You thought Starbucks orders are complicated, you forgot to add the exposure to Hepatitis A in the list!

Starbucks employee tested positive for Hepatitis A

This shocking news surfaced from the state of New Jersey, where a Starbucks was closed down. This incident took place in the Starbucks located at 1490 Blackwood Clementon Road in Gloucester. 

This Thanksgiving just turned your pumpkin spice latte with a secret ingredient – Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is caused by the HAV (Hepatitis A virus) which causes an inflammation of the liver.

It is a highly contagious liver infection, which spreads from contaminated food, water, or contact with someone infected. Though it is preventable by vaccine, the recovery time ranges between three to six months if treated on time.

How Starbucks became the Wuhan for Hepatitis A

When the employee had completed a Hepatitis test, he/she was found positive and has been working for six days, potentially shedding the virus. What this means is thousands of people are at risk of getting exposed to the virus.

Reportedly, the employee did not work after being tested positive for HAV. It was determined that he might have been contagious before testing positive for HAV.

The employee worked through November 4 to 6, and November 11 to 13. So if you have visited this Starbucks, you better get your first dose of vaccine soon.

What happens ahead and what are the preventions taken

Camden County Department of Health got a hold of this on November 17. They realized the situation and called for immediate investigation. The Food Surveillance Unit found no evidence of any food safety violations.

A representative also stated that the employee did not work after testing positive for the HAV. It was thus decided to close the place down till the vaccine and testing of other employees are completed.

The CDC recommends that anyone who has been potentially exposed to HAV should get the vaccine as soon as possible. The time stipulated to get the vaccine is 2 weeks. So, if you have visited that Starbucks and do not have a hepatitis A vaccination, do visit the nearest hospital and get one.

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