Will The US Open Cup Be Cancelled?  

Will The US Open Cup Be Cancelled? | The Enterprise world

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The continued elevation of the popularity of soccer in the USA could be at risk following rumors the US Open Cup may face cancellation.  

It was reported back in December that MLS clubs would not send their teams to the US Open Cup in 2024 and AussieBets.com has learned that the competition is facing up to potentially being scrapped altogether. 

The United States Soccer Federation has since denied the MLS’ request to let their developmental teams from the MLS Next Pro League represent their clubs instead – and it could threaten the future of the cup. 

The competition sees the top 26 MLS clubs joined by teams from the second-division USL, other lower-tier teams, and amateur clubs. A total of 99 clubs come together to fight for the cup.  

Each of the 26 MLS clubs featured in the 2023 US Open Cup, with Houston Dynamo running out as the eventual champions.  

There are a number of rumours as to why the MLS sides are reportedly choosing to shun the tournament including schedule congestion and the desire for better US Soccer investment.  

Could media rights also be at play here? The MLS has had some supreme talent arrive to help bolster the star quality on show.  

However, no player has had the same impact as Lionel Messi. The former Barcelona star has scored goals, created chances, and won games for Inter Miami, and he is also helping to bring in a whole new set of fans and viewers.  

The US Open Cup is one of the only chances for broadcasters outside of Apple to show MLS sides. No deal has been announced ahead of 2024, with CBS yet to commit to the competition this year. 

The 2023 semi-final clash between Messi’s Inter Miami and FC Cincinnati 2023 saw CBS Sports Golazo Network record its most successful day ever with regard to the number of households reached.  

Will The US Open Cup Be Cancelled? | The Enterprise world
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As far as matters are concerned on the field, it is not too surprising to see the MLS clubs shying away from playing in the US Open Cup. Taking a month-long hiatus from MLS football for the Leagues Cup in the summer saw the already congested fixture list squeezed further.  

Alongside this, there were some complaints about stadium infrastructure, with poor pitches, broadcasting, and venue conditions.  

For sides from outside of the MLS, the potential cancellation will be hugely disappointing. That’s because the US Open Cup is a huge chance for smaller teams to take on the big names in the MLS, testing themselves against the best in the USA.  

The revenue and excitement these matches also generated for these clubs can be invaluable.  

MLS clubs have been a part of the Cup since 1996, with sides from Major League Soccer having won 25 of the 26 iterations.  

While the MLS has said it wants to continue to help improve the US Open Cup, will this be without their best players being involved?  

Only time will tell whether the US Open Cup will continue with MLS clubs, without them, or not at all. Losing the best sides from a competition all at once could prove terminal for a tournament. Could this be the end of the US Open Cup?  

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