Lost Phone? Learn How to Track It Using GPS and More

Tracking Phone by GPS and More in 2024 | The Enterprise World

Losing a mobile phone is a nightmare many of us might confront. The point is that nowadays, almost all possible information and data is stored on mobile devices:

  • bank cards;
  • photos and videos;
  • private listings;
  • emails;
  • work-related information.

That is why track cell phone by number or via GPS is crucial in case of loss. Luckily, the days when something lost was lost forever are over: there are many ways to tracking phone by GPS, car, or even a bag (if you put the tracker in it) in seconds. If we focus only on cell phones, there are several ways to track the lost one.

3 Ways to Track the Lost Phone

Tracking Phone by GPS and More in 2024 | The Enterprise World

It would have been great to have an app for tracking phone by GPS location by number for free, but all the known options are free trials or demo versions, which require you to buy the full version in some time.

We can name two main ways to tracking phone by GPS: a number tracker and a GPS tracker. Both have pros and cons and can be used effectively in certain situations and almost useless in others. 

Tracking a Phone by Number

Let’s start with this method’s main advantages and disadvantages, which can drastically influence your choice should you seek a way to trace your device.

Does not require the target device to be connected to the internetTracks the SIM card, not the device
Usually works without installationRequires a person to tap on the tracking link in the message

Some apps may allow you to track a phone number location free of charge if there is a demo or trial. The principle of how such services work is straightforward and intuitive: you must send a message to the required number. In this message, you should include the tracking link provided by the service and some text to persuade the person holding the phone to tap on that link. Some examples of such apps are LocationTracker.mobi and GEOfinder.mobi.

Tracking Phone by GPS

A GPS tracker may be useful when you want to track not a phone number but a device instead and when you need a bigger pool of features.

Tracks the device, not the numberRequires installation
Provides much more features than a phone number trackerIs usually more expensive than a number tracker

A GPS tracking feature usually comes in the toolbox of tracking applications, which usually offer such additional services as:

  • tracker of all the apps installed on the device;
  • access to browser history, photos, and videos;
  • access to deleted files, etc.

After you install such a tracker on the target device, you get information about its location on an online dashboard.

Alternative Option for Tracking a Lost Phone

Tracking Phone by GPS and More in 2024 | The Enterprise World

Installing a phone tracker on your device just to be able to find it in case of a loss is just an option. Such apps are usually used to spy on other people. That is why tracking a cell phone by number might be better.

If you have just noticed a loss and are sure it has just happened, tracking the device by number might be a good idea. Still, another problem arises: the person who finds it must unlock it to read the message and tap on the link, which may be almost impossible for them.

That is why the best option to find a lost cell phone is FindMy-like applications. They are usually preinstalled on the devices, and you have a family group created; it is possible to see the location of all gadgets in this group. It is necessary to have location services enabled at all times for the method to yield results.

Recommendations to Prevent Losing a Phone

It does not matter what modern ways of tracking a device exist, the best solution is not to lose your phone at all. Statistically, there are several main ways people lose it:

Tracking Phone by GPS and More in 2024 | The Enterprise World
  • put it on the table and forget about it;
  • have unsafe pockets;
  • do not hold it in their hands properly.

In the first case, people sitting in restaurants or parks simply forget about the device. It happens because our brain tends to switch to more important matters, and we may subconsciously put the device in the first available place if we urgently need our hands free.

Secondly, phones keep increasing in size, and some do not fit many pockets already. Thus, it is a common problem when it falls out of a pocket with no zipper or button. If you do not have safe pockets, buying a lace or chain for it is better.

Finally, the devices are often stolen right in the street. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube when phones are snatched from peoples’ hands right in the street, especially in crowded areas. In such cases, tracking phone by GPS, a cell phone number would not make sense at all, as the criminal is unlikely to open the tracking link. Resorting to built-in phone trackers such as Find My for iOS or Android Device Manager is a way out.

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