Sourcing Used Machinery: The Complete Guide to Procurement

Sourcing Used Machinery The Complete Guide to Procurement-min

Whatever type of machinery you require for your business, you can save a lot of money by buying second-hand. There is a thriving market for used and refurbished machines, so it is easier than you may think to find the type of Used Machinery you are after. However, you need to make certain the vendor is trustworthy and the equipment is in full working order, as well as make other checks before you buy. If you are going to source used machinery, here is a complete guide to the procurement process.

Where to Purchase Used Machinery

First off, you need to know your purchasing options. You will be able to find used machinery through dealers, private sellers, auctions, and online marketplaces. The latter is often the best option because you can easily source the precise type of machinery you are looking for, compare different equipment, and browse the machinery online anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you do not need to spend valuable hours calling up vendors and waiting for details of machines to be emailed to you. With a reputable online seller of used machinery, the buying process becomes much simpler and quicker.

For example, you can buy or sell your plastic equipment with Revelation Machinery. So, whether you need screw extruders, blow molders or thermoforming equipment, you can purchase the machinery from various leading brands. In fact, at Revelation Machinery’s website, you can get a wide range of fabrication and CNC machinery, from lathes and CNC hydraulic press brake machines to lasers and machining centers.

View Images and Documentation Before Purchasing

You should always look at the machinery you are considering buying before you part with your cash. If you can, you should see the equipment in person, but that is not always viable. So, ensure the vendor can provide detailed photographs from various angles. If the seller can provide a short video of the machine, that is even better. You also need to do a background check on the machinery before you buy. If applicable, get the serial number so you can run a historical search. And ensure you are able to look through the equipment’s service records. Also, ask any questions you have about the specific machine.

Basically, you need to find out as much as possible about the Used Machinery before you purchase it to determine whether it is reliable and can handle the tasks you want it for.

Do Market Research

It is important that you shop around and compare different machines to gauge what the going rate is for the specific user equipment you want to buy and how different machines’ conditions can affect their prices. So, spend some time doing market research to ensure you get your machine at the best price. While you will not want to pay over the odds for your used machinery, you also need to be wary of equipment that is massively underpriced, as that is a red flag. Know the basic price range for the used machine you want to purchase so you can better find trustworthy equipment.

Consider the Transportation of the Machinery

It is not only the cost of the machinery itself that you need to think about before buying. You also need to consider the costs of transportation. You could sometimes reduce your overall purchasing costs by handling the transportation of the equipment to your premises yourself. Other times, dealers provide complete packages that include transportation in the purchase cost. Do not be afraid of negotiating, too. You could potentially ask for a lower price by saying you will deal with the transportation yourself. Just make sure you do your calculations to know what the best option is before you go down that route.

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