Smart Offices: Hype or Necessity?

Smart Offices: Hype or Necessity? | The Enterprise World

Over the years, technology has changed many things in our lives and one of the primary example is the way people work. You are no longer expected to be physically present at work. Now work can be done from anywhere at any time without coming to the Smart Offices.

With the help of technology, you can be on your vacation in a different country; or different times zone and still get to collaborate with your team. In the current time, office jargons have changed. Hybrid working, on-site working, remote working, smart office, hot-desking and so much more, it seems that advancement in technology has changed the bibliography of work.

A recent and most impactful change in office technology is the IoT or the internet of things. For the first time, machines that were once under your control can now communicate with each other, collaborate and take decisions based on automation. We have all been in a situation where we forgot our office access card so; we had to stand outside and wait for the manual access, or the office was too cold for our liking, the lights were too bright or the workspace was occupied.

With IoT, now your office remembers your workdays, logs you in on time, and adjusts your workstation based on your personal preferences. IoT does not just offer you control but also makes your work process faster and more fun.

Smart Offices: Hype or Necessity? | The Enterprise World

Your small home office can become a smart office as well with IoT, so you can work better and be more productive. From keeping your coffee warm to making sure your office chair adjusts based on your posture, the smart office is revolutionizing the work environment.

To convert your ordinary office into a smart office, you just need smart devices set up and good internet. For smart home offices, we recommend Optimum Internet. The full home Wi-Fi coverage and no data cap offered by Optimum Internet make it a perfect pick for a smart office as it keeps your devices connected regardless of the location and placement at home.

What Is Smart Office?

Smart is the word that beautifully sums up the current tech era. From phones to appliances, everything around us is “smart.” Moreover, now buildings can be made smart by using IoT. Smart schools, smart hospitals, smart homes, and smart offices are a few of the notable examples of smart buildings. Well technically, when you use IoT in appliances that are located within a place, it covers that place in “smart.”

Smart Offices: Hype or Necessity? | The Enterprise World

A Smart office utilized technology to ensure that employee hones their full potential and completes their work effortlessly. Smart offices include a mix of smart devices, sensors, and machine learning to curate a workspace that focuses on boosting work productivity and making sure the workspace energy can be conserved to the maximum.

A smart office can have different purposes and it can have different features as well. Most companies like to customize the features based on the need of their business and employees.

Some of the main features that most businesses add to their smart offices include:

  • Hot-desking
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart furnishing
  • Temperature censoring and air quality maintenance
  • Internal Communication portals for unified communication
  • Biometric verification
  • Seat and station occupancy sensor
  • Automated and customized data access

Is Smart Office A Necessity Of Current Times?

Most people think that a smart office is a luxury and only corporate offices with a billion dollar worth can afford this extravagance. However, post-pandemic when “work from home vs. work from office” has become a hot debate, smart offices have become a necessity.

The idea behind this necessity is that people who work from home are not willing to leave this privilege and the only way to bring them back to the office is to make the workplace more welcoming and inviting. Smart offices are not only helping in bringing more people back to the office but also boosting the productivity of the employees.

Smart Offices: Hype or Necessity? | The Enterprise World

Companies are now using simple IoT automation devices to cut off middle management saving billions of dollars. By using smart furniture, desk sensor, and automation devices, they can ensure that employee enjoys complete autonomy without feeling micro-monitored.

Apart from this, people who choose to work remotely can deliver work on time without any lag. In the current economic situation where inflation is on the rise, more people are taking part-time and consultancy-based jobs. To make sure you work on multiple jobs while keeping your health in check, the smart office can boost your productivity.

This is not just limited to making your posture comfortable for a long work routine but also helps you to stay connected to everyone at work regardless of the time difference and location.

IoT now helps companies to offer customized access to data based on the designation and department. Apart from making your workplace comfortable and helping you boost your productivity, it also helps you financially cope with inflation. Most IoT-based software automates your simple and iterative tasks so you can complete your work timely.

There is no doubt that IoT devices are expensive but in long run, they are an investment in your career. In this way, you will be able to maximize your career, learn more, and earn more.

Wrap Up

To sum it all up, the smart office might seem like a luxury but post-pandemic it has become a necessity for both businesses and employees. More businesses are now opting for smart offices to lure and retain their employees while employees feel welcomed at the office due to IoT.

Smart Offices

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