Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Brands have become a part of our everyday lifestyle, whether we realize it or not. From Amul butter to Surf Excel detergent powder, we have gotten so used to these that we overlook how big these Indian brands are and have an international impact as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Indian brands that have dominated the international market for years.

Top 7 Indian BrandsFounded In
Royal Enfield1955; 1901 (under different names)
Old Monk1954
Da Milano1989
Allen Solly1993
Flying Machine1980

These five Indian brands have been in the market for years now and while you use them or know of them, knowing they have Indian origin or that Indian companies parented them might be information for you.

Through this blog, we’ll learn more about these Indian Brands and how they managed to dominate the international market.

1. Amul

  • Founded by – Tribhuvandas Patel
  • Founded in – 1946
  • Website –
Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Anand Milk Union Limited, or Amul as we all know it, is a renowned dairy cooperative based in India. It has a rich history that dates back to 1946 when it was established by Tribhuvandas Patel, a visionary leader. The name “Amul” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Amulya,” which means priceless or precious. This name perfectly encapsulates the value and quality of their dairy products. 

Amul started as a small cooperative with just two village societies and a modest processing capacity of 250 liters of milk per day. However, through the collective efforts of farmers and the cooperative movement, Amul grew rapidly. It became one of the known Indian brands and a symbol of empowerment for farmers and a beacon of hope for rural development.

How Did Amul Establish a Global Presence? 

Amul has achieved its global presence through a combination of factors, including its rapid growth, export initiatives, and strategic marketing efforts. With a remarkable growth rate, Amul has become the 9th largest dairy organization in the world, driven by the cooperative movement and the collective efforts of farmers. Amul actively pursues export opportunities, being India’s largest exporter of dairy products, and has gained recognition for its excellence in this field. 

By participating in platforms like the Global Dairy Trade, Amul has established itself as a major player in international trade. Amul’s marketing strategy, featuring the beloved Amul girl mascot, has successfully built brand recall and emotional connections with consumers through topical and humorous campaigns. Its focus on product diversification and innovation, including sugar-free and probiotic milk products, has allowed it to capture a wider consumer base both domestically and internationally, even entering the wellness market.

2. Lakme

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Founded in 1952 by J.R.D Tata and Simone Tata, Lakme is one of the well-known Indian brands in the cosmetic and beauty industry. It is named after the French opera, ‘Lakmé,’ which tells the story of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. The name “Lakmé” symbolizes beauty, grace, and elegance. It sells cosmetic products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and skin care creams and has grown to include hair care range and perfumes. 

How Did Lakme Establish a Global Presence? 

Lakme, a brand that began its journey in India, quickly gained popularity for its high-quality skincare products and innovative beauty approach. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Lakme expanded its range to include makeup, hair care, and fragrances. In the 1990s, Lakme ventured beyond India by forming a strategic partnership with Unilever, enabling its products to reach global markets.

Through its innovative product range and focus on diverse customer needs, Lakme captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Participation in international beauty events and collaborations with renowned designers solidified Lakme’s global presence. Today, Lakme remains a leading brand known for its quality, innovation, and ability to adapt to changing market trends.

3. Royal Enfield

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Royal Enfield, an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturing company, was founded in 1955 as Enfield Motors. However, its history dates back to 1901, when it was established as The Enfield Cycle Company Limited in the UK. The brand’s name, Royal Enfield, originated from its association with the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, Middlesex, which supplied precision parts for firearms. Royal Enfield motorcycles made their debut in India in 1949, and they experienced rapid growth in popularity. The Redditch Company and Madras Motors formed a partnership in 1955, giving rise to Enfield India.

How Did Royal Enfield Establish a Global Presence? 

The brand expanded its reach beyond India by establishing exclusive dealerships in different countries, including Europe, the Gulf region, Southeast Asia, and the United States. They actively participated in international motorcycle events, showcasing their motorcycles and engaging with enthusiasts worldwide. Royal Enfield also formed partnerships and acquisitions to enhance their engineering and product design capabilities. Their motorcycles gained popularity for their classic design, reliability, and unique riding experience. Royal Enfield has earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers, renowned for its style, performance, and durability.

4. Old Monk

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Old Monk was first introduced in 1954 by Mohan Meakin Limited, an Indian beverage company. The rum was created by Ved Rattan Mohan, who carefully crafted the recipe using a blend of aged spirits and selected ingredients. Over the years, the Old Monk gained a loyal following in India and became one of the country’s most iconic alcoholic beverages. The name “Old Monk” finds its inspiration in the legend of a 17th-century Spanish monk. The legend tells us that this monk held a secret recipe for a potent elixir, which they claimed to have passed down through generations. Old Monk aims to capture the essence of this mythical monk’s recipe and the intrigue surrounding it.

How Did Old Monk Establish a Global Presence? 

Old Monk has gained global recognition through positive word-of-mouth and its reputation for its unique and flavorful rum. Its popularity has spread as people from around the world have come to appreciate its distinct taste and shared their love for it. The brand has found particular success in markets with a significant Indian diaspora, where its association with India and its culture has resonated with consumers. Old Monk’s smoothness, affordability, and enjoyable drinking experience have made it a favorite among rum enthusiasts worldwide. Overall, its global presence has been built on recommendations and its reputation as a distinctive and delicious rum.

5. Da Milano

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Founded in 1989 by Sahil Malik, the brand started with a single store in Delhi’s Connaught Place and gradually expanded its presence in the city. Da Milano entered the luxury market with a distinct design sense and focused on producing handbags and leather goods of exceptional quality. “Da Milano” means “of Milan” in Italian. The name reflects the brand’s aspiration to create products that embody the elegance and style associated with Milan, a renowned fashion capital.

How Did Da Milano Establish a Global Presence? 

Da Milano, a luxury leather goods brand, expanded its presence in India by opening stores in various cities. They focused on attracting individuals who appreciated high-quality and luxurious leather products, rather than targeting the public. By making their products more accessible through multiple stores, Da Milano catered to customers seeking top-notch leather goods and provided a personalized shopping experience. 

Their success in India laid the foundation for global expansion, as they ventured beyond national borders and reached a wider audience who valued their commitment to quality and design. Overall, Da Milano’s strategic approach involved selecting cities, understanding customer preferences, and establishing a strong presence in India, setting the stage for their global growth.

6. Allen Solly

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Allen Solly is a premium clothing brand from the house of Aditya Birla owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. It is a quintessential British Brand that was launched in India in 1993 by  Madura Fashion & Lifestyle A Division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited. The name “Allen Solly” holds a unique significance. The word “Allen” represents elegance, sophistication, and refinement. It reflects the brand’s commitment to creating fashionable clothing that exudes class and style. On the other hand, “Solly” is a play on the word “solar,” symbolizing energy and vibrancy. Together, the name Allen Solly encompasses the brand’s vision of combining timeless elegance with a modern twist.

How Did Allen Solly Establish a Global Presence? 

Allen Solly’s global expansion was driven by strategic initiatives such as brand extensions into footwear, wallets, and belts, collaborating with international designers to appeal to diverse fashion preferences, embracing online shopping to reach customers worldwide, opening exclusive stores for a personalized shopping experience, and introducing innovative concepts like “Friday Dressing” for young professionals. Although Allen Solly faces competition in global penetration, the company remains committed to expanding its customer base and increasing its global reach.

7. Flying Machine

Top 7 Indian Brands That Have Massive International Recognition | The Enterprise World

Arvind Limited, a renowned textile company founded Flying Machine in India in 1980. The brand started with a vision to create stylish and trendy denim clothing for the youth. Over the years, Flying Machine has evolved and expanded its product range to include other casual wear items like t-shirts, shirts, jackets, and accessories. Flying Machine draws inspiration from the concept of flight, which symbolizes freedom, adventure, and an escape from the ordinary. The name embodies the brand’s aim to provide clothing that empowers individuals to express themselves and soar above societal norms.

How Did Flying Machine Establish a Global Presence? 

Flying Machine started its global journey in the early 2000s, gaining popularity with its high-quality and fashionable products. By partnering with reputable retailers and embracing e-commerce, the brand expanded its reach and catered to diverse fashion preferences. Effective marketing, celebrity collaborations, and a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction further propelled Flying Machine’s success. Today, it is a recognized and admired global fashion brand.

These were the top seven Indian Brands that not only have international recognition but because of their names, we always presumed they were international brands. Even though some of them might have international origins when Indian companies overtook them, it was India that shaped their popularity. These Indian Brands have been a part of our lifestyles for years and knowing about their history, growth, and global recognition was as important as using their luxurious yet amazing products.

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