Seattle rapper Pompeiii drops third album of 2021, Love Is Un-Reckless Part 1

SEATTLE , WASHINGTON, USA, December 28, 2021 / — On October 31, 2021 Seattle-via-Hawaii rapper Pompeiii dropped his third album of 2021, Love Is Un-Reckless Part 1. At seven songs and 17 minutes long, the album is his most personal yet, a fiery ode to the islands that raised him up through the volcanic Hawaiian spirit.

With his previous albums, Pompeiii was always looking outward — trying to rhyme better, flow smoother, hit harder. Love, however, comes from within. He raps about his previous drug addiction, parent neglect, and family struggles, the words all flowing like lava. On first track “The Mist” he raps about his mother’s struggle to find love (“You a diamond! Anyone out here playing games, they can’t be on the same plane as you”). Fourth and standout track “Joy” is about the birth of his twin daughters, born at 23 weeks weighing 1 lb and 6 ozs. The chorus features Pompeiii’s wife and mother singing about how their faith in God got them through (“All I need, I know you put into me. It’s joy, joy”).

“When I wrote this album it hit me so hard, with such a shock, that I slipped backward into deep rooted pain,” he said. “I didn’t eat a whole lot. I lost sleep, and I almost lost my family and job. It was an instant reminder of everything I’ve been through. And now a constant reminder of how much further I can go!”

Pompeiii said he titled the album Love Is Un-Reckless because, from the islands to the hood, he wants people to know that within the impossibilities of hardship, there’s also hope to see what victory brings.

“Love seems unreliable by all the pain it offers, but when you make it through that pain you realize how strong you are,” he said.

The rapper is working on a national tour and a “Pompeii returns to Hawaii” homecoming show. And, of course, new music to keep bringing the fire.

“This album is just part 1. Expect more,” said Pompeiii. “Expect absolutely nothing less to come from me in terms of intensity and soul wrenching music. And expect me to return much quicker for my next

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