Sally Duxfield: Redefining Leadership through Passion and Purpose

Sally Duxfield: Redefining Leadership through Passion and Purpose | The Enterprise World

Leadership is a trait that encompasses a wide range of qualities and characteristics. Leaders possess many admirable qualities, including love, care, ambition, and passion. However, one quality that truly sets them apart is their strength. Their strong character and determination help them steer challenges with resilience and grace.

Sally Duxfield, Founder of, is one such leader who embodies strength while creating a significant impact in her field. With her dedication, Sally has become a prominent figure, defining the very core of leadership. Her journey as a leader inspires and empowers those around her. A strong sense of purpose and vision has enabled her to steer towards success, even in the face of adversity. Sally Duxfield’s passion for excellence and her commitment to continuous improvement have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers. 

“Leadership must be experienced, felt, and practiced; it can’t be taught with a pen” quotes Sally.

A Journey from Soldier to Sustainable Sanctuary Founder 

Sally Duxfield: Redefining Leadership through Passion and Purpose | The Enterprise World

Journey to the Edge and Beyond

Transitioning from a military operations officer to a visionary entrepreneur, Sally Duxfield’s entrepreneurial path began with Contact NZ Ltd, a leadership consultancy, followed by Makahika OPC, the  outdoor center that blends leadership training with outdoor experiences. Her dream of creating a luxury retreat ignited her passion. Over four years, Sally has meticulously built and operated her retreat, driven by her unwavering commitment to excellence and self-discovery. Now, freed of operational responsibility by her self-leading teams, Sally embraces the visionary role inspired by Gino Wickman’s philosophy. 

At, Sally Duxfield channels her visionary spirit into creating transformative peak performance retreats that push the boundaries of human potential. Her retreats draw inspiration from her military background and entrepreneurial journey. Designed to inspire, challenge and delight participants, these retreats push them beyond their comfort zones.

  • The Edge:

In Sally’s retreats, participants embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond traditional boundaries and takes them to new heights. Through three main collections—On the Edge, The Leading Edge, and Beyond the Edge—participants delve into the depths of their capabilities, gaining invaluable insights and skills along the way.

Sally Duxfield: Redefining Leadership through Passion and Purpose | The Enterprise World

Standing Out through Transformative Journeys

“I create, plan, design, and oversee the delivery of experiences using my knowledge and studies in the neurobiology of peak performance and my military experience of leading teams in challenging environments where personal or mental safety may be compromised,” quotes Sally Duxfield. The company carves its niche by creating exceptional experiences that spark life-long change.

  • Here’s how the company stands out:

Every detail is planned meticulously from the moment the clients arrive. Including curated meals, strategically designed schedules brimming with specific activities, thoughtfully chosen accommodations, and even the composition of teams, all directed to facilitate a specific outcome.

The company’s philosophy is to inspire individuals to step out of their comfort zones. Creating challenging situations nudges participants towards a state of “comfortable being uncomfortable,” a crucial stepping stone for personal growth, particularly for young entrepreneurs.

Every element, from carefully crafted moments to detailed  planned routines, timings, locations, and activities, is woven together to forge lasting memories. These memories serve as potent anchors, readily drawing the acquired learnings back to your front of  mind.

The ultimate goal transcends the mere delivery of an experience. Its focus is to ensure that the knowledge and insights gleaned during the program are easily retrievable and readily applicable throughout life. Sally’s team boasts expertise in transformation. Highly skilled facilitators and bespoke crafted content form the backbone of her exceptional program delivery and design.

In essence, Sally’s team is not merely offering experiences but orchestrating transformative journeys designed to leave an indelible mark on individuals, empowering them with long-lasting positive change.

Three Pillars of Success: Growth, Nurturing, and Vision

Sally Duxfield, an Experiential Architect, (an architect of experiential programs), breaks the mold. Her immersive learning goes beyond lectures. Recognizing the limitations of traditional methods, she leverages neuroscience and psychology to craft memorable experiences. Unlike the typical 10% knowledge retention, Sally targets a staggering 92% by integrating sensory elements like sights, sounds, and smells. Her pillars for success are: 

  1. Continuous Learning: Sally prioritizes a growth mindset, emphasizing the constant pursuit of knowledge and experiences. She believes this fuels personal curiosity  and promotes a culture of advancement within her team.
  1. Balancing Nurturing and Driving: Sally Duxfield embraces “Soft Strength,” where she prioritizes cultivating a nurturing environment while driving the team toward achieving shared goals. She recognizes these elements as complementary, with one crucial for the effectiveness of the other.
  1. Compelling Storytelling: Sally leverages communication as a cornerstone of her leadership. By consistently sharing her vision with passion and enthusiasm, she fosters belief and commitment within her team, even for long-term goals.

Through these principles, Sally has developed loyal and dedicated teams who trust her guidance and contribute their talents toward achieving the shared vision she ignites within them. Her story is a testament to the profound influence leadership can have on individuals and organizations.

A Success Story of Passion, Purpose, and Vision

Sally’s life journey reflects a deep commitment to uplifting others. Driven by her inherent kindness and a desire to serve others, Sally has consistently chosen a path that empowers those around her. She finds inspiration in Barack Obama’s “51% rule,” recognizing that decision-making always carries some level of uncertainty. For Sally, progress is more important than striving for absolute perfection. Her decisive approach, honed during her military service, emphasizes the significance of curiosity, thoughtful analysis, calculated action, and continuous evaluation.

Looking back on her accomplishments, Sally recognizes the success of her outdoor center and bespoke eco-retreat. However, her aspiration extends beyond financial rewards, as she aims to build a team of inspired leaders who can carry forward the spirit she has cultivated, creating a lasting legacy.

As she embarks on the next chapter, Sally Duxfield meticulously plans her entrepreneurial future. Building a tiny house in Canada brings her closer to her daughter, but it also sparks a creative question, could this transform into a new eco-retreat? Sally affectionately terms these well-defined aspirations as “articulated unicorns” – more than just dreams, they serve as guiding lights, aligning opportunities with her passions.

Sally Duxfield’s journey finds a powerful culmination in her unwavering dedication to inspiring and empowering others. By deepening her understanding of peak performance neuroscience, she fuels her passions for traveling, motivational speaking, and designing international off-grid retreats. Ultimately, her core purpose remains constant, igniting the potential within every individual she encounters and guiding them toward achieving their visions and dreams through the principles of sustainable peak performance.


Sally Duxfield: Redefining Leadership through Passion and Purpose | The Enterprise World

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