Five Simple Tips to Enhance Your Website Design 

For Website Design 5 Simple Tips to Enhance Your Website

The premise is simple: the better your website design is, the more engaging it will be to visitors and the more conversions you can attain.

Here are five simple tips you can follow to enhance your website’s design.

1. Do Not Go Overboard with Content

For your website Design, the main important thing is not to go overboard with content. You might think it is best to add loads of imagery, fun animations, and other content to make your site stand out, but in fact: less is more. Certain elements on your web pages can actually detract from your message and the value of your site, so do not go overboard.

Avoid things like content that is overly long, complicated animations, and stocky images. Instead, focus on clear content that enables visitors to learn something or engage better with your site.

2. Edit Photos and Images to Fit Your Brand, e.g. Replacing Colors

You should work out consistent guidelines for your branding. That includes knowing what colors to use across your website design and other online platforms. You can then engage visitors more and you will be in a good position to grow your brand.

Once you have determined your branding guidelines, you can ensure all of your content suits your brand. For instance, you can edit photos and images to fit your brand.

It is actually easy to replace colors on photographs, such as in the background, when you use great editing software.

For example, if red is a prominent color of your branding, you could replace the blue sky in a photo with a red sky, so that it consistently fits with the rest of your content.

Visitors to your website are more likely to engage with and explore your site when you edit imagery to suit your brand and use consistent branding across your website.

3. Use Color Psychology to Your Advantage

Speaking of color, you can use colors to your advantage. So, learn a little about color psychology before you proceed with the color design of your branding and website.

Do not overlook how important using the right colors is. By choosing the best colors to suit your website design and your products or services, you can connect with potential customers on a deeper level and they are more likely to stay on your site and complete calls to action.

For example, by using red, you can convey love, passion, and confidence. Yellow will signify happiness, energy, and sunshine. And purple symbolizes power, nobility, and wisdom.

4. Make Use of White Space

It is not only color that you need to think about. White space is just as important for Website Design. That refers to the spaces between your content. By using white space effectively, you can draw people’s eyes to the content that matters.

Basically, white space enables you to break up web pages and increase the readability of your content. By using more white space, you can ensure sections are clearly separated and you can guide your visitors’ eyes to where you want them to look.

Also, you can use less white space around some elements to indicate which sections are related to one another, due to their proximity.

5. Properly Position Calls to Action

The main reason for Website Design matters is this: you want your visitors to engage with your site and complete calls to action.

Therefore, you need to know how to implement calls to action on your website design. By positioning them correctly, you can help to nurture conversions.

Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for and point them in the right direction for completing actions.

The best positions for calls to action are at the top right of your navigation, beneath sections that require action and at the bottom of your web pages.

But, going back to the first point in this post, ensure you do not go overboard with your calls to action, as that can put people off.

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