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Saray Uribe (Agency Owner), CharSan Insurance & Consulting | The Enterprise World

Bilingual Insurance Expert Safeguarding the Construction Space.

The United States is a culturally diverse avenue and home to over 65 million non-native English speakers. A large group of this demographic are bilingual communities with a rich heritage. As a result, various bilingual businesses are entering the markets locally and globally to cater to this demographic.

Insurance companies are at the forefront of these rising businesses that engage with culturally diverse individuals. As a non-native English speaker, communicating your needs can be daunting. Sensing an opportunity, Saray Uribe started an insurance company, CharSan Insurance & Consulting LLC, specializing in the booming construction insurance space

Crafting a Legacy: Saray Uribe

Saray Uribe understands the various responsibilities an entrepreneur bears within the construction insurance field. She says an entrepreneur is not just building a business but crafting a legacy. As an entrepreneur, your role is similar to an architect, drawing up strategic plans toward growth while staying abreast of market trends and your competition. One must manage finances with precision to ensure business success, adds Saray.

On the operational front, you must be as efficient and work as seamlessly as a well-oiled machine. As a leader, you inspire your team to scale new heights of performance. At the core of the entrepreneur’s mission is building robust customer relationships through clear communication and unparalleled service. Additionally, Saray Uribe adds that risk management is the safety net that will protect the venture from potential pitfalls.

Passion for Insurance

Saray Uribe began her journey in the insurance sector in 2006 as a front desk employee at a well-regarded agency in Charlotte, NC. In a short span, she became passionate about all things insurance. Leveraging her bilingual skills, Saray soon found herself working closely with the Hispanic community. She grew even more passionate about insurance after exploring commercial insurance and entering the fascinating construction world.

For nearly 14 years, Saray Uribe was dedicated to the same agency as she honed her craft. However, in the 2020 pandemic, Saray pivoted and established CharSan Insurance & Consulting. As an independent entity, she continued serving professionally with confidence in the construction space, providing clear, concise, and expert advice to her clients while building trust and driving action.

Agent of the Year

At 21, Saray Uribe immigrated to the USA to learn English without attending any formal schooling. After that, the achievement of acquiring four insurance designations is something that holds high significance for Saray’s professional career. She was also awarded as the Agent of the Year by the Professional Insurance Agents of North Carolina. She considers this award a testament to her relentless dedication and to delivering excellent work for over 17 years.

Our team operates as a close-knit unit, fostering an environment built on mutual respect and recognizing the significance of each individual’s contributions. We hold the work of every team member in high regard, placing utmost value on their efforts.”- Saray Uribe.

Advice for the Budding

According to Saray, an entrepreneur must choose their area of focus and devote themselves to mastering it. Her advice to budding entrepreneurs is to Arm themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to become an expert in their chosen field. Moreover, she highlights the importance of embracing humility when learning from others, as it catalyzes ongoing growth and advancement. Remember that the quest for knowledge is a lifelong journey, so never stop your pursuit of learning and expanding your understanding.

Inspirational Women within the Industry

Before CharSan, it was a privilege for Saray to work under an exceptional manager with remarkable sales skills and strong leadership abilities. The current sales process at CharSan is a reflection of techniques Saray learned from her. Saray is a firm believer in acknowledging and appreciating the work of others. She emphasizes that it is necessary to uplift and support one another. She adds that our professional success is a combination of hard work and the guidance we receive from inspiring individuals.

Success through Passion, Vision, and Resilience

As a businesswoman, Saray believes that applying the principles of passion, vision, and resilience have been crucial aspects that helped her achieve success. The construction insurance industry is constantly evolving. This evolving nature is one of the reasons why Saray is so passionate about learning and studying the industry. This passion helps Saray stay updated on the latest developments and trends, enabling her to be innovative and offer effective insurance solutions to her clients.

By studying the market and being one step ahead of the competition, Saray can set doable goals for CharSan and work toward achieving them efficiently. The Construction industry also brings its own set of challenges. By staying committed to her goals and never giving up, Saray has overcome them with perseverance.

Business Essentials for Women

Empathy is an essential character trait to build business relationships. Empathy enables women to see things from the perspective of others and understand their needs and motivations better. Saray Uribe says it will help women communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and build trust.

With empathy, women can also develop meaningful connections with their business partners and clients that can foster long-term relationships and increase growth opportunities for business.

Better understanding our clients’ needs and connecting with them enables us to provide more effective solutions for their insurance requirements.”- Saray Uribe.

Specifically within the construction insurance sector, intricately understanding insurance policies, policy forms, wording, underwriting, and risk management is critical. To better understand the dynamic nature of the construction industry, it is vital to have Industry-specific expertise in certain aspects— regulations, safety requirements, and project management.

Construction insurance requires assessing and managing risk. Women with strong analytical skills can identify potential risks, quantify them, and provide solutions to mitigate them. On the other hand, we cannot overlook the ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner to the customers. Clear communication helps businesses build trust and confidence with their clients, further strengthening the relationships.

The Role of Resilience 

Starting and running a business requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Saray approaches her failures and setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve rather than getting discouraged and giving up. Her ability to adapt to new situations and strategies to overcome challenges helps her cope with stress and maintain a positive outlook in difficult situations. Her resilience helps Saray stay motivated, persistent, and focused on long-term goals.

Strategizing the Approach

Saray Uribe does not consider catering to a bilingual audience as a strategy but as a fundamental to connect with her Hispanic clients by understanding their culture. She empathizes with their needs and tries to help them make better decisions regarding their insurance requirements by clarifying the insurance coverage in a way that resonates with them.

These customers refer others to CharSan and receive referrals for themselves, creating a growth cycle. As their businesses expand, it is only natural that the demand for insurance coverage also increases.

Growth is a natural outcome of showing empathy and displaying a genuine interest in their well-being.”- Saray Uribe.

Inspiring Younger Women

Saray Uribe finds the transformative process of building confidence and self-belief especially appealing. In her journey, there were times when she lacked confidence and struggled to envision the person she is today. Saray says it is imperative to acknowledge that cultivating confidence and self-belief is not a small task, especially for women who have worked hard at every step of their lives to achieve success.

When inspiring others to build confidence, one must not underestimate the power of sharing personal experiences and stories. Opening up and revealing experiences takes courage and has an extraordinary impact on inspiring others who want to write their own story. 

Such narratives reassure young women that they are not alone in their struggles and give them the strength and belief to achieve the same level of success.

Career Shaped by Personal Experiences

Our past experiences play a significant role in shaping who we become, says Saray. Growing up in a communist country like Cuba, Saray Uribe had limited opportunities and learned to appreciate every opportunity that arrived her way. In a foreign country like the United States, with a language barrier, away from her family and friends without acquaintances was a challenging situation. However, this challenge helped mold Saray’s attitude toward life. 

You either give up or work hard to succeed, and I choose to strive for success, expressing gratitude for every opportunity that presents itself in my business. Saray Uribe.

The Insurance Company

CharSan Insurance & Consulting is a reputable insurance agency that excels in construction insurance. We proudly cater to a bilingual audience, providing our services in English and Spanish. Our expertise lies in serving the Charlotte Metropolitan Area and its surrounding cities.

Construction Insurance Expertise

One of the primary reasons for the continuous success of CharSan is its commitment to providing top-notch construction insurance expertise merged with a deep understanding of the challenges and risks of construction professionals. Staying informed on the latest industry developments and happenings stops CharSan from offering outdated advice to its customers.

A Range of Services

CharSan offers an array of services range of services from insurance coverage, expert insurance consulting, and assistance with insurance audits to guidance in OCIP/CCIP enrollments.

The company goes beyond simply offering insurance policies tailored to the unique needs of construction companies; it believes in educating its customers about their insurance coverage, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their policies. Additionally, CharSan is committed to assisting its valued clientele with effective risk management solutions, helping them safeguard their businesses.

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