How to Secure Company Laptops Safely ?

7 Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely ?|The Enterprise World

If your organization isn’t careful, your company’s technological devices can quickly turn into access points for malicious actors. Hence it is recommended to follow some simple Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely . Laptops that become infected with viruses impact your bottom line by reducing employee productivity drastically. Compromised laptops rarely work well, a significant issue for designers and other jobs requiring resource-intensive programs. 

Due diligence goes a long way in protecting your organization’s investment in business laptops. Training your employees on how to identify malicious activity is an underrated part of encouraging cybersecurity.

Here are 7 Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely:

1. Keep All Software Current

One of the easiest Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely, malicious actors gain access to a laptop is by exploiting an outdated version of a program. Software is frequently updated to patch vulnerabilities and fix flaws within the program. The older the software on your computer is, the easier it will be for hackers to access your company laptop. 

7 Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely ?|The Enterprise World

Old versions of software give hackers time to study how the program works and identify their vulnerabilities. You must update your programs regularly to close this point of access. Even if you have automatic updates, it’s worth double-checking that the software on your computer is current.

2. Stay Vigilant on Public Internet Networks

Another potential access point for malicious actors is through public internet access points. When connecting your business laptop to a public network, you have no way of knowing how secure your connection is and if any vulnerabilities have been exploited. 

When your job requires travel, it’s difficult to avoid connecting to public networks in airports and hotels. Laptops like the ASUS ExpertBook P2 use a TPM 2.0 security chip to store passwords and other crucial information securely. The TPM 2.0 chip can detect security threats at start-up and automatically lock all your important data.

3. Use Passwords Strategically

Using the same password for multiple websites or programs is a strategy bound to backfire. Remembering multiple passwords can get annoying, but it’s a necessary sacrifice to make when protecting your company laptop. 

Strong passwords need a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols to be truly secure. Ideally, keep your password long and add more variety to the characters. The complexity makes it more difficult for hackers to access your password-protected files.

4. Use Anti-Virus Software with a Firewall

Using anti-virus software is still one of the best Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely and protect your laptop from most threats. Not only are anti-virus programs able to detect viruses proactively, but they also prevent you from unintentionally spreading the virus to your colleagues. Employees may pass malicious files through email and other file-sharing programs, causing multiple devices in your organization to become comprised. 

7 Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely ?|The Enterprise World

Anti-virus software increases your chance of catching these malicious files before they have a chance to corrupt your data. Laptops like the ASUS ProArt StudioBook come with Independent Software Vendor certification. It ensures you get the best performance when using programs from companies such as Adobe and Autodesk.

5. Use a Case for Physical Protection

Physical protection is an overlooked part of maintaining a company laptop. Damage to your screen or internal components can prevent you from accessing critical files on your computer. A simple investment in a case for your laptop is a great way to protect against accidental damage. Screen protectors are also an excellent way to secure the display on your company laptop.

6. Lock Your Computer When You Leave

When learning how to secure company laptops, simple habits go a long way. Locking your laptop before walking away is a habit every employee should practice. Even when working at home, securing your laptop can prevent any unwanted accidents. 

Get a laptop lock that can attach to your desk when working in public. Laptop locks work the same as bike locks by securing your laptop to a bigger object. It’s also worth investing in location detection software in case your laptop is stolen.

7. Restrict Access to Certain Sites

Restricting access to certain websites is a preventative measure your IT team can take to secure your company devices. Websites containing specific keywords related to gambling and other risqué topics are more likely to infect your laptop with a virus. Your IT team can set up a keyword filter that prevents certain websites from being accessed. 

7 Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely ?|The Enterprise World

Give your employees proper training on how to use the Internet and how to spot malicious files. Tips to Secure Company Laptops Safely and Their knowledge will help reduce the risk of getting a virus on your company laptop. Simple habits, such as verifying the source of all downloads, can prevent significant headaches for your IT team in the future.

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