Top 10 GDPR Solution Companies To Watch

Top 10 GDPR Solution Companies To Watch features,

Many organizations use the GDPR compliance responsibilities to review how good they are handling the customer and client data storage, as well as their processing and management responsibilities.

When an organization works towards meeting the GDPR compliance, the business processes throughout the organization begin to improve. In fact, the revelations are so minute that one can improve the process efficiency with every detail.

Featuring on the Cover is VigiTrust
As Mathieu Gorge (CEO and Founder) puts it, “security is a journey and not a destination”. GDPR is well aligned with this because you need to continually update your data ecosystem and perform privacy impact assessments when a new data flow comes into play.

VigiTrust started out as a security consulting firm and a value-added reseller for network security. Over the years the company developed strong skills in data protection pre-auditing, as well as security and compliance training and awareness. About 8 years ago VigiTrust began to productize the training it had been delivering in the EU and started an eLearning practice.

Fast forward to today and VigiTrust is a SaaS provider of Integrated Risk Management (“IRM”) solutions to clients in 120+ countries in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation, government and semi-state sectors. In addition, VigiTrust continually adds new global security and compliance frameworks to VigiOne, its award-winning IRM solution.

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Kerubiel is a 100% privately owned company providing services in the fields of data protection, cybersecurity, IT and related infrastructures for entities from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to national and multinational companies operating in a multitude of sectors.

In the last 4 years, our company has become a pool of contributing experts, researchers and other professional whose goal is to assist the client to achieve the highest level of GDPR compliance together with protection against threats in the cyberspace. As an enterprise committed to technological development, Kerubiel also has a strong R&D department participating in various national and international projects.

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