6 Startups that are Innovating Their Industries

6 Startups Are Innovating Their Industries | The Enterprise World

Startups are continuously playing a key role in shaping a range of industries on a global scale. From disrupting the status quo, and challenging the norm, to introducing more innovative solutions, these up-and-coming challengers to standard practices are mapping out the future of the business ecosystem.

And while it’s no secret that startups are innovating their industries and have been challenged this past year, progressive leaders and cutting-edge technologies continue to be the fuel to drive growth to their industries and own their respective categories.

Today, 6 emerging startups are innovating their industries currently by leveraging advanced solutions, out-of-the-box methodologies, and modern leadership. From real estate, and foodtech, to healthcare, these organizations have grown leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, further solidifying their positions as the ones to watch out for this 2023.

Here are 6 startups are innovating their industries:

1. Real Estate

With the emergence of smart building technology and PropTech, experts believe that the real estate industry will continue to be disrupted. At the forefront of this movement is MyTower, an Israel-based startup that offers a cutting-edge property intelligence management platform that connects and enhances property and service management, bringing the entire ecosystem under one virtual roof.

MyTower utilizes IoT and AI advancements to assist various clients, such as real estate developers, property managers, and tenants. Their solution facilitates the integration and improvement of property and service management tasks. This includes activities like rent collection, on-demand concierge services, a tenant loyalty program, and a marketplace that offers a range of local and Israeli Internet of Buildings (IoB) solutions catering to the requirements of both property owners and landlords.

2. Healthcare

6 Startups Are Innovating Their Industries | The Enterprise World

Global healthcare accessibility has always been an issue and continues to persist as one of the biggest pains for any patient around the world. While strides have been made, the healthcare industry still has a big room for improvement. Aiming to fill this void is Evinature, a startup that leads cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for IBD.

The Evinature team emphasizes the importance of ensuring that healthcare places a high priority on enabling patients worldwide to have access to precise medical evaluations and affordable treatments. They advocate for a streamlined process without biased trends or misleading information. Their platform assists patients in following the CurQD™ Protocol, which comprises personalized treatment plans based on innovative research in natural remedies.

3. FinTech

FinTech is one of the fastest-growing industries over the last several years. After changing the way people shop, bank, and invest, FinTech startups are innovating their industries and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. At the epicenter of this surge is Ava Labs, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality.

Ava Labs simplifies the process of implementing efficient solutions for Web3, driven by advancements made on the Avalanche platform. Founded by computer scientists from Cornell University, in collaboration with experienced professionals from Wall Street and early pioneers in Web3 technology, the company aims to revolutionize the construction and utilization of open, permissionless networks.

4. Cyber Security

The cyber security space has rapidly grown throughout the years, particularly during the pandemic where data breaching, phishing, and leaks have been notably rampant across multiple industries. Snyk, a software startup that offers developer-first analysis tools to identify and fix open-source vulnerabilities, aims to redefine cybersecurity with best-in-class AI.

6 Startups Are Innovating Their Industries | The Enterprise World

Snyk enables enterprises to enhance their development speed while maintaining robust security measures. Its platform efficiently finds and resolves security issues in proprietary code, open-source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure. This empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate security measures into their continuous development process.

5. eCommerce

With the surge of consumers opting for online shopping, the eCommerce industry is projected to experience substantial growth in 2023. This proves to skeptics that the transition to online purchases during the pandemic was not a fluke – it is here to stay. Well aware of this movement, eCommerce startup JungleScout aims to provide entrepreneurs and brands with powerful data and resources to foster the growth of successful businesses on Amazon.

The team at JungleScout comprises over 215 Amazon experts worldwide, with headquarters based in Austin, Texas, and two international offices. Despite coming from various parts of the globe, their collective passion for supporting sellers and brands on Amazon unifies them.

6. FoodTech

From enhancing the entire process of food production to introducing new and innovative food alternatives, FoodTech startups are innovating their industries dedicated to utilizing technology to establish improved systems for food production, incorporating advancements in agriculture. INSEACT is one of the key players in overhauling how people view and consume food by providing sustainable and healthy food sources for the world through modern technologies.

6 Startups Are Innovating Their Industries | The Enterprise World

The majority of seafood available in the market is sourced from aquaculture, where wild-caught fish are commonly used as a protein source in feed. INSEACT disrupts this practice by substituting fish protein with insect protein. They cultivate larvae of the black soldier fly, which are fed with waste derived from the palm oil industry that would have otherwise been disposed of in landfills. INSEACT’s innovative protein solution for shrimp aquaculture proves to be more financially advantageous compared to conventional feed alternatives.

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