Top Step – The Modern Approach to Professional Consulting

Ronn Breaux- Top Step Consulting

Top Step – The Modern Approach to Professional Consulting

In the past few years, the accelerated growth of companies and services have shown such great potential and growth that it has inspired a lot of aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs. The world of business and services is a challenging one, requiring skills, expertise, etc. but more of all the knowledge and proper know-how of how to achieve the goals of growth and profitability.

Thus, it becomes highly important for companies aiming for success and making their name as one of the best, to not only excel as a company but also make sure that their customers and reputation in the market is unparalleled. This becomes tougher as the company is new, the team is inexperienced and the competition in the market is becoming fiercer every passing day. Thus, one requires the help of professional, who are in this field for a long time and have the experience to keep the new business or start-up in check and accelerate them towards growth and overall development.

Top Step caters to all the challenges a professional service or business may face. Top Step was founded with one thing in mind, i.e., to provide services and businesses with effective, efficient and feasible solutions to help their business grow and lead to the overall growth and profitability of the company. Top Step has been helping the companies grow and achieve their goals and dreams for more than 13 years and are one of the leading and reputed companies in the professional service automation industry.

Top Step Story

Top step consulting was founded in 2007 with the mission to enable and empower Professional Services Organizations to become profitable, scalable, and efficient through change management, process enhancement, technology deployment, and skill set training with a Customers First approach.

Some of the values and points that differentiates Top Step from the competition in the market and gives you an understanding of the zeal and mettle of the company.

  • They are 100% dedicated to professional services automation – providing both the License and Services for a complete solution.
  • They have accumulated over 13 years of experience in deploying and optimizing professional services automation solutions.
  • They have delighted over 380 customers.
  • They CARE about your success by sharing their experience and knowledge both during the engagement and ongoing.
  • Their team members have “walked in your shoes” and understand the challenges and rewards of a Professional Services organization.
  • Their services are designed to help you at every stage of your journey with automating your professional services operations.

Top Step is the only consultancy across the globe with a primary focus on PSA. 

PSA solutions are uniquely designed for professional services organizations to manage projects, resources, and finances, all in one integrated service management application. The most profitable and growing professional services firms leverage PSA solutions to help them rise above their competition and succeed. 

Top Step is a strategic partner with NetSuite as both an alliance partner and a Solution Provider partner. This has opened the door to a closer working relationship between NetSuite and Top Step. They are now working as a unified force to enhance PSA adoption while enhancing its business value. As strategic partners, Top Step supports demos, provides implementation best practices and proposals to assist with the promotion of NetSuite OpenAir PSA.

Products/Services of Top Step

The dedication of Top Step’s team to helping their customers has been the number one reason for their continued success. The success of their customers is paramount to Top Step and they are relentless in helping their customers achieve PSA success. 

Also, practising what they preach and using NetSuite OpenAir to run their business has paid great dividends. 

This combination has earned Top Step a ten-year recognition as one of the “Best of the Best” professional services organizations by SPI Research, a leading independent technology services research firm.  

As a group of professional service experts, Top Step can provide industry best practices in addition to technical skills with NetSuite OpenAir to drive their clients to successful implementations of PSA. However, NetSuite OpenAir implementations are just a subset of their services, they also help to exist NetSuite OpenAir customers maximize the value they can achieve from their PSA.  

Top Step is constantly evaluating additional products/services to take the step further. They believe their success is tied to their PSA focus especially focused on NetSuite OpenAir.  

They are looking at expanding their services overseas in 2021. They have been working closely with NetSuite sales team overseas to build a funnel of prospective clients and they believe there is an untapped opportunity for their expertise with NetSuite OpenAir PSA. They are planning to have Top Step employees overseas by the end of the 1st quarter of 2021.  

My job is to help my clients ask better questions.
My mentor taught me, ‘Ask a better question, get a better answer.

Richie Norton

A word from the CEO

Top Step and its bespoke reputation in the market, the long list of happy customers that it has over the years would not have been possible without a rock-solid and an expert team. Top Step’s impeccable team, who would willingly go out of their way and methodologies to provide the customer best service possible along with efficient possible. All of this would not have been possible without an equally talented, skilled, expert and dedicated leader, and Top Step has got the best team and the leader in the business, President and CEO, Ronn Breaux.

Ronn possesses a good and varied experience behind him which he learnt as he worked under many employers and at various designations, teaching him the knowledge, functioning and the processes involved in various aspects of a business or a service. It is because of his experiences as VP of Sales, giving him the knowledge on building sales plans, hiring and managing a sales team, VP of Delivery, learning how to engage customers successfully along with hiring and building a delivery organisation ensuring consistent professional service with maximum performance and standards.

As a CFO, learning to manage finances, costs and manage company profitability. It is the gist of all the experiences the led to the inception of Top Step along with its team which is highly equipped, talented and skilled carefully handpicked by Ronn himself, to make sure Top Step’s customers receive the best-in-class solutions and services.

Being an entrepreneur himself, Ronn understands the problems and challenges faced by new businesses and services, thus Top Step was founded with the mission to empower theses new business and services with all the solutions to efficiently run their business, achieve profitability and enriching their customers with an unparalleled service experience.

Moreover, in today’s world where the competition in the market is getting tougher every passing day, a business or a service needs a mentor and guidance who will go out of their way to help them and provide feasible and fruitful solutions. Ronn felt the need and importance of such mentor and decided to start Top Step, leaving a job that offered stability and comforts, to help these new businesses and services, make sure that they achieve their goals, profitability and provide best services to the customers that they serve.

Ronn with his experience could have started his own business in any niche but starting a professional consultancy to new business and services is something he did with only one aim in mind, i.e. empowerment of employees and customers, alike. Ronn feels that a lot of products and services no matter how good and efficient they are failed, due to lack of knowledge about running their business/service, functioning involved, marketing, etc.

Ronn along with his team who feel and have the same values instilled in them have a duty and responsibility to help these business and services in attaining growth, profitability and the recognition that they truly deserve. Ronn and Top Step’s team only have this one goal in their mind, and they do not hesitate to go a step beyond to provide the best possible service and satisfaction to their customers because they feel in the growth of their customers, they grow, and what better way to work than this.

Top Step Consulting Team

After Ronn took over Top Step, he organized the company to create teams with team managers. This has worked out very well for the organization. Since all of the Top Step’s employees work remotely, it was important to provide them with a reporting structure. They also meet with their employees multiple times per week including team meetings and one on ones with managers. Ronn feels he and his team is unique because they all have similar backgrounds managing professional service organizations as well as a passion for helping their clients solve everyday problems using PSA tools.

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