Renuka Exports- Sewing Up The Market With Uncompromised Quality

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It’s a well-known fact that quality matters. And Fabric and Garments Export Industry is no different from other industries when it comes to maintaining the quality of garments and fabrics. While quality is important, there are two other important factors to keep your boat sailing in the market. One is sustainability and the other is pricing. Renuka Exports is a professionally managed exporter of woven and knitted garments and has delivered sustainable yet high-quality products at competitive prices for years. As a result, the company has a well-established, loyal yet stable customer base.

How did they do it? Well, Renuka Exports has a track record of fulfilling customer expectations while complying with the government’s laws and regulations since its inception. This consistency is what kept Renuka Exports at the forefront of the Industry. In the current scenario, the company is perceived as a hi-tech, customer-friendly, and eco-responsive citizen working towards a better future for all.

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Best Sustainable Garment Manufacturer & Exporter In 2023 is Renuka Exports– Sewing up the market with uncompromised quality.

Brief Info About Renuka Exports

Established in 1977, Renuka Exports is a leading manufacturer of woven women’s garments and a government-recognized Star Export House. It is fundamental for the company that Quality and Impeccable Craftsmanship reflects in every product that goes out of the factories.

Micro and macro vision including fabric checking cutting, manufacturing, finishing and packing –all under one roof has been the remarkable feature of Renuka Exports in all the factories.

The organization is run by competent professionals, their vision and modern ethical growth strategies have led the organization to new heights of success. Their expertise and experience in the field has been a constant source of motivation for the company itself, to grow and excel. Renuka Exports has left a mark in the global and domestic markets, through its honest and dedicated customer services and world-class products. 

Maintaining world-class quality has been Renuka Exports prime motto, and a dedicated team is assigned to keep vigil at all the stages, thereby controlling and assuring quality is internationally acceptable under AQL’s.

Moments That Boosted The Growth

While there are many points that have propelled the company forward, the pandemic has played a pivotal role in helping the company take a leap forward toward growth. A large number of prospective clients were looking for an alternative to Chinese products. They wanted a manufacturer who delivers reliable and ethical products at the right cost without compromising on quality.

Tackling Challenges with Effort

Building the right team and supply chain with 15 days payment, right from merchants, artisans who understand exactly what the client wants, and trustworthy suppliers was perhaps the biggest challenge The Company faced at its inception.15 days payment from the bill has added more enthusiastic vendors in supply chain Most of their clients, people who work for the company, and suppliers have been with them for years. This is a testament to the effort the company takes to maintain the relationship with its employees and vendors.

Dedication Being The Key To Success

The continuous success the company has achieved is a reflection of the Robust Team who dedicate 100% of their efforts & efficient processes, no matter the situation.

Products and Services offered by Renuka Exports

Renuka Exports manufactures & exports high-fashion woven & knit garments without sacrificing quality.

Ensuring Sustainability Of Services 

The fashion industry at large has been embracing sustainability. For the last 4 years, all the sourcing and operational decisions at The Company revolve around sustainable manufacturing. Additionally, the company as an entity wants to work with clients who also prioritize the same values of sustainability.

Renuka Exports is one of the first export houses in India to embrace this change. The company proactively provides sustainable solutions to brands and gets all compliance checks and certificates. It includes  GRS, LIVAeco, and BSCI, etc.

Paving A Way Through Constant Hurdles

As a leading garment exporter, the biggest challenge that The Company is currently facing is finding certified sustainable vendors, who ensure timely delivery.

What Goals Should An Entrepreneur Have?

Entrepreneurs have two main goals, those are turning a profit and scaling up. By having these objectives, entrepreneurs can continue with their idea or start-up in perpetuity. 

“Entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to build and manage their own businesses in all aspects. They have to do everything from idea generation to sales, marketing, and finance management. They represent their companies’ brand, while making decisions on the products and the services to provide to the market.” 

-Feroz Abbasi, 

Chairman Abbasi Group, 

_ _ _Cr. 

Philanthro Capitalist

Peek Into The Professional Journey

Feroz Abbasi is an Indian Entrepreneur who is the Chairman & Director  of the Renuka Exports Pvt. Ltd.  , chairman of  Orkids Group In addition to this, Feroz is associated with various social organizations. He is the  President of Nayab Abbasi PG College Management Committee and ACES, President of Lions Club, X Member of Steel Authority of India, President of Super Seven Cricket Federation of India, Former Trustee of India Islamic Cultural Center, New Delhi, and currently a senior member. Feroz plays a pivotal role in organizing various social, cultural, literary, and sports organizations at the regional & national  levels.

Achievements That Made A Big Impact 

Feroz’s biggest achievements so far have been scaling multiple businesses from the ground up and providing employment to approximately 2000 people.

Nurturing The Employees And What Makes Them Unique

According to Feroz, here are the key points to taking care of the employees:

• Establish clear expectations for performance and conduct

• Set goals collaboratively with your employees

• Pay attention to what your people are doing

• Acknowledge & appreciate their performance  

• Have conversations with your employees when things are not on track

“Caring about your people involves holding them to high standards.  Perhaps surprisingly, all of these things, while driving accountability for outcomes and results, also reflect how much you value your employees. People want to be a part of a winning team.” Feroz Abbasi

Additionally, Renuka Export believes that the productivity of a company has a direct relationship with the working conditions of the factory. The company makes a conscious effort of providing the employees with an environment conducive to higher productivity by ensuring proper ventilation and hygienic surroundings.

Feroz says this company is a family of five hundred well-experienced, dedicated, and fully trained full-time workforce. The growth of the company is accelerated by the operational skills of the staff members. We understand the crucial need for technical support in the fields of fabric, production, sampling as well as industrial engineering. Thus the appointment of fully skilled personnel has been considered a fundamental requirement. The company is planning to include another two hundred fifty members in the next six months.

What Would Be Your Advice To Budding Entrepreneurs?

“Nobody is born as an entrepreneur. Start talking to your future customers to get feedback on your idea and see what they are willing to pay for it. Refine your assumptions and build a first version. Also, we all learn by making mistakes and it’s being able to accept constructive criticism and feedback that’s key for helping in our business to move forward and stay competitive. You should be ruthlessly cost effective. Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer; you never know what you’re going to learn along the way.” says Feroz.

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