Tesla Model 3 Highland Spotted Uncovered in the US: Awaited US Launch Raises Questions

Tesla Model 3 Highland Spotted Uncovered in the US | The Enterprise World


In a surprising turn of events, a Tesla Model 3 “Highland” was recently sighted being tested without any camouflage on the roads of the United States. This unusual sight revealed the car’s front and rear bumpers, providing a sneak peek of what American customers can expect from Tesla in the near future. The Model 3 Highland has already been introduced in various global markets, including Asia, Europe, and parts of the Middle East. However, it has yet to reach the hands of eager customers in the United States.

Regulatory Hurdles and On-Road Testing

Speculation is rife that Tesla might be facing regulatory hurdles, particularly from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), before they can officially launch the Model 3 Highland in the US. The automaker’s decision to conduct on-road testing of the vehicle hints at the meticulous evaluation it is undergoing before hitting American streets. This approach echoes the company’s strategy with previous releases, such as the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

The spotted Model 3 Highland was captured on Highway 280 in California, nestled between the bustling cities of San Francisco and San Jose. Notably, it was equipped with manufacturer plates, confirming that this was indeed Tesla testing the vehicle. Furthermore, the vehicle’s design appeared consistent with its Eastern Hemisphere counterpart, indicating that the global model will remain largely unchanged for the US market.

Uncertainty Surrounding the US Launch

Despite the anticipation surrounding the Model 3 Highland’s arrival in the United States, Tesla has remained tight-lipped about an official launch date. Various speculations have emerged regarding when the vehicle will make its debut on American roads, with early 2023 being the most widely rumored timeframe. However, Tesla has refrained from providing any concrete information regarding the vehicle’s US market entry.

During Tesla’s Q3 Earnings Call held in October, a retail investor inquired about the expected launch date of the Model 3 Highland in the US. In response, Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, expressed the company’s policy of not addressing product-related questions and timing during earnings calls. This stance has only added to the uncertainty surrounding the much-anticipated arrival of the Model 3 Highland in the United States, leaving consumers and enthusiasts eagerly awaiting further updates on the matter.

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