Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Answer the Phone  

Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Answer the Phone | The Enterprise World

As a healthcare professional, you might have an excellent bedside manner. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re any good when it comes to phone calls. To prevent you from stumbling or from coming across overly harsh when you answer the telephone, here are some of the top tips you can follow to ensure that your customers feel relaxed talking on the phone to you and that you can make any calls as efficient as possible. 

Here are the tips for healthcare professionals to answer the phone

Be Patient and Understanding  

Instead of making your clients get straight to the point or getting frustrated when they start to list irrelevant symptoms one by one, you should try to remain patient and understanding at all times when you’re speaking to your patients. This is especially the case since it’s likely that your customers could be distressed when they’re on the phone with you, particularly if they have a worrying symptom, are in pain, or have health anxiety.  

Whatever you do, even if your customers lash out or become upset, it’s important that you remain calm at all times and that you can sort out any problems in a rational and measured manner. 

Hire a Call-Handling Service 

Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Answer the Phone | The Enterprise World

If you’re fed up with answering calls and this is making you short and cross when you’re on the phone with clients, you should consider investing in a call-handling service. A call-handling service will ensure that calls are dealt with quickly and efficiently and that your appointment book can be filled without any interruptions to your day. These services can also be important as they will allow calls to be answered while you’re with your clients and while you’re carrying out your job and can’t be on the phone.  

However, you should always look around for Call Handling Services that match your niche and that have experienced staff on hand who know how to deal with patients who may or may not have concerning symptoms.  

Ask the Right Questions  

Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Answer the Phone | The Enterprise World

When you’re on the phone with a client, it’s paramount that you ask them the right questions and that you’re as clear and direct as possible. For instance, you might need to ask them about their symptoms, so you know what type of appointment they need and have an idea of what you’re dealing with by the time they get to you.  

You should also ask when they’re available, so you don’t have to go back and forth trying to find a suitable appointment time. By asking the right questions, you’ll be able to ensure that the call doesn’t need to go on for more than a few minutes.  

Have All the Information You Need 

Tips for Healthcare Professionals to Answer the Phone | The Enterprise World

You should also make sure that you have all the information that you need to complete the phone call with you. This includes your availability, any diagnostic criteria you need, and their medical history. This will mean that the phone call is easier to manage for you and that you don’t end up getting them to repeat themselves or having to call them back to change the arrangements you’ve made. This can keep both you and your customers happy.

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