Royal Caribbean has built the world’s largest cruise ship and it’s almost ready

Royal Caribbean Has Built the World’s Largest Cruise Ship and It’s Almost Ready | The Enterprise World

Dubbed a “floating city,” Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas is vying for the title of the world’s largest cruise ship. On Tuesday, June 27, this colossal vessel embarked on its inaugural sail, marking the beginning of its highly anticipated debut in 2024. Following its European sea trial, the massive ship returned to Finland’s Meyer Turku shipyard, where it will undergo an additional four days of rigorous preliminary testing.

Tests are in Preparation

The Royal Caribbean announced that over 450 specialists have been tirelessly conducting tests on crucial components such as the main engines, bow, and propellers, as well as assessing noise and vibration levels. These tests are in preparation for the ship’s upcoming second set of sea trials scheduled for later this year. With a team of 2,000 specialists investing more than 350 hours of work, the Icon of the Seas is being meticulously prepared for its grand unveiling in Miami come January 2024.

Travelers aboard the Icon of the Seas are in for a treat as they can relish the finest aspects of various vacation styles without ever leaving the cruise ship. Whether they seek a luxurious resort experience, a serene beach escape, or an exhilarating theme park adventure, this extraordinary vessel has it all. CNN recently offered an exclusive glimpse into the ship and its extraordinary features, which are breaking records in the industry.

Notably, the Icon of the Seas boasts the world’s largest waterpark at sea, comprising six thrilling slides, seven expansive swimming pools, a family-friendly aqua park, and even a swim-up bar. With over 40 exclusive dining options, live music and shows, arcades, and a diverse range of 28 different accommodations, including spacious layouts for families and group travelers, the ship provides ample room and choices for all guests.

Icon of the seas almost ready for sea trials | Royal Caribbean

The Longest-ever Timeframe

Royal Caribbean proudly announced that they have dedicated the longest-ever timeframe to meticulously designing the perfect home base for their passengers. Additionally, as part of its commitment to clean energy, the Icon of the Seas stands as the company’s inaugural ship powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fuel cell technology.

Weighing an estimated 250,800 tons and measuring nearly 1,200 feet in length, the ship can accommodate approximately 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew members, as highlighted by CNN. Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley expressed his enthusiasm for the vessel, describing it as the best-performing new product launch the company has ever witnessed.

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