USDA approves 1st ever ‘cell-cultivated meat’ from UPSIDE Foods

Usda Approves 1st Ever 'cell-cultivated Meat' From Upside Foods | The Enterprise World

After extensive testing and years of study, cell-cultivated meat, chicken flesh will now be available in the American food supply. The manufacturer UPSIDE Foods, based in Emeryville, California, gave ABC News a tour of its facilities earlier this year. It is the first company in the world to produce cell-cultivated meat, chicken and it has received full government approval for nationwide commercial sales.

 A historic moment

After years of investment in UPSIDE Foods from Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Whole Foods founder John Mackey, the food and agriculture manufacturing industry has hailed this as a “historic” moment as scientists tout the cell-cultivated meat as a potential solution to global warming, inhumane treatment of animals, and rising global hunger. The business claims to start producing and selling chicken flesh made from animal cells in bioreactors.

Consumers will first find it on the menu of Bar Crenn, a San Francisco eatery run by activist, restaurateur, and James Beard Award winner Dominique Crenn, who hopes to help popularise the novel protein. Crenn is also one of only five chefs worldwide to have received three Michelin Stars, making her the first female chef in history to get the honor in the United States.

‘A new era’: cell-cultivated meat gets approval for sale in US

 Beginning of a whole new era in meat production

The historic achievement, according to a blog post published on Wednesday by UPSIDE Foods, is “the culmination of years of dedication, ingenuity, and resilience from our team and supporters and marks the beginning of a whole new era in meat production.” Although the firm hasn’t given a specific release date, it did say “that soon, Americans will be able to enjoy delicious meat that doesn’t involve the slaughter of billions of animals every year.”

All three significant regulatory milestones were attained by the UPSIDE Foods team: the FDA “No Questions” Letter in November 2022, the USDA Label Approval in June 2023, and the USDA Grant of Inspection in June 2023.

Josh Tetrick, the co-founder of Eat Just and its chief executive, stated, “We can do it in a different way instead of all of that land and all of that water that’s required to feed all of these animals that are murdered. GOOD Meat is owned and run by Eat Just. Using living animal cells, such as those from a fertilized egg, lab-grown meat is produced that is then incubated and developed into substantial amounts of meat. The result is subsequently reshaped and chopped into imitations of conventional butchered meat items.

“REAL beef is produced without destroying a forest or killing a life. The company says on its website, “We are the first and only company in the world to sell cultured meat generated from cells instead of meat from slain animals.

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