Telemedicine, a step into the future or the unknown?

telemedicine is the future of healthcare

Telemedicine – Future of Healthcare

The year 2020, has not only changed the decade-old methodologies of perception at things but also provided a complete change in the functioning of things which were run according to set guidelines and rules. As the world shifted to the online mode of work and education, the new trend of over the internet or mobile started taking effect.

A lot of industries started offering their products/service via the internet and this brought in a new revolution as what seemed very difficult to execute and achieve was done in a matter of few months. No one can deny that the online system is still not perfect nor equivalent to the physical form of work, it has its plethora of advantages when compared with physical presence or form of work. One such industry which no one imagined would run so efficiently and smoothly over the mobile or internet is Telemedicine.

Telemedicine refers to providing care and treatments to the patients when they are not physically present in a hospital or clinic. Telemedicine is the future of healthcare, This has its pros and cons but looking at it from a macro level, this has changed the face and functioning of medical treatment and paved the way for new possibilities and enhancements in how a patient receives medical treatment.

Telemedicine and its effects

Telemedicine has made us look at medical treatments differently from what they previously were, as now one can avail best doctors and medical treatments at the benefits of sitting in their home without having to worry about missing appointments, the driving in traffic and of course, the large waiting queue at the hospitals/clinic. Moreover, therapy sessions, etc. are also conducted online with ease of comfort and without delays in appointments.

With medical treatments provided over mobile, one can avail the benefits of having treatment from the best doctors around the globe or any city, with most hospitals/clinics having an app which you can download and provide the necessary information and paperwork which not only saves time but also makes it easy for the hospitals/clinics to keep a track record of the patients, so they do not have to worry on the next appointment for the prescriptions and other important documents, reports, etc.

Thus, what before was a tedious task involving a lot of checkpoints and hassle has been simplified and provided in such a beautiful and smooth process that it does not only enhance the patient’s experience and satisfaction but also enhances the time management and performance of the doctors. Although Telemedicine has its drawbacks when it comes to providing smooth and efficient medical treatment, looking at the ongoing pandemic and the circumstances we are facing, the little troubles can be overlooked as they are being worked on effortlessly to provide a hassle-free and best-in-class treatment to all the patients.

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare

Telemedicine still being a new practice to provide medical treatment does not give us a lot of information to break it down further and evaluate it step by step, but that does not hold it back from becoming one of the best adaptations and a solid step of overcoming the problem of providing hassle-free and efficient medical treatment to the patients. The long-term effects will unfold over time, but if it solves the short term we are facing because of the pandemic, then can it be called a bold yet revolutionizing step or a step into the unknown.

If we can remove 50 per cent of the people taking time off work and arranging for child care so they can sit in the waiting room to just receive a diagnosis to wait it out … it just makes the health care system more efficient.

  • Nate Gladwell, director of the University of Utah telehealth program

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