchise is uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions to a variety of healthcare issues.

One of the key areas where PÜR LIFE Medical is driving innovation is in the field of diagnostics. The franchise utilizes a range of advanced technologies to provide accurate and precise diagnoses, including Pür Scan, a non-invasive two-minute test utilizing four vetted technologies with engaging 3D images that help educate and encourage healthy choices to improve health and reduce the risks of certain chronic diseases and conditions.

This technology allows doctors to identify underlying lifestyle issues that may be contributing to chronic pain, stress and fatigue, cardio vascular , and other risk factors, allowing them to develop treatment plans that are personalized to the individual patient.

The services offered by PÜR LIFE Medical have a positive impact on the community by improving the lives of individuals who benefit from them, as well as the professionals providing them. The franchise also creates opportunities for aspiring business owners to invest in a broad set of products and services that turns heads and impresses.

The franchise model is especially relevant in the current healthcare landscape, where chronic diseases are responsible for seven out of ten deaths in the United States, and roughly half of the population has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. 

The preventive health technologies and measures offered by PÜR LIFE Medical can help patients develop consistent healthy habits, potentially saving them and their insurance providers from expensive healthcare costs while providing better patient outcomes.

PÜR LIFE Medical franchisees have access to a range of services and technologies, including Pür Light Therapy, Pür Scan, Regenerative Biologics Pür Bioenergetic Microcurrent, Pür Wave Therapy, Pür IV, Pür Weight Release and Nutrition, Hormone Therapy, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Pür Supplements.

The franchise model is expanding rapidly, with Area Representatives (Regional Developers) and Single/Multiple unit Franchise opportunities available throughout the US and internationally. Out of 60 US regions, 25 have already been acquired by Area Representatives, with 10 more due to be awarded by Q1 2023. This accounts for 500+ licenses to be developed over the next 2 – 5 years, with 23 clinics currently in development and under contract. The goal is to award 80 – 120 more licenses by the end of 2023.

In addition to offering a unique product and filling a niche in the market, PÜR LIFE Medical also has a positive impact on veterans. The franchise provides regenerative wellness treatments that can potentially improve the quality of life for veterans suffering from chronic pain, joint issues, and other conditions.

Its goal is to share the most loved healthcare experiences. Ken Lee, the Area Representative and CEO of PÜR LIFE Medical Houston adds, “An example is when a recurring customer needs an appointment at 3 PM on a Friday when availability has been booked for days.  Our customer concierge will call other customers and see if there is an opportunity to move their appointment or find space in a nearby location.”

This commitment to customer satisfaction and relationship-building is at the core of PÜR LIFE Medical ‘s goal to deliver the most loved healthcare experiences. The franchise recognizes the importance of creating positive and lasting connections with its customers, and this approach has helped to set it apart from other health & wellness providers.

The franchise offers a range of regenerative wellness treatments and protocols that fill a unique niche in the market. The franchise model creates opportunities for aspiring business owners and has a positive impact on the community by providing better health outcomes and potentially saving patients and insurance providers from expensive healthcare costs in the long run.

The man behind the curtains

Ken Lee

Area Representative and CEO Pur Life Medical Houston

Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to multiple stakeholders, including our families, employees, and customers. When building and growing a business, it’s important to recognize and prioritize the needs of each group in order to find a balance that works for everyone.

Finding a healthy balance between business and family life is crucial for long-term success and happiness, both personally and professionally. Additionally, entrepreneurs have a responsibility to their employees and customers. This involves providing quality products or services, treating employees with respect and fairness, and creating a positive work environment. 

By prioritizing the needs of employees and customers, entrepreneurs can build a strong reputation and a loyal customer base, ultimately leading to greater success and growth for the business.

When it comes to great entrepreneurs and leaders, Ken Lee is a shining example. Through his vision, passion, and dedication, he has built a successful business while also prioritizing the needs of his family, employees, and customers. As a result, he has earned the respect and admiration of those around him and continues to make a positive impact on the business world.

Ken’s extensive experience in healthcare as a leader and patient has prepared him for the role of Area Representative and  CEO of PÜR LIFE Medical Houston. He has held positions such as CIO for a multi-state health system, a senior leader in multiple Fortune 500 companies, and an entrepreneur in startup companies, including an early-stage venture capital company. 

Ken has also been recognized as a Top 50 Tech Visionary and quoted in healthcare publications such as Modern Healthcare and Becker’s Hospital Review for his leadership in the field.

Ken’s passion for improving healthcare stems from his own healthcare journey. He and his wife have dealt with her severe case of Crohn’s and Lyme diseases for 25 years. Their experience led them to find healthcare lacking in both consumer experience and alternatives beyond drugs and surgeries. 

Despite following accepted practices aligned with payor guidelines, these solutions did not cure the disease or symptoms. Ken was fortunate to find holistic providers to help his wife defeat Crohn’s and Lyme, leading him to provide an easier path for consumers to use alternative therapies to live a better life through PÜR LIFE Medical.

Ken says, “I started a services company which was funded by venture capital and started the path towards an IPO.  Unfortunately, we were caught up in the dot-com crash in 2002.  I’ve also helped companies large and small start and mature new business ventures.  I’ve learned that business life is full of surprises and our ability to listen, learn and pivot around obstacles helps our personal growth and enables success.”

He wanted to incorporate the latest technologies to enable informed, preventative, and alternative treatments for those looking for a better quality of life.  He is excited about launching Remote Patient Monitoring to partner with physicians in leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) for advanced monitoring and predictive health management.  PÜR LIFE Medical continues to develop new services to help people live their best lives.

Getting to know Ken Lee

Ken, an avid reader, has a selection of preferred books on his bookshelf, but there are a few that hold a special place for him. As with many in the healthcare industry, the Bible is a favorite read, providing a sense of calm and assurance during the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and patient care. 

One of his favorite leadership books is The Speed of Trust by Stephen MR Covey, which emphasizes the importance of trust and its four cores: integrity, intent, capabilities, and results, in building strong relationships with employees and customers. 

Ken finds inspiration in a quote from Steve Jobs, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” 

Ken chooses to see the best in people and aspires to certain traits, such as Steve Jobs’ visionary approach to creating essential products and integrating form, fit, and function into art, as well as Jack Welch’s leadership mastery in placing the right people in the right positions and helping them succeed.

Taking inspiration 

Healthcare is at a turning point as consumers become more involved in their health journeys. Rising costs, access to information through the internet, and consumer demand for experiences similar to Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb have led traditional healthcare companies to search for ways to meet consumers’ needs. The United States spends on average twice as much on healthcare as other wealthy countries, yet its healthcare quality ranks last.

PÜR LIFE Medical has the potential to make significant improvements in health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by offering personalized holistic care through the use of cutting-edge technology. The World Health Organization classifies 65-80% of global healthcare services as alternative medicine, and in the US, alternative medicine is projected to grow fourfold from 2021 to 2028.

PÜR LIFE Medical is well-positioned to ride the wave of disruption driven by consumerization and technology in healthcare.

The vigilant strategy

Ken believes that constantly looking back is a need, not a strategy. Operational excellence and alignment to strategy require constant vigilance, and strategy needs to focus on goals and build alignment to those goals. 

The key to thriving in a competitive market is giving consumers what they want with love and profits, and execution is critical. Putting the right people in the right place, aligned with the mission, and enabling them to flourish is necessary to offer the most loved health, care services. 

For Ken, teamwork is the key to success, allowing for planning, learning, execution, and having fun together in achieving the common mission.

Roadblocks on the way

In the business world, different sectors and industries have their own unique requirements and challenges to navigate. While each business strives to maintain the quality of its customer relationships, brand image, and employee satisfaction, there are certain issues that can have a significant impact on its success.

Ken adds, “One of the challenges that PÜR LIFE Medical faced was creating awareness in the US market about its strong service differentiators.PÜR LIFE Medical’s value proposition and broad innovative health and wellness services had the potential to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, and effective communication was crucial to stand out from competitors.”

Overcoming such obstacles and effectively set themselves apart from competitors enables PÜR LIFE Medical to succeed in the highly competitive health and wellness industry. Ultimately, businesses that are able to navigate these challenges and successfully differentiate themselves are more likely to thrive and achieve their goals.

Stems of success

The wellness industry has experienced significant growth during and post-pandemic, with a focus on optimal wellness rather than just survival. This trend is not limited to health enthusiasts, as people seek personalized and integrative healthcare options. 

The prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases worldwide, due to sedentary lifestyles and busy schedules, has also driven this growth. Wearable devices are further boosting the market. PÜR LIFE Medical is opening 18 new clinics within the next six months and continuing exponential growth with new franchisees.

Team for the win

Ken has built his career by driving change through building new businesses and fixing existing ones. He looks for individuals who thrive in high-risk, high-pressure situations and prioritize teamwork over individual success. 

To ensure alignment with the mission, Ken’s management approach focuses on exceptional coaching and top-quartile performance for employee engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, having fun is a priority at PÜR LIFE Medical, and PÜR LIFE Medical offers great pay and exceptional benefits to support this goal.

Setting it apart

The health & wellness industry is a rapidly growing market worth $5.2 trillion globally, outpacing the growth of the economy. While there are many regenerative clinics in the industry, PÜR LIFE Medical sets itself apart as a functional and aesthetic medicine center. 

It focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of symptoms, rather than just treating them with medication. By using proven techniques and science, they help patients achieve long-lasting results and avoid the escalation of symptoms or the creation of new ones.

The increasing prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases worldwide, such as diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer, driven by sedentary lifestyles and busy schedules, has encouraged people to adopt various healthcare activities such as yoga, meditation, and athletics. 

Additionally, the growing trend of using wearable devices like fitness bands and trackers is providing a further boost to the market. Rapid urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and an increase in health-conscious consumers globally are expected to fuel the market’s growth in the future.


PÜR LIFE Medical has made significant efforts to bring revolutionary technologies from around the world to provide a unique integrative and synergistic approach to health and healing. Its comprehensive approach is unmatched in the industry, offering a range of services under one roof. PÜR LIFE Medical has set the foundation for a true revolution in modern healthcare.

1. PÜR Scan

The PÜR SCAN is a safe and non-invasive 3D full-body scan that determines the overall health and function of multiple body systems, using four technologies: bio-impedance, galvanic skin response, heart rate variability, and pulse wave analysis. 

It provides a global wellness view including risk factors and underlying reasons for health issues. All new patients start with PÜR SCAN to establish a baseline of health, and subsequent visits use the scan to monitor treatment progress.

2. Blood Work

Based on the immediate results of the PÜR LIFE core tests and information gathered during the office visit, the physician may order custom lab orders, including genetic testing for more in-depth health insights.

3. PÜR Bioenergetic Microcurrent 

Microcurrent offers pain relief and rapid healing to different parts of the body through neural-electro stimulation. This proprietary electrotherapy from Ortho Bracing opens cellular communication and restores cells to their proper electrical charge, triggering self-healing and ATP production. The treatment reduces pain and inflammation throughout the body and often provides immediate relief.

4. PÜR Regenerative Biologics 

Biologics uses biomedical tech to trigger the patient’s own stem cells to regrow damaged tissue in specific areas like the knee or shoulder. The treatments provide a breakthrough in medical science offering solutions to degenerative ailments and a viable alternative to surgery or opioid pain management.

5. PÜR Weight Release

PÜR LIFE Medical understands that a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and weight loss does not work. Tailoring a program to meet a patient’s individual likes and needs is essential for success. They combine the latest scientific research with simple and effective techniques to offer a weight loss system that accommodates the needs of all our patients.

6. PÜR Wave Therapy 

PÜR Wave uses acoustic waves to improve blood flow in specific areas of the body, triggering neovascularization. This therapy has been effective in treating various conditions such as heart disease, joint inflammation, and sexual dysfunction. 

By inducing microtrauma in the affected tissue, the body initiates its own healing response, leading to the formation of new blood vessels and improved delivery of nutrients. The repair process can ultimately relieve pain and address the underlying condition causing it.

7. PÜR Light 

Red light therapy is clinically proven light therapy that regenerates the body at a cellular level. This treatment exposes the body to optimal levels of red or near-infrared light, which is absorbed by the mitochondria to produce more energy and promote healing in skin and muscle tissue. Unlike tanning booths, PÜR LIGHT uses exceptionally low levels of heat and does not expose the skin to damaging UV rays. If you want an immersive red light therapy at home, consider buying a red light therapy bed.

8. PÜR Supplements

PÜR LIFE Medical offers a superior line of natural supplements that are effective and designed to provide the best nutritional support. With thousands of nutraceuticals available, choosing effective supplements can be challenging, but PÜR LIFE Medical’s team of researchers, formulators, and physicians have crafted a supplement line that is highly effective and of the highest quality.

9. Nutrition

PÜR LIFE Medical believes in the adage, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Supporting the body with proper nutrition and eating habits is crucial to amplify the benefits of their protocols and procedures. Most illnesses are caused by a poor diet and can be resolved by eliminating toxins and providing cells with the proper nutrients. 

They offer personalized eating plans based on blood type and specific health conditions, which are grounded in sound principles of nutrition to support healing.

10. Hormone Therapy

PÜR LIFE Medical addresses hormone imbalance, a major cause of illness, and a contributing factor to many health issues. The impact of hormone levels on the body is often overlooked, but PÜR LIFE provides testing and solutions for low hormone levels. Their hormone therapies can address issues like low sex drive, menopause, lack of energy, and erectile dysfunction.

IV Therapy

PUR LIFE MEDICAL offers IV therapies to quickly deliver vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system’s filtration process. This therapy benefits patients with autoimmune disorders, recent illnesses, surgery recovery, and those seeking improved wellness. 

The treatment is personalized with a range of options, including IVs, boosters, tests, and supplements, to fit individual needs. PUR LIFE MEDICAL strives to help patients sustain long-term well-being at an affordable cost.

A step ahead

PÜR LIFE Medical’s Medical Advisory Board continuously reviews and incorporates the latest and best treatments to improve customers’ lives. Physicians and mid-level providers are attracted to the company’s business model, which allows them to add revenue streams and new patients, building relevance and financial equity.

PÜR LIFE Medical has recently added Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), which involves collecting and analysing patient physiologic data to develop and manage treatment plans for chronic and/or acute health illnesses or conditions. 

Their easy-to-use system supports improved clinical outcomes and is highly profitable with minimal upfront risk. The company provides valuable clinical and workflow tips for success, including identifying qualifying patients for reimbursement and determining the best workflows and clinical and financial benefits for practices.

Vision for a Sustainable Future

PÜR LIFE Medical’s vision for a sustainable future is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves access to the highest quality of healthcare and wellness. The organization strives to create a world where health and wellness are not just privileges reserved for the wealthy or privileged few, but a basic right accessible to all.

In this regard, PÜR LIFE Medical is committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare services to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, age, gender, or ethnicity. The organization believes that the key to a sustainable future lies in empowering people to take control of their health and well-being.

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