Five Tips to Select the Right Cream Charger Brand for Your Commercial Kitchen

5 Tips to Select Right Cream Charger Brand | The Enterprise World

A right cream charger is a highly useful tool for any commercial kitchen that makes desserts, no matter whether it’s a coffee shop that needs a frothy topping or an all-American dinner serving hot fudge sundaes. These can be a significant investment – and, given that they utilize cans of pressurized nitrous oxide, they can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

It’s essential that you source your whipped cream dispenser from a reputable company known for quality products at a good price, but with so many different brands on the market, it can be difficult to identify which business deserves your order. However, using these five tips, you can avoid wasting money and find a hard-working charger that will serve you for years to come.

Here are 5 tips to select right cream charger brand:

1. Check if the company has a history of recalls or lawsuits

This is a consideration that many ignore when making large purchases, but it can be one of the best warning signs of a bad business. Instead of immediately looking at product reviews, investigate the company as a whole, looking for any liability lawsuits due to defective products. While one filing might not identify a repeat offender, multiple lawsuits all alleging the same thing may tell you that the manufacturer has shoddy work practices and hasn’t cleaned up their act. Given that even right cream charger can explode if improperly sealed, defects aren’t just an annoyance but a potentially fatal danger, so any whipped cream dispenser company with liability lawsuits to their name should get a pass from you.

2. Ensure there are adequate safety features

As mentioned earlier, right cream charger are under high pressure, so they need to be handled carefully and designed with safety in mind. A good product will have multiple safeguards, including quick-release nozzles so that you can completely empty the canister if necessary, as well as non-threaded necks to prevent overfilling. The canisters should be designed in accordance with DOT-39 and ISO standards for safety, and the manufacturer should provide clear guidance on how to handle and utilize the product.

5 Tips to Select Right Cream Charger Brand | The Enterprise World

Investigate the specs of a right cream charger; if there’s not enough information on the seller’s website, consider reaching out to them and asking for more information. Most manufacturers are happy to explain everything you need to know for safe usage, so don’t hesitate.

You should also try to purchase everything from the same manufacturer to ensure that they all work well together: slight differences in construction might cause poor performance, or they may lead to serious leaks that compromise the safety of your kitchen.

3. Investigate the gas quality to ensure that you’ll get the best functionality

Whip cream chargers should use food-grade, ultra-pure nitrous oxide. It’s essential that this be formulated for food applications, because nitrous oxide manufactured for other purposes, such as medical use, may not have the right composition, or it may have harmful additives which should not be placed in food.

5 Tips to Select Right Cream Charger Brand | The Enterprise World

While you don’t need to become a chemist to ensure you’re getting the best quality, do check that the package lists the concentration and that they guarantee a lack of impurities.

4. Read reviews to find a well-respected vendor

As a rule of thumb, you should look on at least two different websites outside of the actual company site; remember that the company will cherry-pick those reviews that make them look great, as they have no reason to place bad news on their own page. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource for information on businesses: they host both customer reviews and their own investigations on a company’s business practices to give you a holistic understanding of the business’s reputation.

5. Consider the volume of whipped cream you need and buy accordingly

If you’re in an industrial pastry kitchen, you need to process a lot of whipped cream per day, so right cream chargers will simply not cut it: you need large whippits that you won’t need to constantly replace during the day. As such, you should look for companies that specialize in large canisters of nitrous oxide.

5 Tips to Select Right Cream Charger Brand | The Enterprise World

Even if you don’t make whipped cream regularly, you may still choose to buy a larger canister because it lasts a long time. right cream chargers do have a shelf life of about five years: the gas itself does not go bad, but the seals on the canister may begin to degrade after a time, making it unsafe to use. If it’s been a while since you used the canister, be sure to inspect it carefully for leaks or rust for safety reasons.

Final thoughts

A whipped cream dispenser can be an invaluable tool in a commercial kitchen, but the charger is only as good as the company that made it. Given that you should buy the entire system from the same company and that you should only use the company’s canisters in the system, it’s important that you select a good manufacturer that you feel comfortable partnering with for the long term. By looking at your purchasing decision from a variety of angles, you can find an right cream charger that will serve your kitchen for years, bringing delight to all your customers with every dollop.

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