Susan Semmelmann- Bringing Dreams and Visions to Reality

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The interior design industry is on the rise, with more and more people turning to professional designers to create beautiful homes and offices. Interior design is the art and science of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Visionaries with a deep understanding of both style and function are rare, and are the ones wanted the most. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this special edition of The Most Successful Business Leader to Watch Out is one such creative visionary, Susan Semmelmann, who is helping bring dreams to reality with her exceptional designs. 

The Journey of an Entrepreneur-

“As the founder of Susan Semmelmann Interiors, I wear many hats.”

Apart from looking over the day-to-day operations and making sure the ship is sailing straight, Susan Semmelmann also oversees the client delivery and satisfaction, manages logistics of the team, and sets goals and visions for the company’s continued growth and development. 

Being an entrepreneur, it is important to have a bird’s eye view of the company logistics, but for Susan like to mix it up. Being at the ground level with the clients and the team is something that gives Susan Semmelmann the inspiration and the motivation to keep moving forward. 

“If I’m at work, that means I am on the move from project to project, making sure my clients are happy and jobs are running smoothly – the only way to do that is eye-to-eye and shoulder-to-shoulder. I love what I do, and it brings me great joy to know that while we make our clients’ home dreams come true, we are also making a way to support organizations in our community that make dreams come true for others.” says Susan Semmelmann.

Susan Semmelmann- Leading the Way-

Susan has been in the construction and design industries for over 25 years. Susan owned a construction company with her husband, which helped shape her way to see all aspects of design. 

“This line of work has always been a natural fit for me.”

Susan gained years of experience integrating design elements into the foundation stages of a home during the construction detailing process. Creating something beautiful from the ground up, from the framework to the finishing touches, is pure magic. 

“It’s the realization of a dream for my clients and I am grateful to be part of that process. Giving back to those around me is the common thread that flows through everything I do and everything my company stands for – it’s our cornerstone.”, adds Susan. 

A Journey of Many Accolades-

“My work, and the work of my team, speaks for itself through awards acknowledging our professional and philanthropic pursuits.”

Susan has been a recipient of several awards including-
  • Philanthropist of the Year
  • Best of Design
  • Best of Houzz
  • Best Luxury Interior Design Firm in Texas
  • Most Influential People in Fort Worth
  • Entrepreneur of Excellence Award
  • Most Innovative Interior Design Firm
  • 10 Most Powerful Leaders Revamping the Future

Susan Semmelmann Interiors has recently won 7 awards at the Fort Worth Magazine ASIDs Awards, and also have the honor of being a five-time Fort Worth Dream Home designer.

Susan Semmelmann Interiors- Turning Dreams into Reality

Susan Semmelmann Interiors is a full-service design firm – start to finish. The firm has every aspect of construction and design covered, from renovating an existing home to walking clients through a new build from the ground up with the construction detailing services.

The company also has its own manufacturing facility for the Susan Semmelmann Interiors Collection of furnishings, bedding, and drapery so the clients can have a fully custom design experience if they prefer. The experts at the company can take a design vision from CAD to reality in no time at all!

The team goes directly to the mills to source their luxury fabrics; the options for customization are endless. They also carry hundreds of fabulous vendor lines to fill the need for any taste or style. 

“Our Fort Worth Design Studio and online store will open to the public so we can share our resources and expertise with the public and other designers as well!”

Challenging the Challenges-

“One thing I know about challenges is to always expect them; they are a part of life, and the response we choose determines our trajectory moving forward.”

The learning curve is steep when starting something new and exciting, and to see every curveball as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop expertise as one goes along is the true calling of an entrepreneur. 

“One major life experience set the tone for how I deal with adversity – just over ten years ago, my husband developed a very rare, life-threatening form of bone cancer. During that time, every day that I woke up and he was still here was a gift. Thankfully, he beat all odds and is still by my side today. 

This season developed my grit and determination, my heart of pure gratitude for the supportive community that rallied around us, and my mission to give back. It planted the seeds and laid the foundation for everything my business stands for today.”, says Susan. 

Susan Semmelmann Interiors’ Suite of Products and Services-

“I think our edge is more about a mindset than anything else.”

Susan Semmelmann Interiors exists as a design firm to be a blessing, to have a positive impact, to be intentional with its clients to deliver top notch service and results, and to pay forward its successes to help others. The heart of giving is the backbone of what the team does. 

Professionally and practically speaking, Susan Semmelmann Interiors is a turn-key design firm that focuses on delivering excellence. The team has the ability to walk their clients from construction through completion—start to finish. 

“We provide many levels of custom consultation and design options, as well as hundreds of top-quality vendor lines offering art, décor, and furnishings.”

With an eye on supply-chain issues, the firm is focused on diversifying product access and availability to cover the clients’ needs, including opening their own furniture manufacturing facility! The firm also custom designs and manufactures its own lines of bedding and drapery.

Innovating to Stay Ahead-

“Innovation is the cornerstone of cutting-edge design! We are always thinking forward while we stay rooted in what we know to be true about the foundations and structures of quality design. We opened our manufacturing facility with innovation in mind. On a practical note, with an eye on supply chain issues, we knew that opening the facility would provide a better guarantee that our clients would have access to pieces they want in a timely manner. 

On a much more artistic and creative note, bringing our clients’ dreams and visions to life from CAD to reality is so much fun! We stood in a client’s kitchen and sketched a gorgeous copper range hood on a napkin. It went from napkin sketch to CAD system to manufacturing, and voila! A stunning, one-of-a-kind range hood was born! How fun is that? If our clients can dream it, we can do it.”, says Susan. 

What Makes Susan Semmelmann Interiors Stand Out-

At Susan Semmelmann Interiors, the client is always involved in the design process unless they prefer to be hands-off. The team begins by casting the big picture, the overall look and feel of the home. 

Once that foundation is established, they start filling in the details and narrowing the choices of materials, furnishings, décor, artwork to best fit the desired outcome. 

“Our firm carries hundreds of luxury vendor lines to suit any taste or style. In addition, we offer an in-house line of fully customizable furnishings, bedding, and drapery. If our clients can dream it, we can do it!”

The Next Big Thing-

“While we build dreams for our clients, we have also built something exciting in Fort Worth! Our 10,000 square foot building houses our firm offices as well as our Fort Worth Design Studio. The studio will soon to be open to the public, along with our online store and custom in-house manufacturing options. The concept is to open these resources to the public and give other designers more options to offer their clients. 

I’m passionate about sharing what I have to help others…help others! By providing these options, we can reach beyond our physical location through online ordering and virtual design consultation – there is no limit to our availability across the globe!”, says Susan. 

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