SAAM Inc. – Building a Future for Safer Air

SAAM Inc. – Building a Future for Safer Air-Rob Qualls| The Enterprise World

Spectral Analytical Air Monitoring (SAAM Inc) is a company dedicated to improving the global population’s health and safety through the design and implementation of affordable air quality, smoke, fire, and gas monitoring devices. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it to one of the Most Trusted Air Quality Detection Technology Solution Providers – 2023.

As the world continues to grapple with the consequences of air pollution, the need for reliable air quality detection technology has become more apparent than ever before. Among the leading providers of such technology solutions is SAAM Inc, a company that has distinguished itself as the most trusted air quality detection technology solution provider of the year. 

With its innovative products and cutting-edge technology, SAAM Inc has carved out a reputation for itself as the go-to provider for businesses and individuals alike who are seeking to ensure their air quality is safe and healthy.

SAAM Inc was founded by Rob Qualls in the year 2016. Qualls laid the foundation of a unique product called Smoke, Fire, Gas, and Air Quality Monitor, which uses Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology (NDIR). 

These devices are designed to provide quicker alerts to individuals and authorities in order to reduce alert time and prevent property damage and casualties. SAAM’s devices rely on very low power, as high power would result in increased costs and more frequent maintenance, both in residential homes and commercial buildings. 

The SAAM device is able to prevent catastrophic events by measuring sub-microinch chemical changes in the air. If potentially harmful particles are detected in the air, which could lead to a fire, the device will send out an alarm signal. 

SAAM Inc’s innovative technology has made them a leading provider of air quality detection solutions in the market today.

The Journey 

SAAM Inc’s journey began when the company was formerly known as Sentelligence. The company was focused on developing Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology for monitoring gases, vapors, and functional fluids in the diesel engine industry, with a primary focus on emissions. However, as the team at Sentelligence continued their work, they began to recognize the potential of their NDIR technology for monitoring air quality more broadly.

With this in mind, the team pivoted their focus to the development of air quality detection technology and rebranded as SAAM Inc. Qualls adds, “Throughout this transition, SAAM received unwavering support from investors, buyers, and an exceptional team who stood by the company and helped to weather any difficulties that arose.”

Emerging With Technology

SAAM Inc has emerged as a leader in air quality detection solutions with their advanced sensor technology. The company’s patented absorption spectroscopy is fused with a light scattering particle sensor, providing customers with a more comprehensive and detailed readout of their air quality.

The particle sensor used by SAAM is capable of detecting particulate matter as small as one micrometre and as large as 10 um, making it one of the most advanced technologies available for monitoring air quality. 

By combining these two technologies, SAAM is able to provide a more accurate and reliable measurement of air quality, giving their customers the peace of mind they need to ensure the safety and health of their homes and businesses. 

Behind The Curtains

Rob Qualls


Entrepreneurship demands a variety of qualities, and Rob Qualls exemplifies them all. As the founder of SAAM Inc, Qualls understands that one of the key responsibilities of an entrepreneur is building a strong and intelligent support team to help navigate the path to success.

He adds, “Keep your expenses small and under budget, be prepared for failure, and be adaptable to unexpected circumstances, and most importantly, never give up…, no matter what, after all, you will likely have team members and investors counting on your success.”

The career of Rob Qualls, founder of SAAM Inc, began in sales in 1981 before transitioning to his true passion of marketing in 1989. After experiencing success in the field, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1998. 

Despite encountering failure on his first venture, Qualls leveraged the knowledge and experience gained from that experience to build a small but exceptional team of individuals with extensive expertise in their respective fields.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Qualls has achieved many notable accomplishments. One of his key achievements has been navigating through unexpected challenges, such as the financial crisis of 2009 and the global pandemic in 2020, when many start-ups failed to survive. 

However,, Qualls and his team at SAAM have thrived, thanks to their unwavering dedication and commitment to success. Through their perseverance and hard work, they have established SAAM as one of the most trusted and successful air quality detection technology solution providers in the market today.


Like every startup, SAAM Inc encountered its share of challenges. The pandemic brought life to a standstill and made it difficult for businesses to operate. While some businesses adapted and thrived, others struggled to survive. 

SAAM, however, was fortunate to have an amazing team of individuals who fought for the company’s success. They reduced or forgave salaries, carried expenses, and bootstrapped product development to keep the company afloat.

As a startup in the process of raising funds, prospective investors became skittish about investing. However, SAAM’s investors stood firm in their support of the company. In fact, many of them increased their investment during the pandemic. SAAM is grateful to those investors who believed in the team and never lost confidence in the company.

Despite the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, SAAM’s product continued to prove its efficiency. None of the investors or stakeholders withdrew their financial or moral support. Through each stage of adversity, SAAM Inc has only grown stronger and cemented its place in the global market as a leading provider of air quality detection solutions.

Triggers Of Growth

“We had novel technology capable of measuring toxic gasses before the gasses become deadly, gasses indicative of smoke and fire.”

This technology proved to be even more valuable when Underwriters Laboratory (UL) announced that they were changing their certification criteria for smoke alarms for the first time in 30 years. 

This change would render 95% of smoke alarms in US homes obsolete, leaving a prime opportunity for SAAM’s technology to fill the gap. The timing couldn’t have been better for SAAM to showcase their solution, making them a top contender in the air quality detection solutions market.

Team For The Win

Rob Qualls recognized the importance of having a motivated and committed team and made efforts to ensure that they felt valued and appreciated. To that end, he provided fully vested shares in the company to team members, along with contracts and accrued compensation when the company was unable to pay. 

“The team I ultimately ended up with I refer to as the “A” team, because they are committed and dedicated to success, and most importantly, are the best of the best.”

In addition, he expressed his appreciation through personal gifts to team members, demonstrating his gratitude for their unwavering efforts. Such gestures not only helped in retaining the existing workforce but also attracted new talent to join the company, contributing to SAAM’s continued success.

The Expert Team of SAAM Inc. 

Dr. Erik Deutsch

Chief Technology Officer, SAAM Inc. Board Member Dr. Deutsch is a senior engineering executive, entrepreneur, and recognized expert in QCL, MEMS, FTIR, and spectroscopy. He brings over 20 years of experience leading the strategic development of diverse new and existing technologies and bringing disruptive handheld and miniature spectroscopy products to market. 

He possesses the rare combination of innovative technical leadership with a strong business acumen with over 10 patents in novel spectroscopy technologies and systems. Dr. Deutsch received his B.A. in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from Vassar College and his S.M. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT with a focus in MEMS and Optics.

Rob Qualls

Chief Executive Officer, SAAM Inc. Board Member Mr. Qualls has 35 years of experience in marketing, Sales, and General Management in the Global OEM/Aftermarket industry as it relates to advanced technology. Rob has held executive positions with HighwayMaster, Pacific-Dunlop/GNB and General Battery. 

Rob has extensive experience in conducting business on a global basis with a focus on North America and Europe. Rob attended the University of Kentucky with a Major in Business and Economics.

Phil McCormack

COO & CFO, SAAM Inc. Board Member Mr. McCormack is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in finance, M&A, and executive management. Phil is currently a Board Director with four companies, including an ASX listed company. His previous experience includes National Australia Bank, Accenture, and Fujitsu where he was the International Head of M&A. 

Phil has been involved in over 100 M&A buy and sell transactions across the globe including Europe, China, USA, Latin America, and Australia. Mr. McCormack received his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from David Syme Business School, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and his Master of Business Administration from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Sibu Janardhanan

Chief Strategy Officer With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Janardhanan has an extensive background in commercial leadership, finance, operations, strategic planning, and executive management with companies such as GE, Rexel, and ENGIE SA. 

Sibu was formerly Senior Vice President of EVBox, a global leader in electric vehicle charging stations. Prior to EVBox, Mr. Janardhanan served as Vice President of Energy Solutions with Gexpro managing a $225M P&L.

Jason Booth

Software Mr. Booth is an experienced and versatile software engineer with over 15 years of experience working on embedded systems, UI/UX Software and Cloud IoT interfaces with a focus on software and algorithms for spectroscopic and handheld instruments. 

Previous experience includes working at Polychromix, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Rigaku, and Hindsight Imaging. Jason received his BA in Computer Software Engineering from Boston University.

Setting It Apart

SAAM Inc has developed cutting-edge technology in air quality detection and pre-emptive alerting. The SAAM S-Series device is capable of detecting smoke, fire, gas, and toxic vapours, potentially saving lives by alerting occupants of a catastrophic event before it happens. 

One of the unique advantages of SAAM’s technology is the development of a portable device, the SAAM SP4, designed to address the lack of adequate fire protection technology in off-campus housing or while travelling abroad. 

The SP4 is a small device that can sit on a bedside table and constantly pull air through the unit to measure for dangerous chemicals. It has an AI with remote communication capabilities and can notify anyone with the app of an event on their smart device. 

SAAM’s technology is new and patented, providing a competitive advantage over current smoke detector technology that is 50-70 years old and not patented, as well as air quality technology that is commercial off the shelf and not patented. SAAM’s non-dispersive infrared technology is novel and protected by patent.

A Step Ahead

SAAM Inc is set to release its innovative air quality detection solution in 2024, after introducing its Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology in 2023. SAAM’s product has been designed to detect and alert occupants of potentially catastrophic events, such as smoke, fire, gas, and toxic vapour.

“With the upcoming release of new products, we are set to meet the new alarm standards set in 2024.”

Word Of The Wise 

Rob Qualls


Entrepreneurs must be prepared for failure, without the learning experience of mistakes causing failure it is more challenging to succeed. I would be willing to bet most, if not all, successful entrepreneurs experienced failure at some point in their entrepreneurial path. I would also plan for raising at least 20% more than you think you will require to be able to survive unanticipated challenges.

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