Promote Small Business on YouTube: 5 Stats Which Will Help You

5 Statistics To Promote Small Business on YouTube

In this Article we are learning about YouTube for Small Business, How to use YouTube to promote not only Small Business but to promote every type of business.

Every day the number of individuals using Youtube is adding up. Youtube is gaining a new member at every instance. Why? Of course, because it is the only platform providing content without asking for a payment each second. 

No other platform can beat Youtube content-wise. Due to the content it has to offer to its users; it has become one of the most trusted sources of information. 

While we can keep praising Youtube for its content, we cannot forget how precious a space Youtube has provided for talented individuals to showcase their skills. Youtube is actually a box full of opportunities. 

One of the best pieces of advice for marketers out there is that if you want to advertise, if you want to promote small business ,use Youtube. Not every small business has the kind of budget to advertise traditionally. Still, with Youtube, you can promote your small business without even paying a cent. Yes, exactly, without paying any money!

To help you out with your modes of promotion, we have compiled a list of 5 Youtube stats. It tells you exactly why you should consider using Youtube for promotion. Moreover, it informs you how your small business will benefit from incorporating Youtube in your brand promotion. Let’s not wait any further and dig in. 

5 Must Know YouTube Statistics 

1. YouTube Has More Active Users Than One Can Count In One Hand

Youtube has nearly 2.3 billion active users! How hard is it to imagine that? Pretty hard. How hard is it to believe Youtube can have that many users? Not hard at all. Youtube is known for dishing out quality and informative content. People rarely ever leave an opportunity to consume good content.

How hard will it be for people to discover your small business on Youtube? Not very hard at all. Youtube is a pretty decent platform for growth, and your channel will see change eventually. 

But now you are stuck with a question: how to grow a Youtube channel? By producing good content. If you have good content for your channel, then gaining the attention of Youtube users will be an easy feat. Thus, you will be gaining attention, followed up by growth.

2. People Between 18-49 Age Group Consume Content

Youtube has a huge user base, and most of the content Youtube is serving is consumed by people within the age group of 18 to 49. These people are usually working professionals, ready to buy whatever their hearts desire. 

An eye-catching brand promotion content can attract the attention of Youtube users. That’s all a brand wants; to attract users. 

3. Marketing On YouTube Works The Best

One of the best ways to promote Small Business on YouTube because Marketing on YouTube Works the Best always. The best form of digital marketing is Youtube marketing. It is true because most of the big brands that can be seen gaining huge profits are advertising their offerings on Youtube. So, your business will not be the only one using the benefits of free brand promotion on Youtube. 

4. YouTube Increases Conversion Rates

When we see something we like, and it gets our attention, our heart desires to own it on its own accord. Powerful visuals can do it for you and your small business. A good promotion video can attain the attention of your target audience. 

Once you have the attention of your target audience. And once your videos can attain and hold their attention. The conversion rate is bound to skyrocket. You will understand the influence Youtube videos can have on its users once you see the spike in the conversion rates. 

5. One Of The Largest Search Engines- YouTube

We all know about Google. It is one of the most used search engines; rather, it occupies the first place in the list of popular search engines. The second position goes to Youtube; the volume of searches is pretty higher than Yahoo, and Bing combined. 

People use Youtube to acquire information more than any other search engine besides Google. It is obviously because people trust Youtube more. Once you have your content on Youtube, your channel will blow up with followers, and your business will surely earn new customers. 


Youtube can and will help you with your brand promotion. You will see the growth of your brand in no time. Youtube allows you to promote your business for free with the usage of keywords and hashtags. 

If you want to see your channel grow faster, you can go for Youtube paid promotion. You can certainly pay to promote Youtube videos; there is no harm in doing that. 

Sometimes, promoting on Youtube takes time, as various brands are already promoting their products. You must not lose hope, as even though gaining customers will take time, once they become your customer, they will be there to stay. 

Thus if you are a new business owner thinking about promoting your brand on social media platforms, it would help if you kept these Youtube statistics in mind. Youtube will surely help you grow. 

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