Rutvi Sheth: A Visionary on a Journey to Transform and Leverage India’s Infratech Potential 

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Today’s dynamic business environment is driven by uncertainty, demanding leaders to possess the adaptability to thrive amidst many challenges. In these unprecedented and rapidly evolving scenarios, organizations rely heavily on leaders who can walk in pace with trends. They seek transformational leaders who can navigate challenges effectively and drive the path toward sustainable success, even in adversity. These leaders serve as the guiding force that helps organizations survive and thrive in the volatile landscape of modern business.

One such embodiment of transformational leadership is portrayed by Rutvi Sheth (Director of Communications and Public Relations, Advait Infratech Limited/ Advait Greenergy). Driven by a leadership philosophy that revolves around fostering entrepreneurship, Rutvi’s leadership skills and stewardship have significantly impacted her peers and her organization. Being at the forefront of Advait Infratech, she constantly fosters a growth mindset and encourages her team to drive constant growth and development. 

Visionary Leader Empowering Collaboration and Improvement

Rutvi Sheth holds an MSc in Strategic Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where she gained expertise in contemporary communication theories, and a BA in Media Communications from the University of the Arts London. There, she developed her creative and analytical skills in various media forms and platforms.

Passionate about using her media communications expertise to make a positive difference in the world and empower communities with the knowledge and resources needed to transition towards a greener and more sustainable future, Rutvi Sheth is eager to learn new skills and advance both personally and professionally. In fact, she also values high performance, continuous improvement, and collaboration.

Inspiration behind launching Advait Infratech stems from her father’s legacy, which began 25 years ago. With a background in power transmission and a strong engineering foundation, hailing from the grassroots of Gujarat, her father harbored a deep-seated desire to effect positive change. Thus, he founded Advait Infratech with a resounding vision of empowering people. 

Today, Rutvi Sheth carries the legacy forward, propelling Advait to greater heights of success. Under her leadership, the company is on a mission to become a prominent market leader in all the domains it operates in, driven by principles of pride, honesty, and a commitment to nation-building. It is also dedicated to propelling the integration of renewable energy and fostering India’s transition toward a sustainable, green economy.

Surpassing Challenges to Reach Greater Heights of Success

The company faced several challenges during its inception phase, including brand establishment, industry positioning, and building a skilled workforce. Ensuring workforce performance and acquiring industry-specific talent remained ongoing challenges, critical to shaping the company’s foundation and direction. These challenges continue to be at the forefront of the company’s early journey, as they are crucial for shaping the foundation and trajectory of our business.

Despite its remarkable progress, Advait Infratech has faced various challenges, the most formidable being the global pandemic, COVID-19. The post-COVID landscape introduced substantial changes, creating new hurdles for the company. Furthermore, dealing with rapid inflation has posed significant ongoing challenges, affecting its operations and long-term planning. Nevertheless, Advait remains committed to its vision and is determined to surmount these obstacles to continue positively impacting society.

However, a pivotal growth in Advait occurred around 2019 and in the following years. During this time, there was a notable upsurge in operations as the company embraced an entrepreneurial mindset and aligned with the ‘Make in India’ initiative. With strong government support, the company prioritized indigenous services over cheaper overseas options. Today, Advait takes pride in offering the only India-made emergency restoration system, showcasing its dedication to local production and innovation.

Irrespective of the adversities, Advait has achieved numerous accomplishments and triumphed over several hurdles. Since its establishment, the company has undergone remarkable transformations. In the fiscal year 2021-2022, it achieved substantial financial growth with a 24% increase in revenue, amounting to Rs. 72 crores. Maintaining a positive EBITDA margin of 14.65% and a robust PAT margin of 9.76% showcased its financial strength.

Additionally, the company’s focus on efficient working capital management and cash flow generation through regional and multinational projects has been pivotal. Moreover, its associate company, TG Advait India Private Limited in which the Chinese company’s stake exists, witnessed a 19% revenue surge, reaching Rs. 78.65 crores, maintaining positive EBITDA and PAT margins. These statistics represent Advait’s journey of progress, culminating in significant milestones, including branching out, market capture, and expansion into manufacturing and international markets.

Diverse Range of Offerings for Sustainable Value Creation

Advait has been delivering robust solutions for power transmission, substations, and telecom infrastructure. While the company believes in nurturing talent, Rutvi Sheth believes persistence and determination are the key ingredients–a belief that drove Advait’s inception. Over the last decade, it transitioned from a trading and consultancy firm to pioneering manufacturing and EPC operations.

With an exceptional team, the company envisions becoming a global leader, enriching lives, and contributing to infrastructure development through sustainable value creation. Its focus spans power transmission, renewable energy, and telecommunication, and its commitment to sustainable, innovative power solutions that reduce carbon footprints. 

Advait operates across diverse sectors, providing turnkey telecommunications projects, power transmission and substation installations, marketing and liaison services, and manufacturing products like stringing tools, OPGW, OFC cables, ACS, ERS, and OPGW joint boxes. Committed to sustainability, the company has expanded into green energy.

With a steadfast vision to illuminate human existence through green energy, Advait Infratech embarks on a bold journey with Green Hydrogen Projects in partnership with a leading PSU in Uttarakhand, India, using advanced Electrolyser and Fuel Cell technologies. Additionally, the company has entered the Carbon Market, addressing climate concerns by offering carbon credit consultation services and comprehensive carbon neutrality and net-zero solutions. 

Advait’s enduring success is firmly grounded in its dedication to unlocking the immense potential of India’s Infratech sector. In a market supported by government initiatives and operating at an elevated standard, Advait Infratech has made a significant impact by providing sustainable, innovative, and competitive solutions that have positively impacted a million lives. Moreover, the company’s strategic expansion into manufacturing, which includes products like OPGW, Stringing Tools, OFC cables, ACS, ERS, and OPGW joint boxes, has played a pivotal role in its long-standing success. This approach, combined with a commitment to excellence, has firmly established Advait as a key player in the industry. 

For the company, striking a careful balance between innovation and risk and stability and profitability is contingent on astute financial strategies. Having a well-defined vision and rigorously adhering to a strategic roadmap is crucial. Advait’s approach thoroughly evaluates opportunities to ensure they align with long-term objectives. While embracing calculated risk is vital, it exercises caution to avoid excessive expansion driven by greed.

Moreover, its commitment lies in investing in nurturing emerging talent without compromising quality through cost-cutting, and the cornerstone of its stability and profitability lies in attracting and retaining top-tier talent. This dual focus on measured risk and talent development enables the company to maintain an equilibrium between innovation and stability, ultimately ensuring enduring profitability in its enterprise. “In adapting to shifting market conditions and evolving customer needs, we maintain a commitment to innovation and unwavering dedication to our mission,” says Rutvi Sheth.

Entrepreneurship as the Core Leadership Philosophy 

Being at the helm of Advait, Rutvi Sheth wears multiple hats and caters to several crucial responsibilities within the organization. She leads the PR and media strategy for a company at the forefront of green energy and sustainability innovation. She also oversees the development, management, and implementation of campaigns that promote the company’s vision, mission, and values, as well as its products and services, across traditional and digital channels. 

As a leader spearheading at the forefront, Rutvi Sheth adds that identifying and nurturing talent is a dynamic process at Advait. “Our ethos values individual growth and contribution. We prioritize collective progress over personal recognition,” she adds. This approach ensures that the company embodies a culture of continuous development and collaboration. By promoting self-improvement and providing a platform for its people to shine, Advait encourages them to take ownership of their work.

As they thrive, so does our organization, creating a harmonious synergy between individual aspirations and our company’s growth. This philosophy is the backbone of our corporate culture, driving us towards sustainable success,” highlights Rutvi Sheth.

Advait also acknowledges that individuals bring unique skills, often beyond their assigned roles. For instance, some team members may excel in business development, though they initially applied for different positions. Moreover, it encourages staff to leverage their strengths while addressing their weaknesses.

During this journey, Rutvi Sheth believes mentorship is pivotal. Hence, Advait fosters a culture of appreciation and gratitude through its weekly ‘gratitude day’ where the team members share written praises for one another, and the responses are read aloud. Rutvi affirms that receiving these tokens of appreciation significantly boosts morale and fosters a sense of recognition.

She adds, “In personal and professional contexts, mentorship plays a vital role, ensuring individuals feel acknowledged and valued in an increasingly interconnected world.” In addition to her daily responsibilities, Rutvi Sheth leverages her strong network of global media contacts and her communication skills to secure positive and impactful coverage for the company and its subsidiary, Advait Greenergy. 

Advait Greenergy specializes in providing comprehensive solutions, ranging from manufacturing electrolysers and fuel cells to offering carbon consultancy, climate projects, and carbon neutrality services. This broad expertise allows Advait Greenergy to ensure a seamless transition towards a more sustainable future for its clients. Advait Greenergy’s vision is firmly rooted in aspiring to lead the charge in green energy innovation.

Their mission entails harnessing state-of-the-art technology and sustainable methodologies to democratize affordable green energy access, reaching every individual. Furthermore, the company ardently works towards equipping communities with the necessary knowledge and resources, fostering sustainable and enriched livelihoods.

Enhancing the Nation’s Power Delivery System

Essentially, Advait Greenergy engages in various activities focused on clean tech and green energy, including manufacturing electrolyzers and fuel cells, carbon consultancy, climate projects, and carbon neutrality services. At its core, the company is committed to enhancing the nation’s power delivery system through sustainable, cost-effective, and clean energy solutions. The company’s operations are grounded in integrity and a strong commitment to nation-building. While adapting to changing market dynamics and evolving customer needs, Advait focuses on innovation and its dedication to its mission.

Advait propels its progress through a persistent vision–to bring accessible green energy solutions to all aspects of human life–while its mission extends far and wide, igniting hope and empathy through sustainable energy offerings. In fact, the company has brought about a transformative change in the traditional work landscape, particularly concerning women’s empowerment.

Unlike many newer firms, it champions flexibility and inclusivity, actively recruiting individuals from grassroots levels in places like UP and Gujarat. Advait pioneers a new approach that fosters women’s empowerment and challenges conventional workplace norms by breaking free from rigid work constraints and promoting diversity and upward mobility.

Innovation to Thrive in the Face of Rapid Competition 

To ensure competitiveness and innovation in the industry, Advait adopts a multifaceted approach. The company prioritizes nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and emphasizing persistence and determination. In 2020, it achieved a remarkable milestone when it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Main Board, significantly enhancing its operational capabilities. Dedicated to harnessing the vast potential of India’s Infratech industry, Advait thrives in a market boosted by the government. 

With a vision to empower a million lives with sustainable solutions, the company has broadened its horizons by venturing into the manufacturing of OPGW, Stringing Tools, OFC cables, ACS, ERS, and OPGW joint boxes, filling a vital industry gap. Under the Make In India initiative, Advait established a cutting-edge lab testing facility and manufacturing plant for stringing tools and ACS wires in Kadi, Mehsana district, ensuring local market needs are met at minimal production costs without compromising quality. Collaborating with CSIR-SERC, it has developed cost-effective ERS technology for a wide range of transmission lines, meeting international quality standards.

Pioneering Multiple Initiatives with a Multifaceted Approach

In addition to the above accomplishments, Advait recently achieved remarkable success by winning a substantial contract from Uttar Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation (UPPTCL), Lucknow, valued at Rs 58.24 crore. This contract, under Package-II, entails the supply, live-line installation, and comprehensive implementation of OPGW and its associated hardware and accessories. The key factors contributing to this achievement include our in-depth expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning of OPGW, along with efficient stringing and splicing capabilities. 

Also, in partnership with CSIR-SERC, Chennai, the company’s esteemed technology collaborator, it has successfully engineered an affordable Indigenous Emergency Restoration System (ERS). This cutting-edge technology is tailored to serve transmission lines spanning voltage ranges of 33kV to 800kV.

Additionally, Advait takes great pride in pioneering this initiative, marking the first-ever indigenous development within the Make-In-India Emergency Restoration System program. The company’s achievement is further underscored by our unwavering commitment to meeting stringent international standards in every aspect of this innovative system. “Today, we take pride in offering the only India-made emergency restoration service, reflecting our commitment to local production and innovation,” concludes Rutvi Sheth. 

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