5 Stylish Outdoor Bench Ideas for Your Garden

5 Stylish Outdoor Bench Idea for Garden | The Enterprise World

As a business owner, your curb appeal is a massive aspect of how you’re perceived by clients and customers.

Around 70% of first-time sales are directly influenced by a small business’s curb appeal. Having an outdoor garden is a great way to boost the exterior appearance of your business, but giving customers an area to relax in the garden is even better.

Today, we’re going to give you 5 stylish outdoor bench ideas to breathe new life into your garden. By providing a place to sit and smell the flowers, your clients will appreciate the effort you put into making them comfortable. Keep reading and learn how to do it the right way.

Here are 5 stylish outdoor bench idea for garden:

1. Keep It Classic

You can’t go wrong with the classic park bench style. They’re inviting, affordable, and comfortable for 2-3 people to sit on at one time.

5 Stylish Outdoor Bench Idea for Garden | The Enterprise World

If you’re wondering where you’re likely to find classic park-style benches, Polly Products is the answer. They’ve got sustainable recycled plastic benches in a variety of styles, but the classic garden bench is their bread and butter. Get one for your garden and you’ll see how effective this type of bench can be.

2. Antique Cast Iron

Everyone loves the antique bench look with a nice mix of wood and cast iron. These vintage-style benches aren’t the most comfortable, but people are often drawn to them from nostalgia.

You may need to search high and low for one of these at a vintage shop but place it in your garden, and you’ll instantly have a hip aesthetic. If you can manage to find two of them and a matching table, your guests will never want to leave.

3. Bring a Cushion

5 Stylish Outdoor Bench Idea for Garden | The Enterprise World

There’s definitely something to be said for comfort in a simple outdoor bench. Typically, with outdoor furniture, you’re trying to match the aesthetic of your seating with the look of your garden. Give someone a cushioned bench and they’ll thank you, however.

4. Wood Slats

Wood slat benches come in all shapes and sizes, so this one can get pretty fun. These mid-20th century benches can be comfortable as-is, but add a backrest, and you’ll be in great shape.

Choose walnut slats with a glossy finish and you’ll have something a bit more modern looking. Place one of these along a pathway so guests and employees have a place to sit and admire your garden on the way into your business.

5. Salvage

5 Stylish Outdoor Bench Idea for Garden | The Enterprise World

Depending on the style of your garden, you can try to make unique outdoor benches out of salvaged materials. Old doors make for great benches, but you can also use old fence posts or any recycled wood you find. It’s another great way to make a sustainable bench for your garden.

Outdoor Bench Ideas Galore

These are just a few outdoor bench ideas to give you inspiration for your garden. Give people a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, and they’ll be far more likely to remember your business fondly. Try out one or more of these ideas for garden benches and spruce up your outdoor space today.

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