Video Chat Roulette is a Non-standard Form of Online Dating

Video Chat Roulette is a Non-standard Form of Online Dating | The Enterprise World

Currently, it is obvious that online dating on the Web is no longer a surprise to anyone. This is a normal phenomenon because according to statistics, every third person on the planet met at least once on the Internet. Considering this fact, the method of communication itself is changing consistently. Many people might remember the times of ICQ and Qip, which can rightly be called the progenitors of modern instant messengers. Subsequently,instant messengers and video conferencing services began to spread. We are yet to mention the online dating services that have literally flooded the Internet space in the last decade. Today, there are more than eight thousand such services. Yet, approximately a thousand more spring up every year.

Presently, we are living in the era of video communication. These are not big words. Please take a look at the statistics:

  • The use of videoconferencing services grew by 535% in 2020 against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic;
  • Capitalization of the world market of conferencing today exceeds 6.03 billion dollars;
  • 90% of people believe that the easiest way to convey their thoughts and point of view is via video call;
  • 76% of company employees regularly use video conferencing for remote work.

However, one thing is to find solutions to work issues, and the other is ordinary communication when it has to do with online dating. In 2020, it became clear that the lack of live communication can have serious consequences on a person’s psycho-emotional state. Social networks and instant messengers are not able to fill up this deficit.Consequently, people had to look for an alternative. Fortunately, it became available to everyone one recently.Presently, we are not talking about dating sites.

Video chat roulette: a real revival

Video Chat Roulette is a Non-standard Form of Online Dating | The Enterprise World

Let’s dive into history without wasting time. The first chat roulettes appeared in 2009.

On March 25, 2009, an American called, Soul K-Brooks launched a very unusual website called Omegle. The principle of the service was that it randomly connected two interlocutors, allowing them to get acquainted and communicate on almost any topic. It was something completely new in the Internet space, therefore the Omegle chat roulette was a resounding success.

However, this platform had one significant disadvantage — the lack of video communication. It was interesting to communicate in text chat. This was too long and not very convenient. It was quite expected that someone would change that soon. We didn’t have to wait long for that to happen. In November of the same 2009, a new Chatroulette website appeared from the Russian developer known as Andrey Ternovsky. Ultimately, Ternovsky took the idea of Omegle and improved it. Chatroulette was already a video chat roulette. That is, it was possible to get acquainted with random people not only in a text chat but also via video.

Chatroulette was a big hit. The site has been featured in Good Morning America, The New York Times, and New York Magazine. At the beginning of 2010, the daily number of users in Chatroulette was about 1.5 million people.

Andrey Ternovsky’s site became famous all over the world. The developer, on the wave of popularity, decided not to try to change and improve something. In principle, there was no moderation in Chatroulette, and the number of inadequate users grew tremendously on a daily basis. Consequently, the female audience began to leave the site en masse.

At the same time, other developers did not waste time. In a very short period, a huge number of alternative chat roulettes sprang up from different parts of the world, which were better than Chatroulette in everything. They effortlessly lured the main audience of these two sites away, and practically demonstrated to users what a modern, functional, and safe video chat roulette should be.

Let’s take a look at some popular sites that can be recommended as an alternative to Chatroulette.


In addition to the above, in 2020, the developers of Chatroulette took their site more seriously. Firstly, moderation has been noticeably improved. Secondly, they connected artificial intelligence to the service. The task is to identify users who violate the rules of the site and block them. Currently, the system is not that perfect, but better than it was before.


A popular video chat roulette that offers several advantages:

  • gender and geographic filters;
  • thematic chat rooms for many participants;
  • search for interlocutors by interests;
  • separate chat with girls (paid option).

Overall, Chatrandom is not a bad option. However, the moderation is also a bit “lame.” Therefore, fakes, bots, and inappropriate users are encountered.


This is a site like Chatroulette for men who want to communicate exclusively with girls. Service features:

Video Chat Roulette is a Non-standard Form of Online Dating | The Enterprise World
  • unique gender filter;
  • verified user profiles;
  • 24/7 support and excellent moderation;
  • built-in text message translator;
  • convenient apps for iOS and Android devices;
  • affiliate program for members.

All new CooMeet users can use the service absolutely free of charge during the trial period. We recommend taking this opportunity because you will be pleasantly surprised!


Pretty simple and minimalistic online video chat roulette with some useful features:

  • text chat, audio, and video calls;
  • AR masks for connoisseurs of confidentiality;
  • basic search filters for interlocutors;

Chatspin also has its own affiliate program. Nonetheless, if you can earn some real money on CooMeet, then in Chatspin, you can earn internal tokens that can be used to pay for additional functions and features. Whether they are needed or not, it is up to you.


Essentially, this is a classic video chat roulette, which differs from the majority regarding some features:

  • search for interlocutors by #hashtags;
  • the ability to change the username at any time for greater anonymity;
  • self-destructing photos and videos.

Chatous will appeal primarily to those who care very much about security and confidentiality. For everyone else, this is an ordinary video chat roulette without any unique features. Chatous has a web version, as well as apps for iOS and Android. However, this is no longer surprising. It’s worth a try, but we don’t think it makes much sense to put high hopes on this video chat.


This site is significantly different from the rest on our list because it is not a chat roulette in the usual sense. Tinychat is more of a video streaming service. Here you can start your own broadcast and gather viewers. Alternatively, you can be an ordinary viewer and watch other people’s streams.

Video Chat Roulette is a Non-standard Form of Online Dating | The Enterprise World

Gold account holders on Tinychat receive a bonus that allows their broadcasts to appear on the main page of the site. It is useful for anyone who wants to become popular.

Of the convenient functions, we can note the search for streams from people who are close to you. Otherwise, this is quite a typical streaming platform without any unique features.

Why is Chatroulette popular again?

The most powerful impetus for the revival of chat roulettes was expectedly the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people, due to the lack of communication, began to look for convenient and quick ways to make new acquaintances. Nonetheless, video chat roulettes turned out to be one of the best options. It is simple, convenient, understandable, without mandatory registration, and free (or very inexpensive).

Chat roulettes literally got a second life!

What’s next? Will Chatroulette remain popular?

We live in an unpredictable and unstable world, you might fail to try to predict anything. However, we feel that chat roulettes will be extremely popular for a long time. It’s not about the pandemic, but the fact that the format has caught up with a lot of new users, that is, those who missed the first wave of video chat roulettes in the 2010s.

Nonetheless, we will continue to monitor the situation and observe how the video chat roulette format continues to develop around the world. After all, it’s really interesting! Well, if for some reason you have not discovered chat roulettes, it’s time to fix it. You’ll like it!

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