Twitch Bans Implied Nakedness In Response To ‘Nudity Meta’

Twitch Bans Implied Nakedness In Response To ‘Nudity Meta' | The Enterprise World

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As December 2023 unfolded, certain streamers devised creative ways to challenge Twitch’s policies on nudity and live streaming in a manner that suggested they were completely unclothed on camera. Twitch initially responded by implementing bans but later shifted its stance to permit various forms of “artistic nudity” on the platform. However, after swiftly rescinding this decision and asserting that live streaming while naked is not allowed, the company is now emphasizing that implied nudity is also prohibited. Those attempting to circumvent these rules will face disciplinary action.

Broadcasting nudity or partial nudity involving minors is strictly prohibited

In a blog post on January 3, Twitch outlined the updated guidelines regarding implied nudity, which are now immediately effective. Anyone revealing skin that the rules dictate should be covered, including genitals, nipples “for those who present as women,” and similar areas, will be subject to “enforcement action,” though the specific consequences were not specified by Twitch. If a streamer is wearing sheer or partially see-through clothing or uses black bars to censor private parts, they are likely to face some form of discipline.

The blog post stated, “We don’t permit streamers to be fully or partially nude, including exposing genitals or buttocks. Nor do we permit streamers to imply or suggest that they are fully or partially nude, including, but not limited to, covering breasts or genitals with objects or censor bars.” Twitch emphasized that the visible outline of genitals, even when covered, is not allowed. Broadcasting nudity or partial nudity involving minors is strictly prohibited, regardless of context.

For individuals presenting as women, covering nipples and avoiding underbust exposure is required. Cleavage is allowed as long as coverage requirements are met and it is evident that the streamer is wearing clothing. For all streamers, the area extending from the hips to the bottom of the pelvis and buttocks must be covered.

Streamers must adhere to the rule of not exposing themselves

Twitch stated that live streamers must appropriately categorize their broadcasts in response to these policy changes. There is an exception, however. Content creators using the “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches” category can wear items like bathing suits, provided that the attire “completely covers the genitals.” Nevertheless, streamers must adhere to the rule of not exposing themselves.

As highlighted in the January 3 blog post, this adjustment to clothing rules on the platform follows the “nudity meta” that dominated livestreams throughout December 2023. At the beginning of the month, certain streamers, including Morgpie and LivStixs, started streaming in a manner that appeared to be fully nude. In reality, these content creators were implying nudity by strategically positioning their cameras to showcase ample cleavage without revealing nipples. Referred to as “artistic nudity,” this trend gained momentum on the platform, prompting Twitch to concede temporarily and allow such nudity to feature prominently in livestreams.

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