Top 10 Office Shifting Tips for Safe Relocation

A new office can be exciting, as a new work environment might cheer up the employees. Whether you are relocating your office for the first time or after a long time, office shifting can be very complex, and it must be done in less downtime to avoid loss of billable hours.

You will be juggling with various tasks like packing & handling, updating new addresses, managing utilities, paying bills, and so on, which is very exhausting and stressful. As you might not have experience in packing, handling, & carrying bulky and delicate office furniture, IT & network equipment, etc.; your office goods are at high risk of getting damaged or injuring yourself. To avoid such misfortunes, get some help by hiring professional Pune packers and movers or any city you live in. A genuine moving company will reduce your office shifting stress by safely perform the relocation task within less downtime. Follow these office shifting tips mentioned below to safely shift your office to a new place.

Some Key Office Shifting Tips:

#1 Prior Planning: Rather than rushing at the last minute, it’s always safer to plan everything beforehand. Office moving is far more stressful and complicated than house shifting. There are several heavy and fragile things like office furniture, IT & network equipment, notice board, cafeteria items, etc.; these must be packed and handled with extensive care to avoid damages.

#2 Keep Your Workers in the Loop: Informing your employees and keeping them updated about the relocation is one of the most crucial office moving tips you must follow. Ask them to prepare a relocation checklist to ensure all the shifting tasks are covered so no task is left out.

#3 Hire Professional Office Shifting Companies: Unlike house shifting, you cannot take as much time as you want to relocate your office; the longer your office is shut, the higher losses you will have to face. To reduce your relocation stress and ensure maximum safety of your office goods, make sure you hire pre-verified packers and movers from portals like AssureShift.

#4 Pick a Manager to Coordinate the Relocation: Even after you divide tasks to every worker, you need to appoint a person to supervise them and check everyone is doing their duties correctly; so designate a person who has a multi-tasking capability, good at leading and managing the team, and delegate them as the supervisor for the move.

#5 Engage Every Employee to Pack their Cubicle: While the shifting company will be packing and handling the bulky office goods; you can assign each worker to pack their cubicles. By doing this, your employees’ items/important documents don’t get mixed up with each other.

#6 Make sure IT Goods Packed & Labeled Precisely: Pack everything as per their packing requirements, such as using sturdy hard-wood crates for desktops, servers, and other easily breakable things, good quality bubble wrap to secure complete shock absorption during shifting, etc. Do not forget to label each box; it will make the unpacking process easy, as labeling makes it easy to identify things. You can even specify each employee’s cubicle by giving numbers, so that all of their items end up in the same place.

#7 Insure Your Office Relocation without Fail: Even if you have packed your office goods safely or hired professionals, damages may happen due to unanticipated accidents. Purchasing insurance coverage for your office things will help you claim reimbursement easily if any unexpected damages occur during the move.

#8 Manage Essential Services at Both Offices: To avoid spending money on services you haven’t used; communicate with your utility service providers to disconnect or transfer your utility services like water supplies, Wi-Fi, newspapers, magazines, etc.

#9 Update New Workplace Address: Let your customers and suppliers know that you have relocated from the current location; update your new address in your websites, business cards, letterheads, social media sites, Google map, and so on, to make sure the business resumes as usual at your new office without losing any clients.

#10 Setting up Office space after the Final Delivery: After delivering all the network equipment, IT equipment, projectors, hardware, & other office items, the office shifting company will professionally reassemble all disassembled goods and help you to set them up in the desired locations. (Tip: Check the working condition of all equipment, electronics & all other goods after installation and report right away if there are any damages)

On shifting day, make necessary arrangements like reserving the lift in advance and clearing the pathway from your office entrance to the truck for smooth loading-unloading. Remember to look for genuine packers and movers having valid GST and proper experience in office shifting. Once you successfully shift into your new office, celebrate this moment, and thank all your employees for helping you throughout the move by throwing a lunch or supper party at your office.

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