The Ultimate Guide To Golf Essentials

The Ultimate Guide To Golf Essentials | 2023| The Enterprise World

When you are preparing for a round of golf, there are certain items that you should carry in your golf bag. These are Golf Essentials items that play a vital role in making sure that you can complete the round without heading back to the clubhouse. From the most forgiving golf balls to a golf towel,

In this guide we will detail the ultimate guide to Golf Essentials;

1. Golf Clubs

To play a round of golf, you will need some golf balls, and golf clubs to hit them with. Your ball may land in a variety of places so you require a range of clubs.

2. Driver

Your golf ball will need to travel and, for that purpose, you will need to invest in a driver. This particular club should not be older than seven years and you should look out for models that include descriptions like offset, max, and plus. Plus offers more forgiveness, max is for maximum forgiveness while offset can keep the ball from going off course.

3. Fairway Woods

The Ultimate Guide To Golf Essentials | 2023| The Enterprise World

A fairway wood with a higher loft can be preferable to a driver as it is easier to hit. They are easier to get airborne while remaining under control. Begin with a 7 wood and you should ensure that you have a loft exceeding 20 degrees.

4. Sand Wedge

To get your golf ball out of the deep rough and sand, you will need a sand wedge. You can find many that have been designed to be easy to hit. Practice with it well as it can prove to be adept for beginners and anyone wanting to learn how to play higher and loftier shots.

5. Putter

Your putter is important too if you want to be successful on the greens. Avoid buying a double-sided putter though do bear in mind that you can replace your putter quite readily. Simply try to find a putter that looks good to you and that you are comfortable playing with.

Set Of Irons

You can have some great fun only with a set of irons but you will soon need to expand your range of clubs. Try to find a set of cavity back irons that have a hollowed-out look which makes it easier to hit a golf ball. Recently made irons also come with the benefits of technology to make them increasingly forgiving clubs.

Your irons will be the most important part of your range of clubs. They will determine how far you go in golf so make sure that you invest in a good set so you enjoy your game. Regular flex shafts are a must as a set of irons can come in a range of stiffnesses from X Stiff to Stiff, Senior, and Regular. Beginners should use irons with a regular stiffness yet as your game improves and your swing speed increases, you can retain the club heads and then replace the shafts for something closer to a professional.

Golf Balls

The Ultimate Guide To Golf Essentials | 2023| The Enterprise World

Of course, you will need to bring your own bought golf balls to the course. Ideally, these are used golf balls for beginners that have been played around a bit. Beginners will lose a lot of golf balls so buy some used ones as they should be cheaper. Though you can rent golf shoes and golf clubs should you forget them, your golf balls will need to be bought by yourself.


The golf towel is not for lying down on the grass but can prove to be a vital element of a golf bag. They can be easily overlooked yet you will need one to dry your hands, especially if your round is in the morning as dew can bring a lot of moisture to your game. That towel becomes valuable for your hands, as well as cleaning your clubs and wiping any sweat away.

Try to pack two golf towels; one for drying your hands and the other to allow for cleaning your golf balls. You could even pack a third towel to douse in cold water and provide some refreshment on your neck.

Golf Smalls

You will need a few small items in the pockets of your golf bag to help you look after the course for the enjoyment of others. Of course, you will need either a pen or pencil to note down your score on your scorecard. As you will be spending so much time outside, you should ensure that you pack some sunscreen, even without your round taking place in the heat of summer. The sunshine can quickly result in a golfer’s tan and burnt ears.

When it comes to enhancing your golfing experience, consider the convenience and fun of navigating the course with a two-wheel golf scooter from Big Horn Golfer, designed to add excitement and efficiency to your game. Particularly for new golfers, you will need a pitch mark repairer. Even with your eyes on the green, mistakes do occur and you will need to fix your pitch mark. This is one of those crucial tests for a new golfer. Failure to fix your pitch mark may mean you are not welcomed into the sweet brotherhood of golf. Just use the simple little tool to rectify the green whenever you create a dent.


Once you do send your ball flying, you should mark where the golf ball lands with a ballmarker. These are brightly colored pins that fix in the ground so you quickly know the ball’s position as it landed. You may be tempted to use copper coins though these do tend to look hidden on the green which can make them difficult to see.


For beginner golfers, one of the most important choices is whether to go with wooden or plastic tees. Some swear by wooden tees while many agree that plastic golf tees are the best for their playing. Regardless of whether you prefer wood to plastic, make sure that you pack plenty of tees of your preferred material. Stock up for every round as, chances are, some will be left behind on the course.


Certain rules apply to what a golfer wears while playing a round on a golf course. Make sure that you carry a belt to ensure that your shirt (with collars or mock collars) remains tucked in at all times. Pack a spare pair of socks and golf shoes as you will be expected to cover your feet appropriately. The shorts should be tailored and of knee length, though you can wear long trousers.

Push Cart

There are alternatives to a standard golf cart bag, and you can opt for a push cart. The best ones come with three wheels so that they are effectively pushable. The idea of pushing your golf cart should be preferable to pulling it so you should feel fresher when trying your shots. Pull carts are also known to tax your shoulder and lower back which could result in an injury.

Golf Bag

The Ultimate Guide To Golf Essentials | 2023| The Enterprise World

To carry all your golf clubs and other peripheral items, you will need a golf bag. This should keep your golf clubs in an arrangement that you understand. Being able to pick out the golf club that you want should save you time during the round too. The golf bag does not need to be expensive but should still be intact after a few rounds.


For any beginner or professional golfer, there are some Golf Essentials items that they need to bring to the golf course. There are some obvious examples including a set of golf clubs, golf balls, and a golf bag. Other items can include a push cart, a spare set of appropriate clothes, shorts, shoes, and a towel. Further items include golf smalls like a pen or pencil, a pitch mark repairer, and ballmarkers.

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