How to Grow Your Business on Social Media?

Use of Social Media for Small Business to grow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

Social media popularity has exploded over the year.  Consequently, using it for marketing is a must for businesses big or small.  But to get the most of your efforts particularly when marketing for small businesses, isn’t always easy.  So, how do you maximize the benefits of your social media for small business?. Klik Digital, a full-service marketing agency, has put gathered these tips for growing your business.

  • PRESENCE!  Having a presence on the most popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, is critical.  You also need high-quality content that your customers are seeking. Start small and expand your reach to all accounts that your audience uses.
  • ENGAGEMENT! It is called social for a reason. It is intended for two-way interaction. Just posting good content isn’t enough. Read comments, respond quickly, answer questions, and foster conversations.
  • TRAFFIC! Include links to your website in all posts and use compelling calls to action to generate more traffic your way.
  • PROMOTIONS! Advertising with promotions and offers can be a great way to reach a wider audience and target your ads to specific demographics.

Let’s see how to use Use of Social Media for Small Business to grow:

1. Go Local! Social Media for Local Businesses

Local businesses can make social media platforms work to drive more traffic their way. Whether bringing foot traffic through your doors or generating more followers or visitors to your sites, social media platforms are a powerful tool. Here are some specific ways local businesses can tap the potential of these platforms:

Use of Social Media for Small Business to grow in 2023 | The Enterprise World
  • Use local hashtags: Hashtags, once wildly popular, are still a great way to reach people interested in businesses in your area.
  • Run local contests and giveaways: Who doesn’t love a good chance to win something? Contests and giveaways generate excitement and buzz around your business and draw both foot and web traffic your way.
  • Partner with other local businesses: Partnering with other local businesses is a great way to cross-promote your businesses and reach more potential customers.

2. Social Media for Small Business Owner

Use of social media for small business owners can save time and money, build relationships with customers, and grow their businesses with strategic use of these online platforms. Consider these tidbits in your social media approach:

Automation makes social media marketing a “no fuss” event.  No more juggling of scheduling posts, sending out emails, and posting videos.  Focus on other important components of your business operations by automating these tasks with some great tools available for a nominal cost or free. 

Use of Social Media for Small Business to grow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

Customer service can be boosted with social media. Respond to comments and questions quickly and professionally. Even negative comments warrant a professional response and demonstrate your willingness to “make it right” for your customers. 

Gathering feedback from your customers is easy and always helpful in making needed improvements in your products, services, and content.

3. Advertising on Social Media for Small Business

advertising on Social media small businesses can be a great way for to reach a wider audience and target their ads to specific demographics. But remember these concepts when moving forward:

  • Set realistic goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  • Track your results: Data matters. Start with a baseline and track throughout the campaign to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Adjust as needed: Let your data drive adjustments as needed. This will help you get the most out of your social media advertising budget and efforts.
Use of Social Media for Small Business to grow in 2023 | The Enterprise World

Social media for small business owners, particularly using a strategy to market to a local audience, can turn “ho hum” into marketing fun!  Expand your reach, build customer loyalty, generate leads, and grow your business, especially if you have the savvy to turn your goals into positive outcomes. 
If social media isn’t for you, outsourcing to a qualified digital marketing agency is a great alternative.  Klik Digital is positioned to implement a solid campaign customized to your business goals, locally and beyond.  Reach out and let us be your marketing partner and take your business to new heights!

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