6 Smart Tips For Professional Product Packaging

Smart Tips For Professional Product Packaging

Imagine yourself as a buyer. What are the things you consider when buying a product? Is it the price? The quality? Or the brand? These are the common factors people consider when buying different items in the grocery or other shops. But there is one factor that stands out among them, the Product Packaging.  

Most people choose a product encased in a sleekier and creatively designed container rather than a branded product yet covered in lousy and dull packaging. This means that the manufacturer has succeeded in enticing its target consumers to buy its products. But what exactly is the packaging?  

Product packaging comes in various shapes, forms, colors, and materials, whether it’s a cover for your favorite candy or a box of your new phone. It is also the first impression people get when they see a product. But remember, your chosen packaging also represents your brand and company.  

The most important thing when planning a new product packaging is the design. This is responsible for calling people to purchase your product. But it’s not an easy task, as the culture and demands are gradually changing over time. So, here are the best tips to create professional-looking packaging:

1. Know Your Customers

Who will buy your products? What are your target generations? This is the most important factor to consider. When designing Product Packaging, you should determine your target market. This is called customer persona (CP).  

Here are things you need to consider to identify your target consumer properly: 

  • Colors and structures 
  • Customer values 
  • Customer lifestyle 
  • Adaptive to changes 

Understanding your market will help you decide your Product Packaging and marketing strategy. So, do your homework and study the market you choose to serve.  

2. Use Multiple Designs

As much as possible, don’t get stuck on using one design, unless your company uses a minimalistic approach. it would be best if you consider using multiple designs that would complement each other to showcase and highlight your product.  

Know what designs are eye-catching and will stand out among your competitors’ products. You may ask your family and friends about the designs that catch their attention.  

Also, it would be best if you make sure that your designs go hand-in-hand with the material you use. This is to avoid wasting your packaging supplies in case your design fails.

Smart Tips For Professional Product Packaging sub

3. Highlight The Benefits

Does your Product Packaging highlight the benefits of your product? These are what most people consider when they read the label of the product. But make sure that you are not misleading the market by placing fake claims.  

Depending on your product, you may highlight the goals of using it. So, focus on the current demands of the customer to know what benefits most people need. 

4. Check Your Price Point

Do not forget that people will still consider the price of your product no matter how attractive your packaging is. So, make sure that your product is within the price point. However, if you think your product shows refinement and exclusivity, it’s fine to proceed on a bit higher price point, but do not exaggerate the price. 

5. Check Your Competitors

Of course, if you want to stand out in the market, you should at least look and study your competitors’ products, especially if they are successful in providing the best Product Packaging. 

You may purchase their product to have an in-depth look at the Product Packaging material used, or you may visit their store and see how people react to their products. 

Here are some questions you might need to consider: 

  • What colors are they using? You need to make sure that yours are not the same as theirs. You want yours to stand out even better than theirs. 
  • What packaging are they using? Is it paper? A clamshell? Or a box? 
  • What flavor/s are they selling? 
  • Do they have multiple series of products? 

Knowing the competition will give you an advantage in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and use these weaknesses against them.  

6. Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Nowadays, more people are considering products made or encased in an eco-friendly material. They feel the need to take part even in the smallest ways in the ever-changing environment.  

Here are the reasons why people opt for eco-friendly products: 

  • Eco-friendly products lower their carbon footprint 
  • Eco-friendly products are easier to dispose of 
  • Green products are healthier for people 
  • Green products reduce shipping costs 

Final Words 

After reading this, there should be no hesitation to push your ideas to the limit. Just make sure that your packaging is functional, informative, entertaining, and crazily creative. With these tips and ideas, you’ll surely be able to create an exciting and eye-catching product. Remember, consider these ideas wisely, or you may consider them all if you want.

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