US Airlines Delay Israel Flights Following Attacks

US Airlines Delay Israel Flights Following Attacks | The Enterprise World

US Airlines has announced plans to restart flights from the United States to Israel beginning in March. The decision marks a significant development as United becomes the first major US airline carrier to resume flights to Israel following the October 7 Hamas terror attack and subsequent conflict in Gaza.

According to United, the initial flights will include some connecting options from New York and Newark on March 2 and March 4, to introduce daily non-stop flights starting from March 6 onwards. The airline emphasized that this decision was made following a thorough safety analysis, including collaboration with security experts, and government officials in both the United States and Israel flight, as well as consultation with pilot and flight attendant associations to ensure safety protocols are in place.

Looking ahead, United expressed intentions to expand its offerings, with plans to add a second daily flight from Newark as early as May. Furthermore, the airline indicated potential evaluations for resuming flights from San Francisco, Washington Dulles, and Chicago O’Hare in the fall.

US Airlines Postpones Tel Aviv Flights Until Fall

The decision by United to resume flights to Tel Aviv aligns with recent announcements from European airlines, including Lufthansa (along with Lufthansa-owned SWISS and Austrian Airlines), Air France, and Polish airline LOT. Notably, other major US carriers, such as Delta and American Airlines, have yet to reinstate service to Israel, although Delta suggested the possibility of restarting flights in the spring.

Before the disruption on October 7, United operated four direct flights daily to Tel Aviv from Newark, San Francisco, Washington, and Chicago. The airline mentioned that flights where service has not resumed yet would be evaluated for potential resumption starting in the fall.

In the broader context, several other airlines, including Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Aegean, and Air France, have already resumed flights to Tel Aviv. Delta has canceled flights to Israel through April 30, while US Airlines has suspended flights through October 28. However, there is some indication from the Israel Airports Authority that Delta may resume flights on May 1, although Delta has not officially confirmed this.

American and Delta Airlines Temporarily halted Israel Services

The decision to resume flights to Israel has garnered attention from policymakers, with over 30 US lawmakers urging airlines to restore service to Israel “as soon as possible” last October. Before the events of October 7, US Airlines operated direct flights to Tel Aviv from its major hubs in San Francisco, Washington Dulles, and Chicago O’Hare. However, the airline has indicated that it does not intend to recommence these flights until at least the upcoming fall season.

Similarly, American Airlines and Delta Airlines also halted their services to Israel following the attacks. Delta recently revealed its intention to resume flights starting May 1.

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