PeaceHealth announces ‘comprehensive process’ to close University District hospital

'comprehensive process' to close University District hospital announced by PeaceHealth | The Enterprise World

On Tuesday, August 22, PeaceHealth declared that a “comprehensive process” to close the University District hospital in Eugene had begun.

PeaceHealth claims that the hospital is underused. PeaceHealth reports that University District only receives 95 patient visits per day on average. Only 15.5 patients are typically admitted each month as inpatients and only 7.5 patients are admitted for observation.

decided to close University District hospital

Decided to close the hospital at University District

The Springfield-based PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Centre at RiverBend will take over the inpatient rehabilitation, emergency room, and related medical services currently provided by the health system.

“PeaceHealth has decided to close University District hospital,” stated Alicia Beymer, chief administrative officer PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Centre, University District. “After careful consideration and an ongoing ethical discernment,” she said. “To provide compassionate, high-quality care both now and in the future, PeaceHealth services and venues of care must change as the needs of the Lane County community do. We think RiverBend’s improved care experience will result from integrating several services.

Ambulatory services, including as PeaceHealth Medical Group clinics and Home & Community services, will continue to be available and prepared to meet the requirements of the Eugene community, according to PeaceHealth. They claim they also want to keep offering behavioral health treatments in University District hospital until a viable substitute is available.

Ceasing services at University District hospital

Beymer continued, “We are committed to helping Lane County’s residents and want to expand our care and services over the coming years. We can more effectively allocate our resources to better meet the current and emerging needs of the Lane County community and ensure that patients have access to the right care, in the right setting, at the right time, by ceasing services at University District, which have unaffordable negative operating margins.

Emergency Department: In November, PeaceHealth plans to gradually discontinue providing emergency room services on the University District campus. Consolidating the Emergency Department’s scarce resources at RiverBend, which has the capacity and can handle more emergency and in-patient flow, is the aim. Additionally, PeaceHealth wants to make investments to increase patient access, including safe areas for individuals dealing with behavioral and mental health issues.

Rehabilitation for Inpatients – Beginning in early 2024, PeaceHealth plans to temporarily move the 27-bed rehabilitation for inpatients facility from University District to Riverbend. By moving, the service will continue to be offered in the neighborhood until 2026, when PeaceHealth and LifePoint Health intend to establish a 50-bed, cutting-edge inpatient rehabilitation center on the RiverBend property.

Until there is a viable option in the neighborhood, PeaceHealth plans to continue providing inpatient behavioural health services to patients in the current behavioral health facility in University District. Every year, this center offers inpatient services to 1,100 vulnerable, frequently difficult patients. In addition to working with outpatient behavioral health organizations in Lane County and elsewhere that offer wraparound services, PeaceHealth is cooperating with community partners on alternative treatment models.

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